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Are you looking for the best property insurance? Do you need advice on insuring a family house or apartment? We have chosen the best options for insuring your home and property! We will help you find your way around the offers and advise you on what to look out for.

The current comparison of real estate insurance recommends the ePojištění.CZ calculator is the best option – an excellent discount when arranging online. Our article provides an up-to-date comparison review of the best insurances.

The best home and real estate insurance

  • ePojištění.CZ: The best real estate, home, and apartment insurance calculator. Fast and convenient!
  • Generali Česká pojišťovna: Quality property or household insurance simply and at a reasonable price.
  • ČSOB insurance company: Create your own insurance. ČSOB offers flexible insurance with a wide range of modifications.

ePojisteni.CZ – The best home and real estate insurance online

  • Type: Online insurance calculator
  • Arranging home insurance online: Yes 
  • Construction insurance arrangements online: Yes 
  • Liability agreement online: Yes 
  • Arranging accident insurance online: Yes 
  • 24/7 telephone support: Yes 
  • Free services: Yes 
  • Mobile application: Yes


  • A quick calculation of the price of household insurance
  • Lots of insurance companies
  • Transparent conditions and advantageous prices
  • Simple and clear website
  • Possibility to arrange the selected insurance directly


  • Telephone support does not work non-stop
  • Without mobile application

At the ePojištění calculator, you can quickly choose the most advantageous household, real estate, and apartment insurance. You can save up to 40% per year. You will get the best offer after only 2 minutes of searching.

The eInsurance calculator is really clear, in addition, you can clearly see all the conditions. The comparison includes well-known insurance companies such as Kooperativa, ČSOB, Allianz, Slavia, Uniqa, ČPP, and others.

“Best Property Insurance Calculator”

And how does it actually work? First, you choose what you want to insure (apartment, whole property,), then you enter the location of the apartment, the size of the area, the address, and your phone number. Someone will contact you soon with a bargain offer to insure your property. Fast, jobless and convenient!

If you need really high-quality and cost-effective insurance for your household, we definitely recommend ePojištění.cz. It is the winner of the current real estate insurance comparison…

Generali Česká pojišťovna – The top two on the market

  • Type: insurance company 
  • Arranging home insurance online: Yes 
  • Construction insurance arrangements online: Yes 
  • Liability agreement online: Yes 
  • Arranging accident insurance online: Yes 
  • Telephone support: Yes 
  • Availability of support: 24/7 
  • Possibility to visit the stone branch: Yes


  • Wide range of fuse customization options
  • Possibility to adjust partial insurance limits
  • Extensive branch network
  • Assistance services for each contract
  • Co-insurance covers a wide range of accidents and damage
  • 20% discount when arranging online


  • It will take longer to complete the online form

Generali Česká pojišťovna offers unexpectedly flexible insurance for your home and your property. You can calculate the insurance price in an online calculator. Orientation in it is a little more complicated at first glance. But there is a reason for that. Generali Česká spořitelna offers clients unprecedented freedom in taking out insurance. The online form is, therefore, more comprehensive and allows more choices. For greater clarity, it is divided into a large number of separate screens, which always try to make your work easier. Still, filling it will take a while.

You can choose between separate household or real estate insurance and combined insurance covering both options. Don’t be surprised if the bank offers you construction insurance instead of real estate insurance. Most insurance companies don’t work with real estate.

Basic insurance packages are divided into Start, Standard, and Exclusive. The highest Exclusive variant includes the vast majority of available services. Lower packages have a limited selection. However, you are free to add any services from the highest package to the lower package. There is nothing stopping you from creating the perfect tailor-made insurance.

Entering limits is similarly relaxed. Naturally, you cannot specify them completely arbitrarily. For example, you can set the limit for overvoltage after a lightning strike in the range of CZK 100-200,000. Each insurance also includes assistance. It will help you in case of an accident or a slammed door. There is also legal advice.

You can, of course, arrange insurance online. In that case, you will enjoy a 20% discount. Are you looking for the best property insurance? In our opinion, it is perfect from Generali!

