How to choose liability insurance? Types of liability insurance

Do you need to know which insurance company offers the best liability insurance? Do you want to find your way around the endless range of insurance policies quickly and easily? Our current test and comparison will help you.

The best liability insurance

We chose the best liability insurance from ČSOB and the best online grader RIXO. We will advise you on what to follow when choosing and what to look out for.

ČSOB pojišťovna – The best liability insurance

  • Type: insurance Company
  • Liability insurance Arrangements online: Yes
  • Home and construction insurance arrangements online: Yes
  • Liability insurance and accident insurance online: Yes
  • Telephone support: Yes
  • Availability of support: 24/7
  • Possibility to visit the stone branch: Yes
  • Simple and fast negotiation
  • Possibility to combine insurance for everyday life and profession
  • Own insurance limit in the range of CZK 2-50 million
  • 10% discount when arranging online
  • Extensive branch network
  • The insurance can also be arranged by phone
  • You cannot choose zero participation from the profession

You can arrange liability insurance with ČSOB very quickly. Just choose an insurance policy for a normal life or job and fill out a short form on the website. The application will automatically suggest a suitable insurance limit. You can adjust the amount yourself as needed. The amount of the limit naturally also affects the price of the insurance.

In addition to you, family life insurance also covers family members and pets. It offers limits in the range of CZK 2-50 million. The lowest limit may not always be the most appropriate. If you are active in sports, have a playful dog, or have enterprising children, a higher amount will pay off. An online calculator will also offer it. The nice thing is that they don’t try to impose an unnecessarily high limit with expensive premiums. If you are part of an active family, he will suggest a performance of a maximum of CZK 6 or 10 million. That’s a pretty reasonable value.

Employee liability insurance, or professional liability insurance, covers accidents related to your work. If you cause damage to the company, the employer can claim compensation of up to 4.5 times the gross monthly salary. The insurance will help you pay the amount without losing your salary. In this case, the insurance limit is governed by the monthly income or rather 4.5 times the monthly salary. You can set the limit from 60 to 700 thousand CZK. The co-participation can be chosen in the amount of 25% or 10% of the total damage, or in the form of a fixed amount of CZK 1,000.

You will receive a 10% discount when arranging insurance online. If you are not sure of the amount of the limits, or some details of the contract, they will advise you at any ČSOB pojišťovna branch. You can also use the infoline without any worries.

Generali Czech Insurance – Cheap and affordable insurance

  • Type: insurance Company
  • Liability insurance arrangements online: Yes (citizen liability insurance only )
  • Home and construction insurance arrangements online: Yes
  • Liability insurance and accident insurance online: Yes
  • Telephone support: Yes
  • Availability of support: 24/7
  • Possibility to visit the stone branch: Yes
  • 15% discount when arranging insurance online
  • Extensive branch network
  • Discount after telephone consultation with a representative of the insurance company
  • The insurance covers pets
  • Professional liability insurance cannot be arranged online
  • A limited selection of insurance limits

Generali typically offers liability insurance in two variants. One relates to events that may occur in everyday personal life, and the other to work-related accidents. The insurance is valid throughout Europe.

Nonsense insurance, officially called citizen liability insurance, offers three limits of indemnity. The minimum is CZK 2 million. You can set the co-participation from zero to CZK 10,000. The insurance applies to all members of the household. Also includes dogs, cats, and other pets. If the services offered are not enough for you, you can easily expand them with additional insurance. You can choose from real estate liability insurance or landlord’s supplementary insurance.

You can only take out professional liability insurance at the branch. In such a case, the price of the insurance depends on the type of occupation and also the amount of the monthly salary. The payment is one of the decisive parameters in determining the limit of insurance indemnity. You can extend the insurance by additional insurance. The offer includes driving motor vehicles and means of transport, loss of entrusted items, incorrect operation, and manipulation of tools or equipment, damage to transported goods as well as fines and penalties imposed by the employer.

