Do you know what the most intuitive zodiac signs are?

Not all signs feel equally connected to their intuition or psychic abilities. Some live with constant guidance, whether from their instincts, their ancestors, or a sixth sense. Others feel that intuition, spirituality, or psychic practices are unreliable. That’s why we list here which are the most intuitive signs of the zodiac. Sodalite Crystal: The Stone of Intuition and Spiritual Protection

Most intuitive signs


Aquarius is a futuristic sign that lives on the edge of new-age innovation and inventions. It is even ruled by the planet Uranus, which represents visionary abilities and new points of view. Aquarius intuition works well when it involves some subjects like humanitarianism, climate change, and animals. The natives of this sign sometimes seem to have been sent from the future to help guide people and society as a whole in the present. Zodiac Jewelry: What The Stars Say About The Jewelry That Suits Us


Scorpio isn’t very good with intuition or psychic abilities, but their mind-reading skills are better than any other zodiac sign. Scorpios are naturally reserved people and know how to hide their secrets, which makes them exceptionally talented at also revealing what others are thinking or feeling. They hate lying people, so they often use their gift to discover the deception. Scorpios would rather look for the dark side in other people than deal with their own. Therefore, it is considered one of the most intuitive signs of the horoscope. Which natural stones are best suited for Cancer?


Pisceans are so immersed in their intuition and psychic abilities that they often fail to understand the fact that other people lack these gifts. Pisces relies heavily on these skills for a living and prefers to use these gifts rather than logic. Your intuition is always there. To someone who doesn’t know you, especially someone who doesn’t understand or doesn’t believe in the power of intuition, it seems that Pisces are just unusually lucky. Best Crystals For Third-Eye Chakra


Cancer is exceptionally intuitive and psychic in all areas of their life, but especially with other people. Cancerians have an instant instinct to sense when someone tries to trick them. Because of this skill, they do well in business and in love. Cancerians are the most likely of all the zodiac signs to become highly psychic beings or even psychics. They can acquire the ability to connect with people easily – which makes them able to help others deal with their most intense feelings – and because of this, they are one of the most intuitive signs. Do you know what the most attractive zodiac signs are?

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