What are the companies that make traffic insurance?

Traffic insurance is a compulsory type of insurance that provides assurance against damages that may occur on the other side in case of a possible risk. There are many companies that provide traffic insurance for vehicle owners. The advantages provided by these insurance companies in premium payments may differ from each other. For this reason, it is important to compare insurance companies while taking out insurance and to carry out policy transactions accordingly.

Come, “Which are the companies that make traffic insurance? How many installments do these companies make?” Let’s examine it together. What is Compulsory Insurance? What are the General Terms?

How to make a comparison between Traffic Insurance Companies?

“Is the car insurance company important? How will I compare companies that make traffic insurance?” You may be wondering. The two most important points to consider when choosing between insurances are; Coverage and the cost of the policy. Choosing only the most affordable policy without evaluating the policy coverage may cause you to suffer in case of an accident. Because low-priced policies may not be enough to cover the losses of the other party. For this reason, it is necessary to thoroughly evaluate the coverage of the policy and compare the products of different insurance companies.


Which is the best car insurance company? If you are wondering, we can list the traffic insurance companies that you can take out on Insurance as follows.

  • Ak Insurance
  • Allianz Insurance
  • Anadolu Insurance
  • Axa Insurance
  • Nature Insurance
  • Groupama Insurance
  • HDI Insurance
  • Mapfre Insurance
  • Ray Insurance
  • Sompo Japan Insurance
  • Turk Nippon Insurance
  • Turkey Insurance

Does Traffic Insurance Pay in Installments?

One of the most curious subjects of people who do research about compulsory traffic insurance; is the prices of the insurance and whether the payments are made in installments. Since traffic insurance is required by law, it is necessary to renew the policy without delaying the policy day. For this purpose, vehicle owners evaluate installment options and prefer the insurance company that offers the easiest payment option for them in order to avoid problems while paying premiums and to complete payments comfortably. Should I have an Insurance Cover in 2022?

Traffic insurance payments can be made in installments by most insurance companies, but each insurance company offers different installment options within the framework of its price policy. We can say that insurance companies generally offer vehicle drivers a payment option between 3 and 9 installments. If you want to be able to make premium payments without financial difficulties, you can choose insurance companies that provide ease of payment in installments.

How to Select a Traffic Insurance Company?

It is very important to have information about insurance companies before taking out traffic insurance, as you will need to contact the insurance company in case of possible damage during the policy period. Since the scope of compulsory insurance is regulated by the Undersecretariat of Treasury, you will not encounter too many price differences in policy premiums. For this reason, you should prefer insurance companies that have a wide contracted service network and provide quality service rather than the price difference.

When evaluating insurance prices, it is necessary to get quotes from different insurance companies. Because the current insurance company is the cheapest traffic insurance company, we cannot say that it will definitely prepare the most suitable policy for you. For this reason, you can find the insurance company that prepares the right policy for you by examining the price offers of other insurance companies.

Secure Your Vehicle Against Possible Risks

Insurance compares the price offers of the insurance company that offers the best price offer for you and evaluates the results on your behalf. You can also get in touch with Insurance’s expert team via the website or by calling the Insurance Information Line, and get the most appropriate and comprehensive insurance for yourself.

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