What is Private Health Insurance? How To Get Cheapest health insurance?

You can find out the fastest and easiest private health insurance prices you can get, and you can easily get private health insurance from many companies.

Find the best Cheapest health insurance price

With the Health Insurance calculation and inquiry, you can find the cheapest, most affordable health insurance for your health by comparing it with many insurance company products.

best health insurance price

Companies That Provide Health Insurance

  • Acıbadem Insurance Health Insurance
  • Aksigorta Health Insurance
  • Allianz Health Insurance
  • Anadolu Sigorta Health Insurance
  • Axa Insurance Health Insurance
  • Doga Insurance Health Insurance
  • Eureko Insurance Health Insurance
  • Generali Insurance Health Insurance
  • Groupama Health Insurance
  • Gulf Insurance Health Insurance
  • HDI Insurance Health Insurance
  • Mapfre Health Insurance
  • Ray Sigorta Health Insurance
  • Sompo Japan Health Insurance
  • Turkish Nippon Health Insurance

What is Private Health Insurance?

Private health insurance is a type of insurance prepared for the insurance company to cover the insured part of the health expenses incurred in the event of illness and accident of the insured person. Coverage limits may vary depending on the type of policy that the person will choose.

Health Insurance

What are the Advantages of Private Health Insurance?

A person who has a private health insurance policy can have examinations, treatment, and surgery, have examinations, and benefit from physical therapy and rehabilitation services without paying an additional fee in contracted private hospitals according to their coverage. You can make a private health insurance inquiry quickly and safely from whatkredi.com.

Who Can Have Private Cheapest health insurance?

A health insurance policy can be prepared for anyone between 14 days old and 64 years old. Consumers who wish can take out private health insurance at more advantageous prices by taking advantage of family packages. In order to benefit from the private health insurance maternity cover, you must have a birth cover 1 year before the pregnancy plan.

Who Can Have Private Health Insurance

Health Insurance Coverage and Out of Coverage Services

Private Cheapest health insurance coverages depend entirely on the health insurance policy you choose. Private health insurance policies are prepared according to the declaration of the person to be insured. Mainly, it is divided into two outpatient and inpatient treatments.

What is Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient policies cover the following services:

  • It covers an examination, diagnosis, treatment, and prescription (drugs must be purchased from contracted pharmacies).
  • It guarantees examinations such as analysis, MR, tomography, and x-ray.
  • It includes physical therapy, imaging and laboratory services, and regular check-ups.

What is Inpatient Treatment?

Types of policies that cover inpatient treatment services are used in cases such as:

  • It pays the operating and post-operative room-food services and the expenses of the companion.
  • It covers the costs of intensive care, delivery, medication, diagnosis, and routine doctor follow-up.
  • Land and air ambulance provide transportation costs.

Out of Collateral Circumstances

The following situations and situations are not included in the policies of the insurance companies.

  • Congenital disorders (Diabetes, asthma, etc.).
  • Diseases diagnosed before the policy (Cancer, hernia, etc.).
  • Sinus, adenoid, meniscus, and nasal bone curvature surgeries.
  • All kinds of plastic surgery (aesthetic) surgeries.
  • Disturbances that may occur during social events and/or suicide.
  • Diseases caused by deliberate endangerment and/or drug use.
  • Problems that may occur during committing a crime.

Cheapest health insurance Prices

Private Cheapest health insurance policy prices are calculated according to many different factors. Your age and gender are the most important of these factors. The ailments you have had before, the coverage of your policy, the items excluded from the coverage, the payments made by the insurance company in the previous year, and the fees for health services are other factors.

Health insurance prices also vary according to the limits of your policy.

Will the policy be limited or unlimited? If you buy a policy with a limit of 5,000 TL, when you receive a health service of 5,000 TL, you will have used all your rights regarding your health insurance and you will have to make the next expenses from your own budget. Unlimited policy prices are naturally higher.

Would you prefer a policy that pays 100% of the expenses or a policy that pays 80% of the expenses? When a 100 TL bill is issued to you by the hospital, the price of the policy that pays 80 TL is lower.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, private health insurance premiums may vary depending on the product to be preferred. Insurance companies are preparing different health insurance campaigns to offer the best offers and the most affordable prices: Supplementary health insurance etc.

In order to have the most suitable product for your needs and the cheapest price option among the health insurance types, you can benefit from the Kariyer.com Private Health Insurance Inquiry service free of charge.

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