Benefits of mixing lemon with baking soda

Let’s find out the Benefits of mixing lemon with baking soda the lemon. It is a critical fruit, has among its properties a high concentration of vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin that helps tissue repair, and iron absorption, and acts as a natural antioxidant for the body.

What happens if you take baking soda with lemon every day

What happens if you take bicarbonate of soda with lemon every day? Mixing lemon juice with bicarbonate of soda is one of the most popular remedies for detoxifying the body due to its simple preparation, its easy-to-find ingredients, and its benefits. But is eating it every day healthy? We tell you below.

Likewise, the lemon stands out for its high content of B-type vitamin complexes, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and soluble fiber, which slows down digestion and promotes a feeling of satiety. Additionally, the fiber contained in this and other citrus fruits helps maintain blood cholesterol levels, according to the Institute for Human Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Kiel in Germany.

In the lemon there is also the presence of flavonoids, which have proven to be a natural photoprotector, taking care of our skin from the effects of UV rays and helping to slow down the effects of aging, according to an article published in 2013 by the School of Cosmetic Science in Thailand. The most beautiful orange stones used in jewelry

As if these benefits were not enough, lemon is also good for people suffering from cancer, patients with kidney stones and anemia, according to studies by the Department of Biotechnology of the Maharishi Markandehwa University in India and the Department of Surgery of the Division of Urology of the University of Wisconsin, respectively.

For its part, sodium bicarbonate is a soluble solid compound of food-grade that results from the combination of carbon, sodium, hydrogen, and oxygen molecules. This compound has alkaline properties that can be beneficial to take care that both blood and urine reduce their acidity. Blackhead Removal: What are the Natural Methods to Clear Blackheads?

Benefits of mixing lemon with baking soda

The mixture of lemon with bicarbonate enhances the benefits. That both have separately, being an alternative for our health.

Together, due to their alkalizing properties, they help stabilize the PH in the body, facilitating the suppression of acidosis, which is caused when there is a deficiency of bases such as bicarbonate in the body that makes it difficult to eliminate acids through urine. or the breath.

The efficient elimination of acids and toxins brings with it the burning of fat and therefore weight loss.

Preparation of the lemon mixture with baking soda

All you have to do to obtain these benefits is to mix a teaspoon of baking soda with the juice of a lemon in a glass of water and consume it immediately after preparation.

However, precautions should be taken before using this remedy because, according to the specialized blog Gentle Dentristy, prolonged contact with lemon juice with the teeth could damage our enamel due to the high levels of acidity it possesses. , making them look yellowish and increasing tooth sensitivity. 8 Nutrients that make exercise more efficient

Another contraindication of excessive consumption of this mixture is the appearance of constipation, seizures, spasms, and muscle weakness, caused by an overdose of sodium bicarbonate, according to data from the National Library of Medicine. Things to consider when applying for an internship

Lastly, prolonged consumption of lemon juice with bicarbonate can produce alkalosis, due to the excess of the alkali base present in bicarbonate.

For all of the above, before consuming this mixture, and to avoid complications, it is advisable to consult a specialist, especially if you have conditions such as hypertension, heart problems or if the person is pregnant or breastfeeding. Mixed coconut cookies without flour: Ingredients, Preparation

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