What is Car Insurance: Check Cheapest Car Insurance in 2022

In order to minimize the negative effects of accidents or damages that may occur in cars, getting Car insurance is considered an effective solution the point of eliminating material damages. It is possible to say that Car accidents are very damaging in terms of loss of life and property of people. In this case, having Car insurance will provide advantages to the person in many ways. Material damages in possible accident situations are covered by Car insurance and serious losses are prevented.

Cheapest Car Insurance in 2022

The type of insurance that is obligatory to be taken out by vehicle owners in accordance with the Highway Car Law is called Car insurance. The answer to the question of what is Cars insurance is can be given as a contract that minimizes the negative effects of accidents that may occur in cars. This type of compulsory insurance, which can lead to the implementation of penal actions if it is not done by the vehicle owners, is closely related to every vehicle owner in our country.

Cheapest Car Insurance

The Car insurance period, which guarantees you against damages that may be caused to third parties as a result of a possible accident in the Car, is one year. This insurance, which must be renewed every year, protects your budget against the risks you may encounter in Car.

It provides compensation for both material and bodily damages of the other party as a result of the accident. In order for the Car insurance to cover these damages, the vehicle must be in motion in Car. Cars insurance does not cover damages caused by accidents that occur while the vehicle is not in motion. Vehicles that do not have compulsory Car insurance may be banned from the Car, withdrawn or the vehicle owner may face financial sanctions. For this reason, it is mandatory to have Car insurance.

You can easily find out information such as whether your insurance exists and the renewal date of your policy by making a Cheapest Car Insurance inquiry on the internet; You can prevent yourself from encountering negative situations such as being banned from a Car and financial sanctions. In this type of insurance, which ensures that the problems that may occur in a Car are easily resolved in financial terms, the insurance company with which an agreement is made undertakes the necessary legal responsibility.

It covers the material damages that occur within the policy limits and prevents the vehicle owner from being in a difficult situation. Compulsory Car insurance, which facilitates the life of vehicle owners, aims to minimize the loss of life and property. It protects the vehicle owner against unfair demands and provides a legal balance with the other party. Cars insurance fees, which ensure that the Car flow in the city is also suitable for safety, are another issue that is a matter of curiosity for vehicle owners.

You can easily find the policy offer that fits your budget among the Car insurance prices, which can vary according to the driver’s damage history, the city where the vehicle is registered, vehicle model, age of the vehicle, age of the driver, and many more.

Cheapest Car Insurance in 2022

In the event that the other party becomes partially or completely unable to work due to disability as a result of the accident, it is seen that the losses incurred are also covered within the scope of this guarantee. The damages covered by Cheapest Car Insurance are not limited to these. As a result of the accident, unintentional damages to public goods such as electricity poles or to third parties such as houses and shops are also covered by Car insurance. If you are not guilty of the accident and the other party claims otherwise and sues you, defense costs for the attorneys’ fees you need; are covered by your insurance, and you are supported both financially and morally.

Car insurance, which covers material damages that may occur in vehicles, draws attention with its wide scope. This type of compulsory insurance, which must be renewed every year, allows the post-accident process to pass more quickly and comfortably. Cars insurance, which covers not only the material damage that may occur after the accident but also the expenses related to health within the scope of the policy, brings with it different fees depending on the type of accident. Different pricing, determined according to the type of accident, is carried out by taking into account insurance coverage.

Get Cheapest Car Insurance Offer

Enter Your Information: Enter your vehicle and user information so that you can view the compulsory Cheapest Car Insurance offers specific to you. It is important that you enter this information correctly in order to avoid problems in the next steps. Compare Cars Insurance Offers: You can have the opportunity to compare the Car insurance offers offered by more than 20 insurance companies at the same time.

In this way, it will be possible for you to find the most suitable insurance offer for your needs in a short time. Buy Your Insurance at a Discount: You can easily buy the insurance of your choice both by taking advantage of online discounts and from the comfort of your home. You can take the first step to get a quote and make Car insurance payments.

