The Most Popular Necklace Trends of 2022

Do you know the pleasant feeling when the person you love puts a piece of jewelry on your neck, bends over, and adds a gentle kiss to your neck? It doesn’t have to be a script for a romantic film, our experience shows that men gift their partners with necklaces very gladly and regularly, so we are convinced that several ladies have already experienced similar colds. Will you be the next one?

Necklace with a four-leaf clover that brings good luck

We included the Sigala necklace in our offer based on the demand of our fan, whose soul longed for a four-leaf clover jewel. Well, and since our possibilities are almost unlimited thanks to the production of jewelry in our own jewelry workshop, our designers liked to play with this idea and the skillful hands of master goldsmiths brought a four-leaf necklace to the light of the world. We complemented each lucky ticket with a brilliant shine of ten diamonds, creating a piece of jewelry suitable for all occasions and women of any age or stage of life. However, the four-leaf clover symbol should always be with you, its four leaves can represent a family of four, the number of diamonds .round a birthday or wedding anniversary. The perfect gift you can have before you find a green sign of happiness in the grass. Also, Read – Amethyst Meaning, Properties, Powers, Price, & Jewelry

Our Top Trends also live with necklaces

We know how you were enchanted by the jewelry included in our Top Trends collection and we are extremely pleased with their success. An indisputable part of this selection is the Avril necklace in several designs of colored gemstones. For the moment, we have chosen a model with pink morganite, a modern stone with a gentle color, in a harmonious pink gold. When buying gemstone jewelry, it is very important to address a reputable jewelry store, with the most professional approach. The biggest advantage for clients when buying from us is the fact that all our jewelry (and the stones installed in them) are subjected to analysis in a professionally equipped gemological laboratory. Simply put, if a client buys from us, he knows exactly what he is buying, and this fact is always substantiated by the above analysis and recorded in the certificate. We want to give our customers the best they can pass on the same value.

Necklace with heart and diamond

“I give you my heart” is a sentence that every person longing for love wants to hear. We love from the heart, we care from the heart, and we (wish) from the heart. Heart-shaped jewelry is therefore still sought after, not only on Valentine’s Day. Necklaces are no exception to this rule, and if it is a perfect gold heart decorated with a diamond, the jewel builds favor all by itself. We dedicated a set called Sheen to him, and we also introduced a necklace with the bracelet that shone first on stage. The minimalist look highlights the pink color of gold and the great price-setting predestines our Sheen to become the King of Hearts or Queen in the Heart Collection Mikuš Diamonds. Also, Read – Top 10 most expensive antiques in the world

Diamond necklace in a classic design

Many ladies have their dream jewel in the Runes necklace, we created it three years ago and immediately began to spontaneously look for its happy owners. We understand why, because the standard design in classic yellow gold, with subtly added diamonds, is a staple in the collections of lovers of handmade quality jewelry. Comfortable wearing is guaranteed by two eyelets, thanks to which the Runes necklace adds a touch to the blouse with a neckline as well as a turtleneck sweater. A decent piece of jewelry with immortal diamonds should not be missed by any lady, who can pass it on to her daughter, younger sister, granddaughter, or bride as a memorable, family emotion that preserves the gem. Also, Read – What Are The Most Popular Silver Necklace?

Necklace with an ageless precious opal

We have great news for you: our necklace collection is proudly represented by another Top Trend, the opal necklace Shanara. You will recognize the precious opal immediately, its color play is inimitable. It has as many beautiful forms as a woman has, and no matter which way you look at it, it will always offer you a new attractive dimension. Whether it is framed in rose, white or yellow gold is also of great importance, as each of them reveals and underlines a different charm of natural gemstone. Only an experienced goldsmith can work with opal, assuming a fantastic result that can underline its fluid with the right cut and not hurt it. Emotion and passion are important in jewelry work, and technical equipment, which keeps up with the times, is no less important. We, as very lucky, feel that we have all this because if all these attributes come together, a miracle will happen. Shanara is formed.

Necklace with diamonds for lovers

For those who would like one heart in a Sheen necklace, we have two symbols of love in diamond jewelry on the neck named Sublime. One look in your eyes and did you know that you want to share the good and the bad together? This jewelry is right for you in that case. The higher “pure” heart pays attention to the radiant diamonds laid out by the other, both firmly attached to each other. Although we can’t give you a guarantee for eternal love, you will have to take care of it in pairs, but you can rely on the Lifetime Guarantee against the falling of a precious stone, which is one of the benefits when buying jewelry in the jewelry network or in the Mikuš Diamonds e-shop.

Uniquely crafted flowers on the necklace

Even our special section of Unique Jewelry does not stay cold to necklaces and you will find a few really interesting pieces in it, literally masterpieces. An example is Latisana, a necklace in white 18-carat gold, with amazing floral motifs. Skillfully crafted jewelry will be suitable for special, unforgettable moments and since it looks extremely graceful, the overall impression is nothing less than elegantly first-class. The toilet in the sign of the little black will gain a completely different grace, worthy of the first lady of the evening. You can easily complement such a look with a distinctive cocktail ring and dangling diamond earrings, we will be happy to help you choose both. Just contact us! Gold Necklaces For Women

Aquamarine necklace sinks from the sea surface

The third offers a heart to the neck, this time in the style of colored gems. If you are wondering if we do not repeat ourselves with the heart symbol in necklaces, we have a simple answer to this question. Who wouldn’t want to have a donated heart as close to theirs as possible? No other piece of jewelry gives this opportunity like a necklace, which is why many donors choose it, but we do not want and cannot forget the ladies who decide to make themselves happy with what we print. We put aquamarine in the Siloe necklace, and in order not to tempt him to let the voice of the sea sirens and meet them, our beloved diamonds surround him. There is never enough love and its forms, and if we can materialize it, we will do so a thousand times. The same, and still different. Opal (Rainbow Stone) Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

Timeless diamond necklace

For women who prefer minimalism, with a sense of detail, the Smooth model has long won first place in our Pure Diamond Collection. Its simplicity is cunning, please do not be surprised by this opposition, you will understand it if you see our Smooth with your own eyes and taste on your own skin, without worries. We first carefully check every piece of jewelry made under the Mikuš Diamonds brand so that we don’t miss even the slightest mistake of beauty. All jewelry also undergoes a detailed inspection under a microscope to meet the strictest quality criteria, and only then do we offer them with a clear conscience to you – customers, supporters, and people who are connected to us through our jewelry and we are grateful to them for their trust and favor. What are Face Rollers? How to use it?

Necklaces “forever”

We started our show with a jewel in the shape of a symbol, we will end it similarly. Infinity as a theme is probably the most used mystical symbol in the jewelry industry. In the modern sense, we understand it as an expression of a great love or fervent friendship. The Always in the white gold necklace will say a lot for you, you just need to give it to the right person and not skimp on its address. For each diamond with a brilliant cut (there are eleven of them), tell the recipient one thing that you respect and love. You will see how simple words can enhance the moment of making an extraordinary gift. Black Diamond: Properties, Carat, Colour, Sizes & Shapes

It is well known that the first necklaces were made of bones, stones, feathers, plants, teeth, or shells. They had their significance and charm and became the forerunners of jewelry made of natural materials, but in a different, more modern, and luxurious design. If you said during the reading of our article that you are missing the necklace or you will be pleased and our offer was able to appeal to you, we look forward to meeting you soon. Seven stone jewelry stores and an online store are here for you. What Are the Benefits and Properties of Aquamarine Stone

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