How can we increase hair volume naturally?

Even owners of thick hair, having grown hair volume too long, need additional products to add volume. Under their weight, long hair loses splendor. Also, To add volume to our hair, our grandmothers had to bouffant, spoiling their hair mercilessly. Today, volumetric styling is available in many ways. We will tell you how to add volume to your hair at home on your own.

Hair volume

Here are a few tricks and tools to give your hair volume and splendor:

  • Suitable haircuts and styling;
  • Highlighting the effect of splendor;
  • Winding on curlers;
  • Masks for giving hair splendor;
  • Hairdryer styling;
  • Styler styling and others.

How can we increase hair volume naturally?

Let’s take a closer look at some of these methods.

Haircut for voluminous hair. A properly selected and executed haircut will give them a beautiful volume and lightness. For example, you can make a haircut with “torn” ends. Also, This option is performed in layers, which allows you to “raise” the hairstyle.

Moreover, If the hair is thin, it is better to cut it often. Then the hairstyle will hold well, and the tips will not thin out. Also, owners of fine hair are better off growing them to medium length and wearing bangs.

A stepped haircut in a cascade also visually increases the volume of hair. Hairdressers also recommend a bob haircut or a double bob haircut for thin hair. There are a lot of options for haircuts offered here today. Choose the one that suits your face perfectly.

increase hair volume naturally

Highlighting to add volume

Beauty salon experts say that any type of highlighting visually increases the volume of the hairstyle. You can perform partial highlights, traditional, or highlights with highlights. In any case, your hair will sparkle with shades, visually increasing in volume. Highlighting is suitable for hair of any length.

Curler. With the help of ordinary curlers, you can significantly increase the volume of your hair. Before curling, use mousse or hair foam, smearing them with hair at the very roots. After twisting all the strands on curlers, dry them with a hairdryer. Do not remove the curlers for another twenty minutes until completely cooled.

In addition, Remove the curlers and straighten the strands with your hands. Don’t use a comb. Sprays and hairsprays for fixing the hair will help to keep the hairstyle for a long time.

It is convenient to use flexible large papillots or Velcro. They are easily fixed in any position. Before fixing the papillots, apply a styling mousse to the curls. Wait until your hair is completely dry.

After winding on curlers, you can choose different hairstyles. For example, comb them slightly at the roots, and leave the strands hanging freely. Such a hairstyle will be voluminous. Another option is to lift the hair at the temples with invisible hair clips. Even a ponytail will seem voluminous after curlers.

Add volume with a hairdryer

We add volume with a hairdryer. Now we will learn how to make hair volume with a hair dryer. Use different attachments for hair of different lengths. When blow-drying your hair, use mousse or other fixatives to lift the hair at the roots.

Lift each strand and blow it with a hair dryer along the entire length until the hair is dry, starting from the tips to the roots. You can also bend your head down, throw back all your hair, and dry it in this position. Let your hair cool down a bit. When you pull your hair back, it will form a beautiful mop.

An assistant in obtaining hair volume can also be a nozzle on a hair dryer – a diffuser. It is very easy to use. Slightly rotate the hair dryer at the roots of the hair. However, instead of a diffuser, you can also use a massage brush, helping it to lift the hair at the roots.

The lush blow-dry option is suitable for girls with medium-length hair or very thin and light hair. For hair that is too long and heavy, more effective measures will be required.

Cosmetics and shampoos

Owners of liquid and thin hair try to buy shampoos and conditioners that add volume. It is not difficult to choose them: the packaging always has an inscription like: “volume and care” or “volume”. Most likely, your favorite cosmetic company produces similar versions of shampoos, hair conditioners, and balms.

The effect of hair splendor is achieved with the help of different fillers: protein, silicone, keratin, ceramides, collagen, lanolin, etc. It is important to apply balms and hair conditioners correctly. Additionally, They are applied along the entire length of the hair, but only from the ends of the hair to the middle of the length. Applying the product to the entire length makes the hair heavier. Because of this, their volume is lost.

Colorless Henna

Another great tool that gives volume to hair is colorless henna. It also strengthens the hair, makes it thicker, forms a protective layer on it, and makes the hair shiny. But after using henna, it is very difficult to dye your hair with chemical dyes.

Also, Other cosmetics for hair volume: mousses, foams, gels, varnishes, powders, and much more. It is undesirable to use all these funds on a daily basis. This can harm your hair. But for a festive hairstyle, they are perfect.

Mask for hair volume

You can give volume to weak and thin hair with the help of masks. Both ready-made masks offered by the cosmetic industry and various homemade options are used. Let’s consider some of them.

Masks based on Dimexide

These masks have received a lot of positive feedback. The action of the drug: Dimexide penetrates under the skin to its lower layer. Together with him, other components of the mask are carried there: nutrients, and vitamins. It regenerates the hair follicles, making the hair healthy and growing faster. Such masks have a beneficial effect on the scalp and accelerate blood circulation.

The use of masks with Dimexide is possible only after consulting a doctor. Familiarize yourself with the contraindications of the drug. Be sure to dilute the drug 1: 3 so as not to get a scalp burn. Use the mask immediately after preparation. Here are some Dimexide mask recipes that you can make at home.

With lemon juice

Three teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, a teaspoon of Dimexide, vitamins A and E in oil solutions, mix in a teaspoon. Rub into hair roots, and leave for 20 minutes. Wash off with shampoo. Use twice a week.

With oils. Use the oils available to you: peach, sea buckthorn, castor, burdock, almond, and others. For three teaspoons of oils – one spoon of Dimexide. Add one yolk to the mask. Mix the ingredients and apply immediately to the scalp. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes, and rinse with shampoo.

Masks with cinnamon

The vitamins and antioxidants present in cinnamon, as well as essential oils, make it an excellent hair care product. Cinnamon masks are used to lighten hair, treat it, and add volume to hair. In the preparation of masks, both cinnamon powder and cinnamon oil, which is sold in pharmacies, are used.

Also, The composition of masks with cinnamon may include components such as olive oil, lemon, yolk, honey, mustard, and others. Depending on the type of hair and its condition, use the appropriate ingredients.

Hair volume: Masks with castor and burdock oil

It is castor and burdock oils that have long been used to treat weak and thin hair. You can simply smear your hair with one of these oils before washing, leave for twenty minutes, and wash your hair. Repeat the procedure every other day. The effect will be visible in a week.

Moreover, You can prepare such a mask: mix 20 grams of castor oil with 10 grams of vodka. Rub into the scalp, and leave for 30 minutes. Wash away.

Egg masks

Many masks use a fresh egg, more precisely, the yolk of a chicken egg. It is used in combination with fermented milk products (kefir, sour cream), alcohol-containing products (cognac, vodka), lemon, various oils, and other products.

Also, By doing hair masks regularly for two to three months, you will notice a significant improvement in them. Your hair will be healthy and bouncy. Such hair is easy to fit into a voluminous hairstyle. Next topic: permanent hair removal. Learn how to get rid of hair where you don’t want it.

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