Car Insurance Coverage

Car insurance steps are important for vehicle owners who want to benefit from the Cars insurance coverage at a discount. Cars insurance levels cover the penalties you have received in your Car. Which step you are in also plays an important role in terms of Cars insurance calculation. If damage occurs in the first year of your policy, it is understood that you are in the third step and a 50% premium increase is reflected in the payment calculations.

Car Insurance Coverage

If damage occurs in the second year, it is understood that you are in the second step and a 100% premium increase is made. If damage occurs in the third year, it is possible to encounter a 150 percent premium increase in primary care. If you have an undamaged history in these steps that cause an increase in the policy premium, you can purchase a discounted policy.

Car Insurance Guarantees

There are some guarantees that you can come across within the scope of the Cheapest Car Insurance. Among the Cars insurance coverages that allow you to learn what the insurance you will take out will cover, material damage coverage per vehicle and accident come to the fore. This coverage, which covers the material damages of the other party, not the owner of the vehicle in the accident, offers different payment limits per accident.

The collateral that covers the bodily damages suffered by the other party in the accident is the health expenses guarantee per person and per accident. The number and type of people in the vehicle play an important role in this type of coverage. Injury and death coverage per person and accident is applicable when the injury or death of one of the other parties is caused by the accident. Burial expenses of the deceased and the right to moral compensation offered to the surviving relatives of the deceased;

Required Documents for Car Insurance

As a result of a possible accident, there are some documents that need to be provided in order to benefit from the Car insurance general conditions and guarantees that cover the material damage of the other party within the insurance limit. Among the documents requested from the vehicle owner within the scope of car insurance, the documents containing license information, identity information, and license plate information come to the fore.

Documents containing information such as the start date of the Cheapest Car Insurance policy, the model of the vehicle, the year of manufacture of the vehicle, and the additional accessories of the vehicle must also be provided. You can have a hassle-free insurance experience by making sure that all documents requested by your insurance company are provided without any problems.


How to Make a Vehicle Insurance Inquiry?

For vehicle insurance inquiries, the vehicle owner’s e-government account must be entered. Then, go to the SBM Car policy inquiry page and enter the license plate of the vehicle. It is possible to access information about Car insurance from the page that opens.

Is Cheapest Car Insurance Mandatory?

The Highway Car Law No. 2918 has made Car insurance compulsory for every vehicle that will be on the road. This type of insurance, which is obligatory to be made by the state, is supported by law, so penal actions are applied if it is not taken out.

Which Vehicles Cannot Have Car Insurance?

According to the Law No. 2918 of the Highway Car Law, every vehicle on the road must have Car insurance. Regardless of the type, mode of use, and age of the vehicle, it is subject to this type of insurance so that it can be used in Car.

Does Car Insurance Cover Damages caused by Disasters such as Floods and Earthquakes?

Damages caused by unexpected natural disasters are not covered by Car insurance. Because this type of insurance covers only the material damage and health expenses of the other party in Car accidents.

How long is the Car Insurance Accident Reporting Period?

The Car insurance damage notification period is at the latest 5 working days from the date of the accident. If the insurer does not report the damage within this period, the insurance company is not obliged to pay.

What is Cars Insurance No Claim Discount?

The application that is taken into consideration while determining the compulsory Car insurance price is called the no-claim discount. On the basis of this application, the damage history of the insured is examined and as a result of the examination, the insured takes place in one of the 7 steps. The higher the number of digits, the higher the discount rate.

Is Loss of Value Payable in Car Insurance?

The loss of value in the other party’s vehicle as a result of the accident is covered by the insurance company as a result of the determination of the loss adjusters. Citizens can apply to the insurance company and compensate for the loss of value in the vehicle of the party who was not at fault in the accident.

How much is the Car Insurance Delay Penalty?

A delay penalty is applied to those who do not renew their compulsory Cheapest Car Insurance on time. This penalty, which is applied as a fine, is determined in direct proportion to the delay time. The delay penalty for the first month is 5%. This rate reaches up to 50% for the following periods.

What are the Required Documents for Car Insurance?

In order to have compulsory Car insurance, the necessary information and documents must be submitted completely and accurately. Among this information and documents; are the TC identification number, vehicle license document serial number, license plate, vehicle brand, type, and usage.

