23:32 – Meaning of reversed hours and numerology

The situation is this: every now and then, you come across the same time on the clock – 11:32 pm. You may, initially, even find it curious, funny… And you even comment with someone. But then, every time you look at the clock, there it is again.

You probably hadn’t noticed it before, but now you start to wonder about this frequency. “Why am I seeing this schedule so often? Is it a coincidence?” Amid the strangeness of the fact, you start to worry: “Is it a good thing or a bad thing?”. 22/02/22 Portal Meaning, Energy, Numerology

First of all, believe me: it is not pure chance. It’s something we call synchronicity – a term coined by psychiatrist Carl Jung to represent these coincidences in life. For example, when you think of a person and then they call you back, that’s synchronicity. And seeing hours reversed all the time is another example of this phenomenon.

There are different repeated and reversed hours, and each one has its symbologies and messages. And when we are frequently seeing the hour 23:32, what subliminal message does it give us? If you’ve been experiencing this, you’ve come to the right place to know: check out everything about this sequence of numbers in the article we prepared. The Meaning of Twin Flame Angel Number 444

The meaning of the reversed hour 23:32

Fasten your seat belts, because here comes turbulence. Your life will shake for you to take a break and look inside yourself. Don’t put off meeting yourself!

This time also comes with the message that you will be able to capture the good energies of optimism and gain more courage to face the ups and downs of everyday life. So start building an open and positive mind.

Success goes hand in hand with gratitude and hope. To cultivate both so you can get closer and closer to your goals. Just go slowly and patiently, because haste is, in fact, the enemy of perfection. And be sure to motivate yourself, because otherwise, you will stagnate.

The Meaning of 11:32 PM for Numerology

According to Numerology, in the sequence 23:32, we have the numbers 2 and 3 alone. The 2 bring cooperation, partnership, and greater awareness. It evokes balance and duality. So also beware of the negative aspect – in this case, indecision is a point to work on. The 3 bring us to the place of adventure, communication, and creativity. Social skill is our forte.

Adding or joining this numerical sequence, we have 5, 23, and 32. 5 sharpens our free spirit and our versatility. It is a number that does not like the comfort zone. The 23 brings the energy of creativity and expressiveness. The 32 is associated with optimism, presence of mind, and expansion. Angel Number 333 Meaning: Love, Life, & Relationship

The meaning of 23:32 for Astrology

In the mission of defining our personality and tracing our steps towards evolution, stars and numbers come together to enhance our achievements.

In Astrology, the hour 23:32 is associated with a conscious, affectionate, and welcoming personality. It is also the portrait of versatility, and balance, with a dash of daring and intelligence to find solutions.

Focus on what the hour 11:32 pm evokes, as this is when it comes to giving you the ability to put these qualities into practice. This sequence calls you to take momentum in search of your conquests. How to find a Startup Investor? Advice from the Expert

The 11:32 pm for spirituality

When the hour 23:32 starts to appear, it comes at a time that asks you to play around, positive vision and commitment. Don’t underestimate yourself, you can do it!

This message directs you to the right attitudes, which will guide you to success in your purposes. Believing, hoping, and being grateful are your drivers.

In this aspect, just like all other hours, 23:32 also has an angel that represents it. That’s what we’ll talk about in the next topic.

The angel 23:32

The angel who comes to bring us messages at this time is Haiaiel. It is he who guides us on the journey to success, inspiring courage, boldness, and an open heart and mind.

Haiaiel equips us with willpower, focus, and faith to find our purpose. It helps to build our critical thinking and our ability to discern, as well as gives us the power to know how to differentiate the truth from the lie. By praying to him, we can connect with this essence and activate these potentialities:

“Divine Angel Haiaiel, protect me against all the wicked and against all those who want to oppress me. Bring to my life peace and victory over my enemies. Give me strength and energy today and always. Amen.”

Prayers are always very welcome, no matter the time or occasion. Just summon Haiaiel, and he will answer his call. But if you need a more powerful connection, pray to him on the days he is active on Earth: January 3rd, March 17th, May 29th, August 10th, and October 22nd.

To strengthen the connection, add the following elements associated with the angel to the prayer: light a white candle and rosemary incense, use absinthe or eucalyptus essence and complete the ritual with white quartz.

The psalm dedicated to Haiaiel is 108, verse 29: “Let those who accuse me cover themselves with disgrace, and let shame envelop them like a cloak.”

Where else can the number 23:32 appear?

In addition to the typical clock time, the sequence 2332 can appear in any other situation, as the Universe does not give up a single opportunity to bring us a message, even more so when it is essential to our life.

So you can expect to find that number on license plates, document numbers, addresses and zip codes, legends, billboards, billboards, phone numbers, and so on.

So don’t be silly. Pay attention to the signs, because that’s how synchronicity plays its role. But don’t pressure yourself to see this sequence, just be prepared, calm, and receptive.

What to do when you see 23:32?

No sign of your angels and ascended masters are anything to fear. They come to us to guide, help and welcome us. And even if they are a warning, they come with the right protection for every situation. They don’t abandon us, believe me.

So seeing this time is no reason to panic. It’s an opportunity to analyze your life, the improvements you need to make, and the learning that takes you to another level. Is it time for a change? Does turmoil come to make me a better person?

Don’t let any questions pass you by. Reflect, plan, and take a breath. Count on Haiaiel to take this important step, to take new flights, to fulfill your purposes. It is he who will guide you.

Angels don’t come to meet us just to test us. They also come to teach us, guide us, and show us the right path. It is up to our free will to allow us to follow it. That’s why these beings of light send us subtle messages. So don’t ignore them, do your part in transitioning this world to a better place. Be a better person, look at life with the optimism and gratitude that the hour at 11:32 pm evokes. Nothing happens by chance. Have faith! Color psychology: Choosing colors for your small business

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