Types of Private Health Insurance For Foreign Nationals

Two separate policies are offered by insurance companies for the treatment procedures that foreign nationals will receive during their stay in the country and abroad. The fields determined for the contents of foreign private health insurance policies are as follows:

  1. Private outpatient health insurance with limited premium and annual cost limit
  2. Private inpatient health insurance that makes inpatient treatment costs and treatment details unlimited

Depending on the preferred insurance type, the privileges and services offered for private health insurance will vary. Depending on the period of residence of foreign nationals in Turkey, the scope, duration, and premium amounts of insurance policies will vary. In addition to contracted clinics and private hospitals, health services requested in public hospitals are covered under private health insurance.

Private Health Insurance for Foreign Nationals

Foreign nationals who do not have a residence permit or citizenship must have private health insurance in order to benefit from health services. The costs of health services provided in public and private hospitals are covered by Social Security Institution insurance. The fact that people do not have SGK insurance and are foreign nationals makes it compulsory to pay for the health services to be received. In order for the services provided in state hospitals, city hospitals, private hospitals, and private health clinics to include foreign nationals, individuals must have health insurance coverage for foreign nationals.

Foreign students, people who do not have a work and residence permit, tourists, or foreign nationals who prefer health tourism should determine the most suitable private health insurance for them. Depending on the type of insurance policies and the agreements of the insurance companies, the contents of the health services received in private health institutions will vary. Foreign nationals who do not want to benefit from all health services without any problems and do not want to pay any fees can develop their insurance policies as they wish. It will be sufficient to create comprehensive health insurance to receive free health services from city hospitals, state hospitals, private hospitals, and clinics.

What Does Private Health Insurance Cover for Foreign Nationals?

Insurances have been made very comprehensive for foreign nationals to benefit from domestic health services and to use emergency and optional health services offered within the borders of Turkey. The scope and features of health services offered to individuals within the scope of foreign citizen private health insurance policies are as follows:

  1. Foreign nationals are required to use private health insurance compulsorily in order to benefit from health services during their trip to Turkey and their residence period in Turkey.
  2. Depending on the preferred health insurance type and policy coverage, it is possible to benefit from free health services in all hospitals with SGK validity.
  3. If the insurance package that includes inpatient treatment services is preferred, all inpatient treatments, including intensive care services, are covered by the insurance.
  4. In insurance policies that include outpatient treatment coverage, treatment costs are limited to certain annual limits.
  5. In the scope of outpatient treatment determined by insurance companies, an average annual budget is determined and hospital expenses are paid with insurance coverage over this budget.
  6. In addition to the private hospitals and clinics with which the preferred insurance company is contracted, free service can be obtained within the scope of the policy in all hospitals with SGK validity.
  7. Different imaging procedures such as blood tests, urinalysis, MR, ultrasound, x-ray, and tomography are performed free of charge.
  8. Doctors’ examination fees and various requested examinations are covered within the scope of the budget determined for insurance. If inpatient treatment insurance is chosen, there is no budget limitation for transactions.
  9. In addition to the processing costs in intensive care and inpatient treatments, the payment of the materials and medicines used belongs to the insurance companies.
  10. Dental treatments required after a traffic accident are applied free of charge.
  11. Prosthesis and platinum applications are offered free of charge to the insured within the scope of the insurance policy.

Private health insurance prices for foreigners

Private health insurance prices for foreigners will vary depending on the insurance company chosen and the coverage of the policies offered by the companies. The premium amount determined for the preferred insurance varies according to the insurance period. With annual or shorter-term policy agreements, health services will be guaranteed during the residence period in Turkey.

Advantages of Private Health Insurance for Foreign Nationals

In case foreign nationals come to the borders of Turkey for travel and tourism purposes or for different purposes such as school, they are required to take out compulsory health insurance. The privileges offered by private health insurance policies for foreign nationals are discussed below:

  1. In health insurance policies that are evaluated in different areas, the inpatient and outpatient treatment expenses of individuals are covered within the scope of the insurance.
  2. Depending on the preferred type of health insurance, free health support can be obtained from all institutions that have SGK validity and provide health services within the scope of SGK.
  3. In addition to the foreign nationals themselves, the same insurance can be created for their spouse, mother, father, and children.
  4. Preferred insurance policies are priced depending on the period of use, and individual price offers are offered.
  5. Foreign nationals staying within the borders of Turkey for tourism or other purposes can receive the private health services they request free of charge within the scope of the policy. Health insurance, which is only compulsory for travel, is offered to individuals at the most affordable prices for the desired period of time.

It is possible to extend private health insurance policies for foreigners upon request. In addition to surgery and operations, optional health applications will be fully covered by the insurance.

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