Does Car Insurance Cover Post-Accident Treatment Expenses?

The bodily damages that occur on the other side after the accident are covered by Car insurance. Treatment expenses are paid to the beneficiary within 8 working days after the accident and damage are determined. Medical expenses include disability and death costs.

What is Car Insurance Coverage?

Mandatory Cheapest Car Insurance covers material damage and bodily damage in case the vehicle is involved in an accident. These losses are covered by the insurance company according to policy limits and defect rates. More comprehensive Car insurance can also be purchased with car insurance guarantees.

What Happens If Car Insurance Is Not Made?

If compulsory Car insurance is not taken out, some penal sanctions are applied to the vehicle owner. The owner of the vehicle is either fined or banned from Car. If the vehicle owners who do not renew their Car insurance or do not have this insurance are caught in Car, the penalty for this is to be banned from Car.

How Long Should the Car Insurance of the Newly Purchased Vehicle Be Made?

The duration of obtaining the Cheapest Car Insurance for a newly purchased vehicle varies for new and second-hand vehicles. If you have bought a new vehicle, you must have this insurance immediately. The period determined for obtaining Car insurance for second-hand vehicles is 15 days.

Is it necessary to renew the policy on vehicle change?

If you changed your old vehicle and bought a new one, then you must cancel your old policy and get a new policy for your new vehicle. Because the Car insurance required for every vehicle does not have the same price. If you cancel and renew your old policy, this policy will not be valid for Car accidents.

Can Online Car Insurance Be Made?

It is possible to have compulsory Car insurance online. For this, offers are received from insurance companies by providing the necessary information. This information; name, surname, mobile phone, TR identity number, e-mail address, the license plate of the vehicle, license number and license serial number. Information is shared over the internet with the insurance company that offers the most appropriate offer, and the sale process takes place.

What are Car Insurance Base and Ceiling Prices?

The Car insurance ceiling price for automobiles is the 1st level. For this step, it has been determined as 4.065 TL. The base price is at the 7th digit and is 894 TL. It is the truck with the highest Car insurance price among different motor vehicles. A level 1 truck pays 11,373 TL, and a level 7 truck pays 3,184 TL.

How to Find Out the Cars Insurance Expiry Date?

In order to find out the expiry time of the Car insurance, the car insurance query can be done. For this, after logging in to the e-government account of the insurer, you must go to the police inquiry page from the SBM section. After that, it is enough to write the license plate of the vehicle on the screen and press the query button. The page that opens contains the start and end dates of the car policy, as well as other details.

What are the situations in which Cars Insurance does not pay?

Car insurance does not cover damage to the vehicle of the insurer, as it secures third parties. In addition, the damages caused by parking the vehicle or hitting something are not covered by car insurance. Situations such as natural disasters, slippage of the vehicle, sudden breakdowns, and theft of the vehicle are among the situations in which car insurance does not pay.

When Should Car Insurance Be Renewed?

The renewal period of compulsory Car insurance is determined as 1 year. These insurance dates, which must be renewed regularly every year, should be followed by the vehicle owners. In addition, the car insurance renewal process can be done at any time within 1 year. When a new vehicle is purchased, car insurance must be made immediately, and for second-hand vehicles, it must be made within 15 days after the notary transfer process.

What are the Differences Between Cars Insurance and Motors Insurance?

The most important difference between Car insurance and motor insurance is; car insurance is compulsory and motor insurance is optional. In addition, Cars insurance covers the material and bodily damages of the other party in accidents. Cars insurance pays the damage to the person who has the insurance. Cars insurance covers only Car accidents; Insurance protects the vehicle against all kinds of situations.

Is Short-Term Cars Insurance Made?

There are different conditions for taking out short-term Car insurance. If the vehicle has a temporary license plate, short-term Car insurance can be taken out until the permanent plate is received. It is also possible to have short-term Cars insurances for foreign license plates that will be found within the borders of the country for a certain period of time. Finally, vehicles carrying passengers and cargo can also take out short-term Car insurance.

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