ČSOB pojišťovna – Simple and comprehensive Real estate insurance

  • Type: insurance company
  • Arranging home insurance online: Yes 
  • Construction insurance arrangements online: Yes 
  • Liability agreement online: Yes 
  • Arranging accident insurance online: Yes 
  • Telephone support: Yes 
  • Availability of support: 24/7 
  • Possibility to visit the stone branch: Yes


  • Simple insurance calculator
  • Extremely extensive branch network
  • 30% discount when arranging insurance online
  • Compensation for psychological damage in case of great damage


  • More complicated setting of insurance limits

Real estate and household insurance at ČSOB pojišťovna are based on three insurance packages. Standard, Dominant and Premiant. They differ in the volume of services and the number of financial limits. In the case of comprehensive property insurance, the standard package of course offers the main insurance in case of fire, explosion, or storm. It also includes less common options in the form of a plane crash or a vehicle crash. The package includes assistance services and financial compensation for mental damage. How does it work? If the damage exceeds 80% of the insurance limit, the insurance company will pay an additional CZK 50,000.

The Dominant variant extends the insurance to damage caused by vandalism or theft, as well as damage to the façade by animals and also problems caused by rainwater or melted snow entering the building. The fuse also allows for a short circuit or overvoltage in the electrical network. The highest version of the insurance package is called Premiant. It doubles the limits for a failure in the electrical network, damage to the facade, and leakage from CZK 50,000 to double. It also adds insurance in the event of a technical failure or water loss in the event of a water pipe failure.

You will receive a 30% discount when arranging insurance online, but you can also visit one of the many branches of the insurance company. ČSOB is suitable for apartment insurance and house insurance. You only have to pay attention to the setting of insurance limits, which is more complicated and is based not only on the insurance package variant but also on the partial insurance conditions.

Property insurance from ČSOB pojišťovna rightly deserves 3rd place in our comparison. – Popular real estate and household calculator

  • Type: online insurance comparator
  • Arranging home insurance online: Yes 
  • Construction insurance arrangements online: Yes 
  • Liability agreement online: Yes 
  • Arranging accident insurance online: Yes 
  • 24/7 telephone support: Yes 
  • Free services: Yes 
  • Mobile application: Yes


  • Clear and well-arranged control
  • Calculator of the most advantageous house or apartment insurance
  • Free online contract inspection
  • Detailed overview of recommended offers
  • Mobile application


  • It does not cooperate with some insurance companies is a modern insurance comparator. It will help you find the best insurance for your house or apartment. The first step in finding the optimal offer is to enter general parameters. There are a few simple questions about the size and equipment of the house. Naturally, you also determine the value of the insurance. In the case of real estate insurance, it is the value of the house or apartment.

If you take out household insurance, you determine the value of its equipment. Of course, the set price may not exactly correspond to reality. The lower limit will have a positive effect on the price of insurance. On the other hand, the value of the insurance has a significant effect on any insurance benefits.

The resulting offers are clearly compared with the highlighting of the most advantageous and also the cheapest. determines its advantage by its own algorithm, which takes into account not only the price but also the services that the insurance includes. Including setting insurance limits. He doesn’t even hesitate to warn you if he considers a limit to be below or insufficient. You can arrange the selected insurance directly with the help of a comparator. If you need help, you can enter your phone number in the form along with your preferred call date. An infoline staff member will contact you and help you solve everything.

Finding the best home insurance is much easier with The only flaw is the fact that it does not cooperate with all insurance companies in the Czech market. However, the chances that you will miss a much more interesting offer because of this is not great.

Reviews of insurance companies and insurance comparators

  • ePojisteni.CZ: The best calculator for arranging home and real estate insurance.
  • Generali Česká pojišťovna: The best insurance company for arranging home and real estate insurance.
  • ČSOB Pojišťovna: Insurance company with comprehensive assistance services.
  • AXA: A popular insurance company with a strong and stable background.
  • RIX: A popular real estate and property insurance comparator in the Czech Republic.

How  to choose home and real estate insurance

How does it work and what to expect from it?

Real estate insurance, together with household insurance, is one of the most important. It can help decisively in the event that your house or apartment is flooded or fire strikes. And lately also, unfortunately, a tornado. The insurance indemnity can easily be in the millions of crowns.

