18 healthy habits for a healthier body and a happier mind

When we hear the term habit, it’s common to first think of “bad” habits. But we can use the very nature of a habit to our advantage by building good ones! If we want to have a healthier, fitter body and a happier, healthier mind, this article is for you!

In this article, discover habits divided into different categories that contribute to giving us a healthier and happier life. The Best 2D Games on Steam

A healthy diet 

Drink enough water

Staying hydrated is important, and while many of us think of a hot cup of coffee or tea first thing in the morning, we’re better off starting our day with a tall glass of water. It helps to hydrate, lubricate the joints, kick-start the movement of the gastrointestinal tract, and increase mental alertness (among other things).

Room temperature or hot water is best in the morning, before breakfast, coffee, or tea.

Eat more vegetables

Many doctors, dieticians, and health specialists believe that a healthy diet should be based on a variety of vegetables and fruits. Insomnia increases the risk of stroke: Causes, Risks & Treatments

A wide variety of fruits and vegetables is essential to get most of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that our body needs daily. Not to mention that most fruits and vegetables are low in calories and fat, helping to maintain a healthy weight while helping us feel full.

Eat more vegetable

Avoid following fads

There are so many fads in the diet and fitness industry that it’s hard to tell what’s true and what isn’t. One thing that has stood the test of time is that fruits and vegetables are a staple.

There are healthy fats that our body needs and others that are harmful in large amounts. Diets that are extremely strict and leave no room for indulgence often lead to psychological disappointments and guilt, which shouldn’t be part of a diet. How To Stop Procrastination? Get Rid of the Habit of Procrastination

Practice regular physical activity


Not only does moderate daily exercise keep us lean and healthy, it “flushes” our body with blood and lymph and helps flush out toxins, and provides important nutrients for our health.

Cardiovascular exercise keeps our hearts and lungs healthy, and resistance or strength training keeps our muscles and bones strong.

Go out

Being outside in nature is good for the body, mind, and soul. Our grandparents were right, the fresh air is really good for us! Natural daylight has various positive effects on the human body, such as improving our mood and speeding up recovery. 5 Ways To Control Cholesterol: Get Rid Of High Cholesterol By Sitting At Home


Walking is the most natural movement of the human body and can be done anywhere, for free, and at our own pace. Not only is it good for our bodies, but it often gives us the opportunity to clear our heads and get back to work with fresh eyes!

Take care of yourself

Have fun / be entertained

When we grow up, we often get so caught up in the serious things of adulthood that we forget to do the fun things that bring us joy.

Pure fun is a great stress reliever. There are obviously many ways to have fun, such as playing a fun sport, playing video games, or having a good time with family or friends, for example.

Get rid of guilt

Guilt can be an important feeling, but it can often be overdone and unnecessarily stressful. Worrying about unnecessary guilt serves no purpose except to make the body react mentally and physically, so it’s best to let go of the stress that doesn’t serve us for the best.

In particular, we can try to put into practice these tips to get rid of this guilt and move forward:

  • Recognize and respect our right to protect our personal interests.
  • Recognize the legitimacy of defending our rights.
  • Accept that even if we disagree with others, there is nothing wrong with pursuing our own goals.


Getting quality sleep of adequate duration is essential for our health and well-being. However, this is not always easy given our sometimes stressful lives.


One of the solutions for this is to start getting in good spirits before going to bed. Like leaving our screens an hour or two before going to bed and avoiding overly active activities. In particular, it is preferable to read or practice meditation a few minutes before trying to fall asleep to calm down and prepare your body and mind for a good night’s sleep.


Meditation is a great activity to help us better manage our stress, and for good reason: it can lower heart rate and blood pressure and calm our minds. Meditation practice can be done anywhere and can be as simple as closing your eyes, breathing deeply, and simply observing your thoughts.

We don’t have to worry about emptying our minds when we meditate – just let our thoughts flow and breathe deeply while sitting or lying in a relaxed position. Let’s set a timer for 10-20 minutes, and if we fall asleep, that’s okay too!

Get Organized

Keeping our home or even our office organized can really help us reduce our stress because we can then easily find what we need. It also allows us to have a sense of control over our environment. Teeth Whitening: What are the types of teeth whitening?

As we sort out our things, we can also give away or sell things that no longer serve us – this clears up the clutter and thus avoids having to manage it.

Take a day or two and focus on one area of ​​our house/apartment to revamp. Let’s get rid of things that we no longer use and that have become cumbersome over time.

Being aware of the present moment

It’s common to think about the future or review something that happened yesterday. Alas by doing this we cannot really enjoy the present moment.

Being in the moment allows us to fully experience the here and now without the added stress of what comes next.

Before an event like a night out with friends, a movie, dinner, etc., let’s try to remember to enjoy being there and focus on the words coming from the big screen or chatting with friends. Let’s really listen to what’s being said and try not to focus on what we’re going to say or do next.


Smiling causes our body to release endorphins and serotonin – which are naturally produced pain relievers and good neurotransmitters! Even when the last thing we want to do is smile, research has shown that a fake smile can cause the same reaction.

Let’s spend some time each day “practicing” a smile in the mirror. It sounds silly, but let’s remember that we are doing our body good with this exercise.


Practice deep breathing

For most of us, our normal breathing is very shallow. Deep breathing increases the oxygen supply to our brain, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, and promotes a state of calm and relaxation.

Devote 10 minutes first thing in the morning, 10 minutes at lunch, and an additional 10 minutes before sleep to practicing deep breathing every day.

Balance your professional/personal life

When we have a lot to do at work, it’s likely to spill over into our personal life. This can cause stress to skyrocket if we don’t have enough downtime.

Often we just need to take a step back and look at what we can pull off or prioritize from that to-do list. Other times we just need to learn to politely say no. What is Sleep Deprivation, which keeps you tired, restless, and sleepy throughout the day?

Make your home a sanctuary

Our home can be big or small, old or new, but it makes sense to decorate it our way and fill it with decor that makes us feel right at home.

We can start with our bedroom – making sure we have the right curtains, sheets, pillows, whatever we want to feel comfortable with and safe in our own space.


People talk way too much about their busyness – not how they relax. Rest is when our body and mind take time to rejuvenate – and that’s important to be able to function properly. Whether for work or for our leisure.

Think of yourself

It may seem counter-intuitive, but making sure our needs are met helps us ensure we are in top shape to take care of those around us. If we don’t take care of ourselves, who will? What Are H Color Diamonds And Why They Are The Best Deal

To conclude 

There are many things we can do to help us stay physically and mentally healthy – we can simply start by applying a few tips from this list. Once we have anchored them in our daily life, they will become extremely beneficial habits for our health. Coral (Stone of Determination) Meaning: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits

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