What is Compulsory Traffic Insurance? What are the General Terms?

Mandatory traffic insurance is among the most basic legal obligations of all vehicle owners. Mandatory traffic insurance, which you must have in order to drive your vehicle on the road, undertakes the financial liability of the damages you cause to the vehicles on the opposite side and third parties in the event of a possible accident. If you say, “How much is the compulsory traffic insurance, who covers the damage in the traffic accident with material damage, and how is the compulsory traffic insurance damage payment?” If you are wondering about the answers to questions such as, you can benefit from the information below. What is Car Insurance: Check for Cheapest Car Insurance in 2022

What is Compulsory Traffic Insurance?

Mandatory traffic insurance can sometimes be confused with motor insurance. Although both types of insurance are for motor vehicles, they cover completely different damages. Motor insurance covers the material damage to your car in case of an accident. So, what does compulsory traffic insurance cover? Mandatory traffic insurance covers the damages you cause to the other party in the event of an accident. In the event of an accident, if the crashed vehicle does not have traffic insurance, all of the material damages incurred are paid by the owner of the vehicle that caused the accident. For this reason, it is of great importance for everyone who owns a vehicle to have compulsory traffic insurance without delay.

What are the General Conditions of Compulsory Traffic Insurance?

The general conditions of compulsory traffic insurance are determined in accordance with the Highway Traffic Law No. 2918 and all vehicle owners who want to insure their vehicle must comply with these conditions. According to the law, vehicles that do not have valid insurance are not allowed to be on the road and undergo inspection. For this reason, vehicles whose policies have expired face fines or bans from traffic if they are caught inspected. Traffic insurance claims coverage conditions vary depending on the policy you choose. Should I have an Insurance Cover in 2022?

What Does Traffic Insurance Cover?

Vehicle compulsory traffic insurance basically covers the damages suffered by the other party. According to the policy content, you can cover the material damage you caused to the other party’s vehicle, the bodily damage you caused to third parties, and the costs of legal processes that may arise from your insurance. In case of additional coverage in your policy, you can also benefit from advantages such as roadside assistance, towing service, and health support. Best Accident Insurance 2022 – Reviews and comparisons of car insurance companies

How is Traffic Insurance Made?

Traffic insurance can be made very easily. If you are asked, “How to make compulsory traffic insurance?” If you are looking for an answer to your question Allianz Mandatory Traffic Insurance You can apply immediately and easily get the most suitable offer for you.

When Should Compulsory Traffic Insurance Be Made?

Mandatory traffic insurance is made before vehicles are put on the road. For example, if you are buying a zero-kilometer vehicle, you need to have the insurance process done as soon as the transfer of the vehicle is completed. It is recommended that you get new insurance for the vehicle that has a previous policy before the expiry of the previous policy. It helps you avoid paying uninsured vehicle fines so that your vehicle does not spend time without insurance. The best insurance in 2022

What Happens If Traffic Insurance Is Made Late?

Many vehicle owners ask, “What happens if compulsory traffic insurance is not made?” seeks an answer. If the traffic insurance is delayed, you have to pay the delay penalty of the compulsory traffic insurance and make an additional payment for the time that your vehicle is uninsured when you take out new insurance. In addition, if you are caught inspected during the period when your vehicle is uninsured, you may encounter risks such as paying traffic fines and withdrawing your vehicle due to uninsured traffic. How to choose liability insurance? Types of liability insurance

Is Traffic Insurance Mandatory?

Many vehicle owners who ask, “Is traffic insurance compulsory?” frequently ask the question. Traffic insurance is required to be paid and vehicle owners are fined if this insurance is not taken out. Insurance is not a mandatory procedure, but it is of great importance as it covers the damages that may occur in the vehicle.

What is the Penalty for Uninsured Vehicles?

The uninsured vehicle fine changes every year at certain times. A penalty of 144 TL is imposed on vehicles caught in traffic without insurance in 2021. If the vehicle owner pays the fine within 15 days, a 25% discount is given.

How Much Does the First Traffic Insurance Cost?

“I am going to buy a car for the first time, I want to have insurance.” Many people say that they are wondering about the first insurance prices. The cost of the first traffic insurance varies according to criteria such as the city where you will use your vehicle, and the model and value of your vehicle. For this reason, you need to get an offer from the insurance company in order to find out the cost of your first traffic insurance.

Does Traffic Insurance Cover Vehicle Value Loss?

If you experience a loss of value in the other party’s vehicle as a result of a traffic accident, your traffic insurance also covers this loss.

In Which Situations Does Traffic Insurance Not Pay?

Insurance companies and vehicle owners are not responsible for accidents with stolen or usurped vehicles. For this reason, traffic insurance does not pay in case of an accident with a stolen vehicle. The case that a third party is not involved in the accident is also considered outside the scope of insurance. In other words, if you hit a wall, barrier, or another vehicle that belongs to you with your vehicle, traffic insurance does not pay.

What You Need to Know About Motorcycle Compulsory Traffic Insurance

Motorcycle compulsory traffic insurance is made once a year, just like vehicle insurance. Motorcycle compulsory traffic insurance prices, on the other hand, vary according to criteria such as the model of the engine you will use, its age, and its undamaged condition. So, how much of the damage does motorcycle compulsory traffic insurance cover? The answer to this question may also vary depending on the details of the policy.

Why Traffic Insurance Increases to High Prices?

“Why is traffic insurance so high?” The question has multiple answers. If your vehicle has been uninsured for a long time, a delayed penalty is added to the insurance cost, which increases the insurance price. The number of accidents involving his vehicle also increases insurance prices. The more accidents a vehicle is involved in, the higher the compulsory traffic insurance fee in the next period.

What should be done in case of an accident involving a vehicle without traffic insurance?

If a vehicle without traffic insurance is involved in an accident and causes damage to third parties, the owner of the vehicle must pay the costs incurred. For this reason, it is very important to have your vehicle insured. You can start your traffic insurance transactions immediately by visiting any Allianz agency and keeping your vehicle safe at all times.

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