Risks of buying medicines online

Why you do not buy your medicines on the internet! What are the Risks of Buying medicines online? The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates the proportion of counterfeit medicines sold on the Internet at 50%.

1. Fake, expired, or diluted medications

MarkMonitor, an anti-fraud consulting firm, recently published an alarming report on drugs sold online. After analyzing 3,160 websites selling drugs, she identified only four reliable online pharmacies based in the United States. Moreover, more than half of these sites did not guarantee any security regarding the information provided by consumers. In addition, the very low prices of the products suggested that most of them were fake, expired, had been stolen, or were diluted. This is further proof of the danger of buying drugs online. In France, online pharmacies are not authorized, many friends are those who buy drugs on foreign sites, and in particular Americans. L’ Asthma: 10 Misconceptions About Asthma

2. Playing doctor, is it reasonable?

This is the story of a British woman who buys a drug from the steroid family on the internet and treats her fatigue on her own for four years. Until she is urgently admitted to an ophthalmological clinic for having developed a bilateral cataract and glaucoma, classic side effects of this drug. This case is reported by his doctors in the medical journal The Lancet on August 12, 2006. These specialists conclude that it is absolutely necessary to advise against taking the medication without medical supervision, which the Internet facilitates. A useful reminder for all Internet users who see their messaging cluttered with numerous spam and other advertising windows extolling the astounding effectiveness of drugs, vitamins, or other dietary supplements! Top Money Making Games

3. The risk of misuse

The French Agency for the Safety of Health Products (Afssaps) precisely enumerates the risks: “The purchase on the Internet of a drug normally obtained on medical prescription promotes the risk of misuse. This drug is not necessarily suitable, it may be contraindicated or cause dangerous drug interactions,” explains the agency. In addition, ” they may be the subject of counterfeits, contain impurities and substances dangerous to health”, continues the Afssaps. The agency warns against the quackery of certain product merchants, who risk diverting patients from the treatments they need. 8 Best Ways To Earn Real Money Playing PUBG

4. Viagra and Tamiflu, the stars of online shopping

The buyer on the Internet is also in violation! Indeed, it is illegal, in France, to buy medicines outside a pharmacy. According to the law, any seller, even abroad, commits an act of illegal practice of pharmacy and risks a maximum penalty of two years in prison and a fine of 30,000 euros. The vast majority of parcels intercepted by French customs contain Viagra® or other substances touted for the libido. Many packages of Tamiflu® are also spotted during periods of avian flu crisis. What Are The Side Effects Of Aloe Vera?

5. Beware of scams

Many sales are fraudulent: often the substance is not what is indicated on the box. Powder without effect or tiny dose: drug counterfeiters have taken over the Internet, where they can easily sell their goods. Another scam of these websites is to collect payment without ever delivering the products. Shy patients do not dare to consult for intimate problems, any more than athletes who are looking for anabolics or other doping products. Those worried about their line hope to find the miracle product. Patients want to treat themselves. All these typical buyers of products on the Internet not only risk losing their money unnecessarily but above all putting their health at risk.

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