What is Scar Treatment, Diagnose and Cause

It is applied for the healing of scars and cuts in the body due to different reasons. The scars caused by the surgery, such as cut marks and injuries, the scars can come with you for a long time, even if the wound heals by itself.

Destroying them is also a very difficult process. Proper wound care is important for the scar to pass more quickly. It is necessary to pay attention to the timely closing of the cut with stitches so that the scar is not permanent.

There are also incisions in aesthetic surgeries, and they cannot be seen thanks to their controlled execution. With scar treatment, scars in particularly prominent areas can be treated.

How to Treat Scar?

Scars differ according to the genetic structure of the person, the region of the wound, age, race, skin type, and health status. A wound of the same severity may not have the same effect on everyone.

The scars in the face area heal more easily than the scars on the anterior chest wall. In addition, we can say that cuts that are parallel to the body lines heal faster. Scar creams, sunscreens, and moisturizers are important when treating scars.

Also, there are some situations that need attention so that the track loses its visibility. These are to make regular dressings after the wound is formed and to create a moisture-proof environment and a bacteria-free area.

Thanks to these measures, which reduce the possibility of an open wound becoming infected, the possibility of scarring also decreases. It is also important to remove the sutures on time. Stitches need to be removed on the day as recommended by doctors because they can cause skin reactions.

To Whom Can Scar Treatment Be Applied?

Scar treatment is applied to people who have scars on certain parts of the body after surgery or injuries. There is no specific requirement for this. People of all ages can be treated. The important thing is to do it right. Especially in the summer months, care should be taken to protect from the sun, as the permanence of the scars increases due to the sun.

The people to whom the treatment will be applied also differ according to the method of treatment. If this treatment is to be done with a laser, it can be done on people who do not have a disease that prevents the treatment by performing a prior examination. Hormonal values ​​are also important for laser treatment.

How Is Scar Treatment Done?

There are several options for scar treatment. These are surgical treatment, pressure treatment, local steroid treatment, PRP treatment, and laser.

Surgical treatments are performed by surgically removing the area and suturing it again in poorly healing scars. When re-healing is activated, there may also be a bad and significant improvement. Therefore, our physicians also take preventive measures.

For our patients, whom we follow closely, the incisions made with plastic surgery can be changed to heal better. In addition, this scar is reduced by the treatment method.

Which Scars Are Left?

The most scarred wounds are surgical wounds. Conditions such as cuts and superficial abrasions may cause scarring. However, permanent scars are usually caused by very damaged skin layers.

In the event that the top layer of the skin is damaged, these scars heal more quickly, while the cuts made to the lower layers cause more permanent scars. Moisturizing locally and using sunscreen creams also make the scars temporary.

If the sun’s rays come into contact with the wound, it causes an increase in pigmentation and causes the scars to become permanent. You should be protected from the sun and should not enter environments such as solariums. Another important thing in the treatment is the regular use of the scar creams given by the doctor.

How Many Sessions Can Be Treated?

While deciding how many sessions there will be, our specialists look at the patient’s depth and length of the wound, the area of ​​the scars, and the color and sensitivity of the skin.

When Can Results Be Observed?

In laser and cortisone treatments, the result becomes visible after a few sessions. However, it differs according to the condition of the wound and the skin structure of the person.

What is Scar Treatment with Dermapen and how is it applied?

Dermapen is the process of creating a small wound on the skin in a controlled manner and thus restructuring the skin. During the application, microchannels are created using very fine needles.

Who is Scar Treatment with Pb Serum for?

Pb serums consisting of enzymes allow the skin to be rebuilt and repaired. It is a method that can be applied to everyone except those under the age of 18.

Is Scar Treatment Possible with Laser?

Laser therapy is one of the most used forms of treatment today. In the treatment of raised and dark scars, this swelling is reduced to the skin level by means of laser shots. Dark colors will also become lighter.

Can Scar Treatment Be Done With Laser?

As with cortisone treatment, laser treatment requires several sessions. Laser treatment takes about 10 minutes and does not cause pain. After the procedure, daily life continues. In addition, it is important to use moisturizing and sunscreen creams after the treatment.

Scar Treatment Price 2022

There are many methods used for treatment. According to which of these methods will be used and the specialist who will apply it, scar treatment prices vary.

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