That is why real estate and household insurance is one of the most complicated and comprehensive. A number of additional services and supplementary insurance, which insurance companies normally offer as part of their insurance packages, also play a part in this.

The basis of the insurance, regardless of whether it is building or household insurance, is an estimate of the total value of the insured property. This forms the upper limit of the insurance indemnity in the event of total damage. Furthermore, the price of insurance and some partial insurance limits depend on it .

Today, most insurance companies Yes longer use the name of real estate insurance, but the newer designation of construction insurance. Due to the general extension of the original name, we have decided to use both terms together in this text for the time being.

How do real estate insurance and home insurance differ?

Real estate insurance

Real estate insurance, more recently renamed by some insurance companies as construction insurance, includes the house or apartment itself and everything that is firmly added to it. Details may vary from insurance company to insurance company, but generally includes boilers and heating, boilers, or, for example, solar panels on the roof. Some insurance companies may include built-in furniture and a kitchen unit.

Household insurance

On the other hand, household insurance covers everything that can be easily transferred or relocated. Furniture, carpets, electronics, or personal belongings. Insurance companies often give the following illustrative example. Think of the house as a toy that you can take in your hand and shake with it. Everything that falls out of your windows and doors falls under household insurance, and what is left in your hand belongs to building insurance.

However, relying on your estimate is not the best solution. Always read the contract carefully or contact a representative of the insurance company and find out under which insurance the equipment of your house falls. This also applies to cases where you take out combined property and household insurance. Proper classification is often necessary to determine the exact insurance limit.

There is a lot of misleading or even false information about property and household insurance. These include the claim that property insurance automatically covers all its interior equipment or that household insurance only covers apartments.

Do I need combined property insurance? Isn’t one insurance enough?

Of course, insurance companies usually offer both a combination of construction and household insurance and the option to choose only one of these products. Insurance is one of the main points of protection against natural disasters. These usually affect the building and interior equipment. Both are usually of considerable value, and in the event of an emergency, insurance may be the only viable option to replace or repair the destroyed property. Therefore, combined insurance is the most logical option.

Exceptions may be specific cases where you want to Insure a holiday cottage or house before reconstruction, where the value of the equipment is negligible. Of course, insuring a household in such a case does not make sense.

Real estate insurance is part of the mortgage

Real estate insurance is a common part of a mortgage. You can arrange a mortgage loan even without an agreed real estate insurance, but the bank will not release the funds for you until it is concluded. At the same time, the bank checks whether the value of the insurance actually corresponds to the value of the construction. There may also be a situation where the insurance indemnity is paid directly to the bank and only then will it provide it to its client to make the necessary repairs. Banks do not require household insurance.

Real estate insurance is part of the mortgage

Are you thinking about a mortgage ? We will help you choose the best one for you. We explain all the most important terms and compare offers.

How to set the sum insured?

Setting the sum insured or the limit of indemnity is one of the most difficult thingsInsurance calculators on the insurance companies’ websites can guide you. After entering the partial data, they will offer you an average value that you can compare with your estimate. In the case of real estate insurance, you can rely on its price, resp. expert estimate. The best way to estimate the value of your household equipment is to create a detailed list, along with an estimate of the price of each item.

  • If the property is insured for a lower amount than its fair value, we speak of underinsurance. The price of the insurance depends on the value of the sum insured. Therefore, in the case of underinsurance, the fuse will be slightly cheaper than would correspond to the correct set value. However, any insurance benefits will also be lower! A lower sum insured can also affect some partial insurance limits, which are calculated as a percentage of the sum insured.
  • The opposite of underinsurance is over insurance. That is, the insurance for an amount higher than the fair value of the asset. Naturally, this also means a higher insurance price. The insurance indemnity will not affect the co-insurance in any way. The insurance company will be based on a real, ie lower value of assets .

The hidden danger of underinsurance

Real estate prices are constantly changing, as are household equipment. It very easily happens that after a few years, the insurance is underestimatedHowever, the bank pays out any insurance benefits in proportion! The ratio of the amount paid to the damage is the same as the ratio of the sum insured to the fair value of the property.