You will receive a 15% discount when arranging insurance online. You can add another five percent after a telephone conversation with a representative of the insurance company. It will help you set the appropriate insurance limits and explain any ambiguities. comparator- The best liability insurance comparator

  • Type: online insurance comparator
  • Liability insurance arrangements online: Yes
  • Liability agreement online: Yes
  • Arranging accident insurance online: Yes
  • 24/7 telephone support: No
  • Free services: Yes
  • Mobile application: Yes
  • Modern design
  • Easy application control
  • Clear sorting of results
  • Possibility of online contract negotiation
  • Telephone consultation
  • It does not cooperate with all insurance companies

Want to find the best liability insurance? Do you need to verify that the offer you have chosen is really correct? The internet comparator can help you. Just enter a few basic details. The comparator will offer you a clear list of insurance companies together with their liability insurance offer. He will choose the most advantageous and cheapest insurance package for you. You will immediately see the most important data in a simple table. The amount of the insurance limit, the price for the annual insurance, and a mention of whether the insurance applies to household members or pets.

Each offer includes a link to a document with detailed information and other details about the crap insurance policy. You can direct any questions to the infoline. Just leave the number and determine the ideal day and time of the call. The consultant will call you at the appointed time.

RIXO is a modern grader with a simple and clear design. The controls are intuitive and the results are pleasantly clear and understandable. The help will quickly explain any ambiguities. You can negotiate the selected contract immediately. The only downside is that some insurance companies are not included in the database. Nevertheless, you can usually easily choose from the recommended menu.

How to choose liability insurance

How does it work and why have it?

By accident, carelessness, or clumsiness, you will cause the damage you have to pay. At this very moment, liability insurance will help you. Whether you heat up neighbors or knockdown pedestrians, liability insurance will help you cover fees and compensation. Although liability insurance is not widely publicized, it can be useful to anyone. Annual fees are not high, but they can ensure the repayment of millions in damages.

Liability insurance is popularly called crap insurance. The name is so popular that some insurance companies also use it in promotional materials.

When is liability insurance compulsory?

The obligation to take out liability insurance applies to all professions where a possible mistake may have a significant negative impact on human health or cause significant financial or material losses. It applies to doctors, lawyers, and notaries, but also claims adjusters. Officially, compulsory insurance is called professional liability insurance. Insurance is generally recommended for anyone who meets the above conditions or does business, although they do not have an explicit obligation to take out liability insurance.

Professional insurance companies offer professional liability insurance. Some also have specialized packages for specific professions in their portfolios. Arrangements are usually not available online. You must contact the insurance company by e-mail or by filling in the electronic form.

If you are employed, professional liability insurance for you is usually taken out by your employer. If you work as a self-employed person, you must take out insurance (liability insurance for self-employed persons) yourself. Arrange professional insurance for companies and self-employed in the Comparison Liability Specialists.

Liability insurance and its types

How to choose a fool insurance policy? When it comes to liability insurance, the speaker usually means the most common life insurance, sometimes referred to as civil liability insurance. It concerns common life situations and accidents. However, there are also specialized liability insurance policies that focus on narrower areas of interest. The work environment is typical in this regard.

  • Liability insurance for everyday life covers all accidents that occur during normal human activity. In free time, during housework, or during minor repairs and maintenance of one’s own property.
  • Professional indemnity insurance mainly covers work accidents and incidents. It also includes damage to entrusted items or various administrative errors.
  • Professional liability insurance is compulsory for professions that have a significant impact on human health or property. Police officers, for example.
  • Property liability insurance naturally covers property owners. Includes accidents related to house or apartment management. An example could be an injury caused by snow falling from the roof or the plaster coming loose.
  • All drivers are aware of vehicle liability insurance, ie the known compulsory liability. This is statutory insurance that must be arranged for every vehicle moving on public roads.
Liability insurance and its types
Liability insurance and its types

Performance limits and insurance price

The indemnity limit is a key figure. It represents the highest amount that the insurance company will pay for you in the event of an accident. Ordinary liability insurance usually starts at CZK 2 million. The vast majority of insurance policies include all family members and pets. Larger and more active households are generally advised to increase the limit to at least CZK 6 million. An online insurance calculator will usually provide help. He will suggest a higher limit in cases where you are actively playing sports, have small children, or take care of a large dog.

The limit always applies to one accident. What if you get into trouble repeatedly? Insurance companies also think about such a situation. They usually cover any number of accidents, but the sum of insurance benefits in one year must not exceed twice the set insurance limit. In other words, within one year and with a limit of CZK 2 million, the insurance company will help you in two accidents for CZK 2 million or, for example, 10 accidents with damage of CZK 400,000.

