How do Angels answer Our Prayers?

Have you ever wondered if guardian angels answer your prayers? Do you ever worry that God won’t answer your prayers or hear you? The truth is that God always answers our prayers. But that doesn’t mean every answer is happy. In fact, most of the time when God answers our prayers it’s to help us overcome a trial in life or to draw closer to Him (because let’s face it, we never get as close as when we try to find our way home after travelling off course). Below I have listed some ways angels can answer our prayers and reasons why we sometimes find ourselves dealing with an unanswered prayer. 14:41 – Meaning of reversed hours and numerology

Angels can answer prayers for protection and safety.

Everyone has had a bad day at school, a worrying event at work, or dealing with a sick loved one or the disappearance of a family member. After these kinds of experiences, the last thing you need is for the same thing to happen again in a short time. But how do we ask God to protect us from these things? It’s actually very simple. All you have to do is ask him. You can do this by saying, “God, please protect me from it.” You can also add a little praise and a thank you to show that you are happy to have this protection. You can then keep a prayer journal so you can see at the end of the day what God has protected you from.

Angels can answer healing prayers

Do you have a sick friend or family member? If so, you may have prayed for him to be healed, but he is not yet healed. What can you do? Continue to pray with confidence. Another thing you can do is ask God to care for that person by sending a healing angel to watch over him. You can do this by saying, “God, I wish he would be healed so that he can go back to being the person he was before he got sick. Please send an angel to heal her.” Angel Number 333 Meaning: Love, Life, & Relationship

How angels answer prayers:

We have already mentioned that angels can answer prayers for protection and safety and that they can also answer prayers for health and healing. Sometimes, however, you have expressed a prayer for someone and you do not know why, but it is not realized! Pay attention to coincidences because angels may try to help you in another way, for example by sending you signals with double numbers or making you find feathers in an unusual place… thus giving you precise directions so that you can move on with your life. Sometimes we ask to receive answers to questions about health and demand to receive positive answers, but Angels can not always help if this is not in our divine path/plan. The best thing in these cases is to pray for strength and courage so that you can face this trial with faith, rather than asking for a miracle. The miracle of healing is accomplished through a deep journey of faith and altruism.

angels of beauty

Angels can answer prayers of transformation

If you have a prayer that seems not to be heard and you are not sure why an angel can help you. You can ask your caretaker to help you understand the meaning of such silence and the cause of why a particular prayer is blocked so that a solution can be found. Who are the angels of beauty? How do they help us to be beautiful?

Angels can help you find the meaning of your unanswered prayers.

If you keep a prayer journal (I always recommend it), you can see what has happened in your life since you made your prayer. Check what happened to you during the next day to find out if there could be any events that interfered in any way with your request. It is like a map that helps you find the meaning of your prayer. When one searches for what is happening, one may be surprised to discover the true meaning of one’s prayer.

How to Get an Answer to an Unanswered Prayer

What happens when prayer seems to go unheard and you don’t know what it depends on but feel the need to be protected? Or if you don’t know what you need to protect yourself from? Angels can help you with this too. If you don’t know what nature your protection should be if you don’t know who you should protect yourself from, or if you want an angel to help you figure out what to ask, you can ask them to guide you. You can do this by saying, “God, I know I can ask you for protection, but I don’t know what it’s like. I don’t know what I need protection from. I wish an angel would guide me in this.” When you ask an angel to guide you, you are essentially sending them a command to help you find out what you need to know. Angels are always happy to rescue you and will be happy to help you find the answer you are looking for. The Meaning of Twin Flame Angel Number 444

What Unanswered Prayers Can Mean

If you prayed for protection or for an angel to guide you, but none of this happened, it is possible that you prayed using the wrong words and concepts. You may have asked for protection from wrong things/situations/people or prayed for an angel to help you with wrong things. The ego often interferes with desires and jousts our true intentions.

You may also have asked the wrong angel to help you (this happens when you address the angel by name asking him for tasks that are not within his competence) or it could be that your prayer was not expressed with enough feeling to merit an answer. The easiest way to understand the meaning of unanswered prayers is to write down what has happened to you since you made them. As already mentioned, if you keep a prayer journal, you can see what has happened in your life since you made your request and see if you can find any connection with what you said or asked. If you don’t have time to write down, you can ask an angel to help you figure out where or what you did wrong in formulating the prayer.

But even if you do not receive an answer, do not get down. You can’t control what happens, but you can control what you do next. God’s timing almost never corresponds with ours, and often what we pray for comes, but it comes when we are ready to receive, to understand, or when karma has run its course.

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