A simple example. You will correctly insure a house with a value of CZK 5 million for a sum insured of CZK 5 million. You will not take care of the insurance for several years, you will carry out reconstruction and the real value of the house will double to CZK 10 million. A flood will come and cause damage to CZK 5 million. At first glance, it seems that the original, unchanged insurance limit of CZK 5 million is enough to cover damages. However, the ratio of the sum insured to the fair value of the house at the time of the flood was 1: 2. It is in this proportion that the insurance company pays the insurance indemnity. Instead of CZK 5 million, only CZK 2.5 million.

What affects the price of insurance?

The basic criterion is the amount of the sum insured, ie generally the value of the insured property. The second important point is the volume of services that the insurance covers. Most insurance companies offer insurance packages at several price levels.

  • The amount of the sum insured
  • The value of the insured property

Most often you will find a basic package that is focused on the lowest possible price and contains only the essentials. The other side of the offer is the most voluminous and also the most expensive package offering almost everything an insurance company can provide. Everything is complemented by the average variant, which strives for the best possible price-performance ratio. In general, these offers are among the most popular.

In some cases, the price of insurance can be fundamentally affected by the location. In particular, real estate in places with a high risk of floods must prepare for higher insurance prices. In an extreme case, the insurance company may even refuse to take out insurance or make it conditional on meeting various criteria. Typically, the site has not faced any natural disaster in the last 10 or 20 years.

Additional insurance and bonuses

Insurance companies like to create insurance packages that, in addition to basic insurance, contain a number of supplementary insurance and bonus servicesVarious aids are common to help with a slammed door or secure a craftsman in the event of an unexpected accident. Some supplementary insurances can be easily confusing. They seem to duplicate another service that the insurance already contains. But a closer look reveals that they are adding new elements and events. For example, standard insurance can provide storm protection. However, damage caused by leaks only includes additional insurance.

Many insurance companies also offer liability insurance to insure a family house. It covers damages from third parties. Sometimes the liability insurance offer is tied to the property. You will use it in a situation where your negligence heats a neighbor or a falling tile from the roof will injure a passing pedestrian. However, it is often full liability insurance, which covers all accidents that you cause due to your carelessness or clumsiness.

Where to look for the cheapest real estate insurance?

Internet comparators will make it easier for you to find your way around the insurance companies’ offers. Just enter the basic data. The comparator compares the bids and creates a list of the most relevant ones. Our review was controlled by a modern comparator Thanks to simple operation and a clear list of selected insurance policies, you will discover the best property insurance very easily. In addition, the application uses a unique evaluation algorithm that takes into account not only the price but also the range of services or limits of insurance benefits.

But don’t forget the fact that real estate insurance, like household insurance, is one of the most complicated. In your own interest, always check all offers well and, above all, read the insurance conditions carefully. will alert you to controversial or unclear areas. The comparison portal even allows you to check already concluded contracts. It will then suggest improvements or updates as needed.

Property contract rules

Be careful

One fundamental rule applies to property contracts, which also include property insurance. Give him time. Study everything properly and honestly. Ask everything you don’t understand. Make sure you understand all the conditions correctly. Don’t be afraid to call the insurance company or go to the branch. The more careful you are when concluding the insurance, the easier the action awaits you when settling the insurance event.

A common mistake is to quickly arrange the fuse. A detailed examination of the conditions will come only when the indemnity is significantly lower than expected. At such a time, however, it is often too late for changes and adjustments. Clients then like to blame all the blame on the insurance company, which unjustly robbed them in their eYes.

However, the reality is a bit more complicated. Of course, it can happen that a liquidator or an insurance official makes a mistake. However, you almost always have the opportunity to file an appeal, which the insurance company must deal with and give you an explanation. If he accepts the objection, he will usually correct his bad decision quickly.

The document, take pictures…

The second important point is the detailed documentation. If you apply for insurance, you usually need to prove the value of the destroyed property. This mainly concerns household insurance. It does not hurt to create a list of things together with photo documentation. Take a picture of all the rooms in the house. Pay special attention to valuables and other valuable objects.

Keep receipts and other documents that prove the purchase or repair of all more valuable assets. The more detailed and complete your insurance database, the easier it will be to negotiate with the insurance company. In addition, the list will help you correctly estimate the sum insured when concluding insurance.