Limits for professional liability insurance are much simpler in this respect. The employer has the right to ask you for a maximum of 4.5 times the gross monthly salary in the event of an accident. Of course, if the accident occurred intentionally or under the influence of alcohol or other prohibited substances, no restrictions apply. Such cases are usually not covered by insurance either.

The set performance limit should correspond to the expected maximum required amount. For example, if your gross monthly salary is $ 40,000, your insurance limit should be at least $ 200,000.

It may seem appropriate to set the limit as high as possible. This is generally true, but the amount of the limit directly affects the price of the insurance. The so-called crap insurance policy is the last resort in a situation that you usually try to prevent. You don’t want to get into it.

Premiums should be commensurate with this and not be a financial burden. Therefore, practically does not exceed several hundred crowns a year. That is why insurance policies with lower limits are the most popular. They are not expensive and yet provide good coverage for most unexpected situations.

What to look out for in insurance

When negotiating an insurance contract, pay special attention to the limits. As with other policies, liability insurance includes some sub-limits. Indemnity for specific accidents is not paid up to the main limit, but is usually a significantly lower sub-limit.

A typical example is electronics or garden equipment. The indemnity limit is usually significantly reduced in these cases.

Due to the focus of the insurance, it is not possible to list all the situations covered by the insurance. The liability insurance works the opposite of other policies. Applies to all situations except those specified in the insurance contract. Therefore, always study it carefully!

In general, the insurance company will not reimburse anything related to crime or serious violations. These include, for example, accidents and incidents caused intentionally or intoxicated or under the influence of prohibited substances. The insurance company also does not cover damage to its own belongings. Exceptions also apply to areas that are covered by another type of insurance. For example, an accident while driving a motor vehicle. This also includes professional sports.

Do not confuse different types of fuses. Always check what situations apply and never assume that the insurance contains or covers something automatically. Accidents at work are covered by professional liability insurance, while the heating up of neighbors is mostly covered by everyday life insurance.

You can also check the territorial validity. Liability insurance is most common throughout Europe and in some cases the rest of the world. However, exceptions may occur. Some insurance companies have adjustments, for example, for the North American region. There, their insurance does not apply at all or only in a limited mode. On the contrary, some events fall exclusively under Czech territory. Real estate cases are typical in this regard.

The highest number of insurance fraud cases in the Czech Republic is recorded in motor insurance.

Count on participation

Liability insurance usually includes co-payment. This means that you will always pay part of the insurance benefit yourself. The amount of the co-participation again affects the price of the insurance. The co-payment can take two forms: It is either determined as a percentage of the damage caused or as a fixed amount.

In the case of percentages, the minimum amount you always pay is usually added. There are insurance policies with zero co-participation, but they are usually several hundred crowns more expensive in annual premiums than insurance policies with low co-participation. Small participation generally pays off the most. In the event of an accident, it will not exhaust you financially and, on the contrary, it will ensure a reasonable amount of insurance fees.

How to apply for liability insurance

You can report insurance claims by phone or using the form on the insurance company’s website. In addition to the usual personal data, the description of the event, and the expected amount of damage, it is usually necessary to add the insurance number. If you have insurance for stupidity, it is good to make a note of the number and have it on hand. Some insurance companies also offer simple information cards for storing in a mobile phone. You will find all the necessary information on them, including a telephone number.

Supplementary insurance and other services

By default, liability insurance does not offer much scope for extension. Bonus services can be tied to the insurance limit, or they are part of special packages. The situation with employment liability insurance is different. There, supplementary insurance may cover some special situations, and even partially replace other types of insurance.

The insurance company usually offers liability insurance together with real estate insurance or household insurance. This is a logical choice, as many claims can be closely related.


Are you dizzy from unfamiliar expressions that you constantly come across when negotiating insurance? Perhaps a brief overview will help you.

Concepts Importance
Bonus / malus The system of discounts and increases is used by most insurance companies. The bonus means a discount, a malus surcharge to the basic price of the premium.
Liquidator An expert who investigates insurance claims and influences the number of insurance benefits.
Insurer Usually, an insurance company offers and manages insurance.
Policyholder The person who concluded the contract with the insurer (insurance company).
Insured A person covered by nonsense insurance. Usually the same as the policyholder.
Insured event An accident, breakdown, or other accidental event is covered by the insurance.
Insurance indemnity The amount that the insurance company pays as compensation in the event of an insured event.

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