The Healing Crystals and Stones for Muscle Tension

Experiencing tensions in your muscle? This article offers insights on how to ease muscle tension as well as the best crystals and stones for healing muscle tension.

Muscle tension can be caused physically by pain, bad body posture, overwork (particularly if not a part of your daily norm), and inflammation. On an emotional level, any involuntary tension that results from anxiety or mental pressure can also produce tenseness in muscles as well as intense concentration over longer periods, for instance, driving a car at high speed for hours can also result in muscle tension. What is Agate Stone? History, Properties, Benefits

As a matter of fact, search psychological and emotional states are not for nothing describe you being tense or strung out, in appropriate situations, or when you’re anticipating an event or in need to take important steps to change something.

Healing crystals and stones that can help with muscle tension not only offer a relaxing effect on your muscles but also promote emotional and psychological relaxation. Believe it or not, their effect on your muscles is so profound that even displaced vertebrae can sometimes fall into place or at least be repositioned correctly quickly, with the help of the relaxing properties of the crystals and stones.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for healing muscle tension.

Crystals and stones For Healing Muscle Tension


This purple crystal mainly helps in relieving tension, particularly if used in the form of a druse the size of a saucer to stroke your body but without touching the body as if you are using a brush. the amethyst druse should be moved from your forehead, then over the scalp, neck, back, and legs. Continue doing so over your arms and down to the floor. 8 Nutrients that make exercise more efficient

Amethyst Gemstones

Areas of the body that are regarded as particularly tense can be treated in this way several times. Take note, however, if your blood pressure falls very quickly due to this treatment and creates a feeling of dizziness, then you need to stabilize by means of compensating movement of an amethyst druse over the body. in other words, you need to apply strokes to the body’s axis, starting at the front and then passing over the head and downward along the back. Opal (Rainbow Stone) Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

Alternatively, you can also wear amethyst in the form of a necklace in order to help relieve muscle tension while also assisting you in the identification and negation of mental and emotional causes of tension.


Magnesite is a gentle stone of healing that offers a relaxing effect on your whole muscle system. IT can help you overcome grief and fear, thus bringing about much-needed relaxation.

You can simply place a tumbled magnesite stone on the affected areas or wear it as a necklace, bracelet, or pendant. Alternatively, you can take 3 – 7 drops of magnesite gem essence for 3 times a day or prepare 200 – 300 ml of magnesite water to be taken in small sips throughout the day.

Smoky Quartz

This crystal has the ability to relax your whole body. With its soothing energies, it helps ease tension and stress. Not only that, but smoky quartz also helps you remain relaxed in trying times and reduces any innate tendency to become stressed.

You simply need to hold 2 crystals and stones or tumbled stones in your hands, as you allow yourself a couple of minutes of rest. Alternatively, or as a complementary treatment, you can place a tumbled stone or crystal on affected muscles. If you use it in a crystal form, make sure that it is pointed downward toward your hands or feet. Alternatively, you can wear it as a pendant, necklace, or bracelet. How to Build an Effective Mailing List: The Complete Guide


The tourmaline of any kind, particularly the small, narrow ones, can help with any kind of tension. This potent crystal can bring relief from pains and discomfort caused by a tense muscle, while its soothing energy brings tranquility and relaxation. Emotionally speaking, tourmaline can enhance your sense of mental agility and flexibility. What is Tourmaline Stone, Where and How Is It Found? How to Identify Tourmaline Stone?

Tourmaline Stone

You simply need to place the crystals and stones along your body axis or along your joint, ensuring that it is pointing downwards. This way, the energy flow will stimulate in the affected areas. In cases where the joints have also become stiffened by anxiety or stress, you can simply wear tourmaline as a necklace, bracelet, or pendant. Tourmaline Price Per Carat, Properties, Colour, Sizes & Shapes


As you can see a tense muscle is something you don’t have to endure. With the best crystals and stones for healing muscle tension, you can instantly relieve the discomfort and pain that you’re experiencing. In addition to these healing crystals and stones, it is always best to know when to take a break as well as to practice regular meditation for improved relaxation of the body.

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