Protect and back up documents and photos referring to your property. If you simply place them next to other things in the house, they can easily be damaged or destroyed together with other property in the event of an insured event.

Update the contract

Keep your insurance contract up to date. Renovation or the purchase of new equipment can fundamentally change the value of the property. The change should also be reflected in the insurance contract. Otherwise, there is a risk of underinsurance, the consequences of which are mentioned in one of the previous paragraphs.

The update will pay off even if you have not made a large investment. Most households are constantly refurbishing equipment or buying new electronics. Individual devices and objects do not have to significantly increase the price of the property. However, their sum can mean changes in tens or hundreds of thousands of crowns. Most insurance companies recommend checking the value of your property every two years. You can then update your insurance policy as needed.

Do you think that an update is not necessary if you do not change the equipment too much? That’s not quite true. Most things lose value over time, so your home may be less valuable over the years. Thanks to this, you can safely reduce the sum insured and thus reduce the price of premiums.

Terms, limits, and conditions of insurance contracts

Virtually every insurance contract contains a basic limit that results from the value of your property. It is supplemented by a number of other sub-limits relating to specific situations. These places are among the key, but also the most complicated and the most difficult parts of the contract for the average person. Therefore, pay close attention to them when taking out insurance and have them explained to you by the insurance company if necessary.

At first glance, it may seem that the offer of most insurance companies is very similar and includes similar services. The main differences are in the list of specific conditions and partial limits of performance. The difference is easily caused by a built-in and free-standing appliance.

What does household insurance cover?

In the first case, the insurance company can count it for construction insurance, and in the second for household insurance. Did you lose your valuables in the fire? If they were stored in an apartment, you are entitled to insurance benefits, but if you stored them in the cellar, the insurance may not cover them. Have you added a larger garage to the house? The insurance company usually includes it in the construction insurance. However, any indemnity is limited by a percentage of the basic sum insured or the maximum amount that can be paid out.

Contracts may also specify precise terms or other conditions regarding how and when to report an insured event. Insurance limits can also be affected by the nature of the construction. A typical example is a burglary and theft. The difference between a door with a standard security lock and a door with a security lock with at least a three-point wheelbase can mean several hundred thousand crowns in terms of insurance limits.

However, insurance companies are not just trying to find loopholes and exceptions, as it might seem from the previous text. Apartment insurance often includes prams or bicycles located in common areas. Likewise, in some cases, protected garden equipment is stored in the garden.

The most common and most destructive insurance events

The most common accidents are water-related. Cracked pipe, heater defect, or sewer problem. On the contrary, the most destructive is fire-related events. The average fire damage amounts to CZK 500,000. The following brief tables are based on an analysis of the bankovnictvionline.CZ server prepared by Filip Hubený.

The most common causes of property damage

  1. Water leakage – accidents caused by a defect or damage to water pipes, waste, sewers or devices connected to them.
  2. Storms – wind damage at a speed of at least 75 km / h.
  3. Hail – is often associated with storms and lightning, which would rank fourth in this list.

The most devastating causes of property damage

  1. Fire-fires in houses and flats are not among the most common insurance events, but they do cause huge damage. On average in the order of hundreds of thousands of crowns.
  2. Flood – the average amount of damage is around 150 thousand CZK.
  3. Theft – not only causes high losses but is also a relatively common cause of damage.


When arranging insurance, you may encounter a number of unclear terms. The table explains the most common of them.

Concepts Importance
Bonus / malus The system of discounts and increases is used by most insurance companies. The bonus means a discount, a malus surcharge to the basic price of the premium.
Liquidator An expert who investigates insurance claims and influences the number of insurance benefits.
Indemnity limit
The highest amount that the insurance company will payout in the event of an insurance indemnity
Insurer Usually, an insurance company offers and manages insurance.
Policyholder The person who concluded the contract with the insurer (insurance company).
Insured A person covered by the insurance. Usually the same as the policyholder.
Insured event An accident, breakdown, or other accidental event is covered by the insurance.
Insurance indemnity The amount that the insurance company pays as compensation in the event of an insured event.

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