How to clean your face? Clean up the dirt on the face

We all know that it is very important to clean the face before going to sleep at night. In fact, during the day, women not only apply makeup on their face but also the dust, dirt, and stickiness of the day are on their face, which is very important to clean. It is also necessary to clean the face at night because the skin is in repairing mode at night and if the dirt on the face is not cleaned, then it shows the reverse effects on the skin. Mixed coconut cookies without flour: Ingredients, Preparation

Cleaning and caring for the skin at night are very important. It is often seen that some women only use a face wash for cleaning the face, while it is extremely important for you to clean the face properly. So let’s say in this article today, that RVMUA Academy founder, celebrity makeup artist, and skin care expert Riya Vashist is telling you which steps you should follow while cleaning your face at night.

Use virgin coconut oil

For cleaning the face, first of all, take virgin coconut oil and apply it to your face and massage it in the upward direction for at least two-three minutes with the help of fingers. After this, you take the cotton pad and then clean the face with its help. If you do not have virgin coconut oil, then you can also massage the face with a cleansing milk or raw milk cream. What are Face Rollers? How to use it?

Do Face Wash

After massaging the face, you should wait for about five minutes. After this, you choose the face wash according to your skin type and clean the face with it. Keep in mind that you don’t have to use a face wash by rubbing a lot. Also, you should never use soap on your face.

Use the toner

After cleaning the face with a face wash, you wipe the excess water on the face by dabbing lightly with the help of a towel. Even during this time you do not have to rub the towel, just dab it on the face. After this, you spray the toner or rose water on the face and allow it to be naturally absorbed into the skin. Nowadays, like the daily water in the market, sprays of other flower water are also found. If you want, you can also use that spray on your face, so that your open pores can be closed and there is a feeling of freshness in your skin. How to Activate and Charge Rose Quartz Stone?

Apply Night Cream

Toner or flower water spray takes about five minutes to absorb into the skin. So, wait at least five minutes after you spray. After this, you should apply night serum or night cream to your skin. Here you also need to keep in mind that in the night care routine you should use an only night cream. Some women apply the day cream to night, but it does not give them the benefit that their skin should get. You apply the night cream and massage it with very light hands and then let that cream do its job overnight. Jade stone and Its Benefits

Now you follow these steps at night and make your skin very clean, clear, and glowing.

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