What is Children’s Health Insurance?

Children’s Health Insurance is a type of insurance that allows you to have your child’s routine check-ups and tests for any disease free of charge, without considering the high cost of hospital expenses. Along with the increasing costs and inflation rates in the health sector, the amount that families have to pay in order to receive health services has also increased. However, by getting child health insurance, you can get rid of the hassle of waiting in line at public hospitals and ensure that your child can benefit from quality health services.

How is Child Health Insurance Made?

“Is there insurance for people under the age of 18?” It is one of the issues that people who want to have health insurance for a child wonder about. The coverage of supplementary and private health insurance for the child varies according to the insurance companies. These variables generally vary according to the age range of the child and whether or not he is surcharged. While some insurance companies do not insure children under the age of 18 on their own, some insurance companies provide health insurance for children aged 0-17. Some companies apply a surcharge on the child’s policy, thus preparing high-priced policies, but it is also possible to find insurance companies that offer premium pricing.

If you say, “I want to buy health insurance for my child.” If you say so, you can choose one of the alternative ways listed below and ensure that your child benefits from health insurance.

You can add your child to your current health policy

If you or your spouse have health insurance, you can include your child in your health policy by paying an additional premium.

You Can Have Family Health Insurance

If you do not have health insurance, you can buy a family policy and have a more affordable policy by taking advantage of the tax deductions offered by insurance companies.  If you choose to have family health insurance, your insurance company will offer a discount of 5-10%.

You can only have health insurance for your child.

If you only want to insure your child, you can also benefit from insurance companies that provide child health insurance on your own. But let’s not go without adding; The number of companies that only provide health insurance for children is very small. Therefore, you have to pay a higher premium compared to other alternatives.

Finally, there is an important issue that you should pay attention to at this point! Children can only benefit from the family policy until the age of 25. It is also required to be unmarried.

Types of Child Health Insurance

We can list the types of child health insurance as follows.

  • Child supplementary health insurance
  • Child private health insurance

Let’s examine the features of complementary and private health insurance for children together.

Does Supplementary Health Insurance Cover the Child?

Supplementary health insurance for children is a type of insurance that allows you to receive health services at contracted hospitals by SGK and insurance companies without paying any fee. We can examine child supplementary health insurance coverage under two separate headings.

  • Inpatient treatment coverage: Treatment costs lasting longer than 24 hours and services such as home care, ambulance, and medical supplies are also covered by the supplementary health insurance for inpatient treatment for the child. Surgeries are also carried out unlimitedly within the scope of inpatient treatment.
  • Outpatient treatment coverage: Expenses related to advanced diagnostic methods, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and x-ray and laboratory tests not exceeding 24 hours are covered by complementary health insurance for children under outpatient treatment coverage. Annual inspection numbers differ depending on the insurance company.

Insurance Companies Making Child Complementary Health Insurance

We can list the insurance companies that provide child supplementary health insurance as Allianz Insurance, Turkey Insurance, Axa Insurance, Sompo Insurance, Acıbadem Insurance, Ak Insurance, Eureko Insurance, Mapfre, Ray Insurance and Türk Nippon. Let’s examine together the companies that provide complementary health insurance to the child.

  • Allianz Insurance, Turkey Insurance: They do TSS for children over 5 years old.
  • Axa Sigorta: Complementary health insurance from Axa Sigorta is provided to children over 7 years old.
  • Sompo Insurance: Insures children over 2 years old.
  • Acıbadem Insurance, Ak Insurance, Eureko Insurance, Mapfre, Ray Insurance, Türk Nippon: These insurance companies do TSS for children aged 0-17.

Does Complementary Health Insurance (TSS) Cover Circumcision?

Anadolu Sigorta is the only insurance company that covers the costs related to circumcision. Circumcision expenses of children with individual supplementary health insurance from Anadolu Sigorta are covered by the insurance company. However, it is necessary to wait 1 year for the circumcision expenses of the children of those who have a family policy from Anadolu Sigorta. If you renew your child’s supplementary health insurance in the second year, you can cover the circumcision-related expenses from the insurance company.

Anadolu Sigorta does not pay the expenses related to the circumcision of children in the hospitals listed below.

  • Avrasya Hospital Gaziosmanpasa
  • Avrasya Hospital
  • Bezmialem University Hospital
  • Great Anatolian Hospitals
  • Camlik Hospital
  • Emsey Hospital
  • Erdem Health Group
  • Eskisehir Umit Hospitals
  • Goztepe Hospital
  • Kolan Hospital
  • Liv Hospital Group
  • Medical Park
  • Medlife
  • Medicana Health Group
  • Okan University Hospital
  • Ordu Sevgi Hospital

Does Private Health Insurance Cover the Child?

Child private health insurance is a type of insurance with very wide coverage and all selected coverages are personal. Children under the age of 18 can be included in their parents’ policies, benefit from family health insurance coverage, or benefit from private health insurance for children. The coverage of the private health insurance for the child is determined according to the health status, and congenital and hereditary diseases. You can get health services from doctors and health institutions that the insurance company has contracted with by having your child get OSS.

She doesn’t want to insure her child on her own, but ” Does private health insurance cover my child?” You may be wondering. If you have an existing health policy, you can add your child to your policy within the special conditions of insurance companies. However, since some insurance companies do not prefer to add the child to the parent’s policy, it will be more advantageous for you to get a policy by learning the conditions of the insurance companies.

Insurance Companies Making Child Private Health Insurance

We can list the insurance companies that make private health insurance for children as Anadolu Sigorta, Acıbadem Insurance, Ak Insurance, Allianz, Axa, Mapfre and Türkiye Insurance.

  • Anadolu Sigorta, Acıbadem Sigorta, Ak Sigorta: Children between the ages of 0-17 can be insured alone.
  • Allianz, Axa Insurance, Mapfre Insurance, Turkey Insurance: Children between the ages of 6-17 can be insured on their own.
  • Ray Insurance: It covers children between the ages of 8-17.
  • Demir Insurance: Single insurance as of the age of 18.

Child Health Insurance Prices

“How much is child health insurance?” You may have wondered. Child health insurance prices vary according to the policy and the price policy of the insurance company. Therefore, in order to benefit from child health insurance, you need to be informed about the coverage of the policy and additional coverage. You can fill out the application form on Insurance or call our health insurance experts to get the most comprehensive and cheapest child insurance.

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