How to Tan Safely and Reduce Your Risk of Skin Cancer

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  • How to tan safely
  • Use the right sun protection
  • Control the time in the sun
  • Hydration is essential to tan safely
  • Skin exfoliation once a week
  • Apply protection before leaving home

Tanning safely is possible and more, with the tips that we are going to leave you below. That time long-awaited by many is coming, such as good weather, vacations and the beach or pool. A whole host of good ideas and plans that, to a greater extent, are under the sun. So you must take the necessary precautions!

How to Tan Safely

Because we do like to show off a natural and beautiful tan that favours us, we do not want skin problems, such as burns or various diseases. Therefore, nothing like following a series of tips and always putting it into practice. In this way, you can enjoy the summer as you had expected. Take good notes!

Use the right sun protection

We all know that one of the main steps is to bet on sun protection appropriate to our skin type. But it is true that it is always best to choose high protection because sometimes we do not realize it and we are exposing ourselves in the worst hours when the sun is much more direct and more dangerous. When we have inferior protection and spend many hours in the sun, we can cause certain problems in the long run. So, since it is not what we want, remember that between 11 am and 4 pm, much more caution should be taken. Hence, nothing like alternating times in the sun and in the shade. Once we get out of the water and dry off, reapply the high protection cream.

Use the right sun protection

Control the time under the sun

Although we like to spend a lot of time at the beach or pool, it is not the most appropriate. It is always better to alternate the moments in the sun with those in the shade. Because you can also enjoy your day there and let your skin tan safely. Because if you spend many hours in the sun, the skin will begin to burn and we already know that this will be a problem. Burnt skin can bring us many headaches and in addition to being the cause of spots or premature ageing, it can also lead to other diseases.

Control the time under the sun

Hydration is essential to tan safely

It is true that being well hydrated is always one of the steps to take into account. The season does not matter, but water is one of the most important bases of our body and our life. So, in summer even more. In addition to regulating the temperature and in addition, they will also make the skin more elastic and more protected in general. Although it is important on the inside, on the outside we are not far behind. So, in addition to sun protection creams, we must apply moisturizing creams after exposure and under, and after sun will be perfect for care.

Skin exfoliation once a week

You already know that exfoliation is another of the routines that we must be clear about. In this case, it is about doing an exfoliation once a week. Because in this way we will eliminate dead cells, the skin will be much softer and as such, also prepared to receive that tan that you were looking for so much. So it will be much more uniform and you will like the result even more.

Apply protection before leaving home

Sometimes we get to the beach or pool and at this time, we take out the sunscreen. But we are making a mistake because we need to apply it a few minutes before sunbathing. So that it can be doing its effect. It is recommended that it be half an hour before said exposure and then every 45 minutes, we must apply a new layer. Remember that the sun also reflects in the water and can burn us in the same way, so keep that in mind and enjoy a good summer.

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