Insurance Coverage: Major Types and How They Work

Car Insurance Coverage, which is private property insurance, is not compulsory and therefore consumers are undecided about having it done. Car insurance, which is often confused with compulsory traffic insurance, has a different principle.


Car Insurance Coverage, which is often confused with compulsory traffic insurance, has a different principle. It has a more comprehensive policy than traffic insurance and directly protects your vehicle. It secures not only traffic accidents but also many different risks such as natural disasters and theft. Although it is an extra expense item, it can often be beneficial to choose this type of insurance.

There are two different types of insurance you can have for your vehicle: Motor and traffic Insurance Coverage. While traffic insurance is a compulsory type of insurance that you are obliged to make, automobile insurance is not a compulsory insurance product. In addition, there are differences between the guarantees of these two insurance policies.

What are the Additional Services Offered by Motor Car Insurance Coverage?

According to the scope of your Insurance Coverage policy, you can use your motor own damage insurance not only for the damages caused by accidents but also for the damages that occur in cases such as fire, natural disasters, theft, and terrorist incidents. By determining the content of your policy yourself, you can provide financial security against any risk of damage.

Motor Car Insurance Cover

In addition to damage repair, you can benefit from additional services you may need in case of emergencies such as road assistance, ambulance, tow truck, accommodation, and spare key provided by the Insurance Coverage company, free of charge, thanks to your motor own damage insurance.

Thanks to your policy, after an accident with your vehicle, you can use the replacement vehicle that the Insurance Coverage company will give you until your vehicle is repaired. In this way, within the scope of the policy you have received a low amount, your work will not be interrupted during the repair process and you will not be left without a vehicle.

For policies where you can benefit from these additional services, insurance inquiry you can do the operation.

What are the Advantages of Insurance Coverage?

Car insurance Coverages all material damages that you will incur within the conditions specified in the policy. You can insure costly damages that you may encounter in traffic accidents for a reasonable fee. However, many risks other than traffic accidents can be added to the policy with additional guarantees. Some of the guarantees that make the said policy advantageous are as follows:

Advantages of Insurance Cover

  1. Damages arising from traffic accidents, regardless of guilt
  2. Crash while parked with one-sided traffic accidents
  3. Theft of parts, accessories, or directly from the vehicle
  4. Personal accident for death, disability, and injury
  5. Damages caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods
  6. Theft or loss of the key
  7. Damages during terrorist incidents and social actions

Why Should Insurance Coverage be Made?

In the event of a possible accident, traffic insurance Coverages the damage of third parties, while automobile insurance Coverages the damage to your vehicle. Claims payments, policy Coverage limits, and vehicle insurance value are taken into account. If you want any damage or malfunction to be Coverage by your insurance, you must purchase this type of policy.

Why Should Insurance Cover be Made

Many car owners do not buy this Insurance Coverage product because it creates an additional expense item. However, in a possible accident, high repair costs may be encountered. If you pay nothing for these costs under the policy. Oftentimes, even minor repairs to your vehicle can cost more than you would pay for car insurance. Therefore, it is always advantageous to take the said policy.

What are the things you need to know before having an Insurance Coverage policy?

The most important factor that you need to pay attention to before making an Insurance Coverage policy is the content of the policy. The Coverageages included in the policy vary depending on the insurance company purchased and the type of policy. You should examine the guarantees in detail and make sure that they can fully meet your needs. However, you should only get your policy from authorized agents.

It is also important that the value of your vehicle is written correctly on the policy. If it is written higher than its value, it will increase the policy amount, while writing it lower will decrease the amount of payment you will receive at the time of damage. Rather than these, it is not legal to show the value of the vehicle as different from what it is. Insurance Coverage value list you can find out the value of your vehicle by browsing.

Before purchasing an Insurance Coverage policy, you should choose the one that fits your budget by getting offers from all the insurance companies you can reach. You should consider the details of authorized special service and original part use within the policy. It is always advantageous to have additional services such as replacement vehicles and roadside assistance.

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