Antibiotic treatment to cure piercing infections

Applying the principles of performing the piercing and postoperative care is supposed to ensure the success of the operation. However, the body sometimes presents uncomfortable reactions to this foreign body: the rejection of the piercing, displacement from its initial position, or the appearance of an infection. These complications are managed differently. Sometimes the infection is only due to an allergy to the material of the piercing. This is why it is better to favor gold or silver piercings while checking that these materials are tolerated. How to Choose Your Brand Colors Using Color Theory

Avoid sensitivity by favoring solid gold piercings

The body’s reaction to the piercing is often due to the quality of the jewelry used. If metals like silver and silicone are contraindicated for initial placement, solid gold is the most suitable material, provided you don’t have a specific gold allergy.

Solid gold is a noble metal with no risk of allergy or infection for a piercing. High quality material, 18K gold does not degrade the skin and can be worn for a long time.

Many sites offer gold piercing jewelry, authentic, made, and hammered manually by a craftsman. Several piercing patterns are designed to adapt to everyone’s style (classic, contemporary, retro, vintage, etc.). You can combine colors, styles, and crystals to create a unique look.

For the choice of your jewelry, make sure that the seller’s site provides you with piercing jewelry accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. This document attests to the respect by the boutique for the ethical charter of French jewelry as well as eco-responsible values. How to make a marketing plan

Some sellers take care of sterilizing each piece of gold jewelry before inserting it into envelopes. The pouches are carefully sealed to reduce any danger of external contamination. The delivery of your jewelry is also carried out in conditions that respect sanitary hygiene standards. By choosing piercings on a site like, you will find high-end gold jewelry, which will avoid any complications after the piercing. Headphones and earphones can cause hearing loss

Treat the migration or rejection of your piercing

Sensitivity to piercing is also manifested by a displacement of the jewel or its outright rejection by the body. This is often due to the pressure exerted by certain objects on the body or inappropriate positions adopted at bedtime. The migration or displacement of the piercing means that the body moves the foreign element a few millimeters because its location is awkward. Consequences: hypertrophy, longer healing, and non-adjustment of the piercing. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should:

  • Gently remove the piercing so as not to accumulate unwanted scar tissue,
  • Use another piece of solid gold jewelry,
  • Seek advice from a qualified piercer,
  • Replace the jewelry with a non-irritating plastic ring or bar,
  • Apply a topical vitamin E oil to reduce the appearance of scars.

Rejection, meanwhile, is common for surface piercings (cartilage, navel, and nipples). It is advisable to contact your piercer to be taken care of. The immediate solution is to have the jewelry removed. It will then be necessary to clean the wound and then apply a healing cream so that the wound can close without leaving a large scar. What is SWOT analysis? How To do a SWOT analysis? Why is SWOT Analysis Important in E-commerce

Antibiotic treatment to cure piercing infections

A piercing can cause pain or secretion of pus, announcing the existence of an infection. You must then consult a doctor who can prescribe an antibiotic treatment consisting of creams or tablets. Be sure to follow medical indications and doctor’s instructions for quick relief. Before the consultation, it is not recommended to remove the jewel so as not to cause the formation of an abscess. WHO reports cases of deadly Marburg virus in Africa

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