How to make the Law of Attraction work using Equal Hours?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could strengthen our connection with the Universe to attract good things and lead a life in harmony, using all the tools it makes available to us? Well, know that this is exactly how the Universe works: adding forces, combining and synchronizing energies. Numerology for Valentine’s Day

And did you know that, in this energetic field, we can unite the law of attraction at the same time to attract all the best that the higher instances can provide us? And that’s what we’re going to talk about in this article.

But first, let’s understand a little more about these two universal phenomena to better understand their uses and put this powerful union into practice. How to Become a Search Engine Marketing Specialist (SEM)?

Learn how Equal Hours can make the Law of Attraction work

  • How does the law of attraction work?
  • And the equal hours, where do they come in?
  • Uniting the two in our favor

How does the law of attraction work?

In a nutshell, we can define the law of attraction as an ability to co-create the reality in which we find ourselves, using our thoughts and emotions. But this is both positive and negative, as we basically attract what we think about. So if we think negatively and express ourselves in that same vibration, we will attract negative things into our lives.

In this way, we need to think positively and balance our emotions in order to allow good vibrations to be established for us, as our thoughts are much more than mere mental concatenations. In order for us to maintain good thoughts, we need to take care of our emotional and spiritual sides.

And how to do this process? Well, basically we should guide our thoughts towards what we set as a goal. It does not mean, however, that just because we put mental efforts into such an objective, we will achieve everything we desire. Contracting Institutions Responsible: What Is It? and How to Become One?

We must also idealize our actions to achieve the objectives, in addition to being available to put this idealization into practice. To imagine that we are capable and deserving, but also to roll up our sleeves and live in favor of these actions. After all, nothing falls from the sky.

Want an example? Imagine you have a very important job interview. This can make you very anxious and apprehensive, doesn’t it? If you think negatively, that you are not capable, that the position is not for you, it is almost certain that you will plunge into this reality, even acting in a way to sabotage yourself.

But if you think positively and imagine the situation lightly, knowing your potential and that you are worthy, everything will flow better. And the Universe keeps an eye on these feelings, certainly waiting for the time to reward you, because it reflects what we vibrate.

And the law of attraction can operate in all areas of our lives – at work, in romantic relationships, and in everyday life in general. It is necessary to be aware that it is always active and not let opportunities slip away when they give a signal. Anesthesia Technician: What Is It? and How to Become One?

And the equal hours, where do they come in?

It is precisely in this awareness of the signs of the Universe and of superior entities that equal hours enter. Beyond mere chance, the equal hours are a way of being warned about the availability of opportunities in our lives.

Each hour represents a specific message for each of us – that is, each message is always associated with our reality, with our life context. So, the meaning of the hours may even be the same, but the way we are going to apply it in our lives depends on what we are experiencing at the moment.

It is for this reason that the equal hours and the law of attraction are so linked, since, as we are what we think, the messages from the Universe sent through these hours will be directed to our particularities. We’ll talk more about that later. Anesthesiologist: What Is It? and How to Become One?

Do you know what each of the repeated hours means? Write it down to know how to work your mind in order to attract what is in line with what the Universe tries to communicate to you:

01:01 – it’s time to make room to start a new project. Bring freshness to your life, learn a new process, and explore new talent.

02h02 – bet on partnerships; we can’t do it all alone. And sharing experiences is very good for the spirit and enriches our lives.

03:03 – Find a way to establish balance in your life. Don’t keep jumping between poles (negative and positive). Nothing in life is black and white. Look for the middle path.

04:04 – Turn off some materialism and worry less about it. Organize your tasks and expenses in a list, avoiding filling your mind with the memory of responsibilities.

5:05 am – It’s time to show the world your talents and put your face in the sun. If introspection is holding you back, seek help in dealing with it.

06:06 – try to establish a relationship of respect, space, and harmony with your family. Don’t forget that the family carries a lot of karma, and this can reverberate beyond the home, through the years, and into our lives.

07:07 – focus more on your studies and choose an area you want to learn more about, in order to progress. But dedicate yourself and go all the way.

08:08 – pay more attention to your finances, not only balancing expenses but also planning and avoiding setbacks.

9:09 am – take those projects out of the drawer… good ideas may be dying for lack of proactivity and motivation.

10:10 am – It’s time to leave the past behind, focusing on the here and now. Organize your life, starting with your home, donating clothes and things you no longer use. Physical and mental cleaning.

11:11 am – this is a powerful hour, it is a gateway to awareness, it is a call to spiritual awakening.

12:12 – You need to establish a balance between body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Connect yourself.

13:13 – The news comes to give your life a boost, to bring you to cheer so you don’t fall into the doldrums or feel depressed or hopeless.

2:14 pm – you need to come out of the woodwork, socialize and be in a group, instead of isolating yourself from the world.

3:15 pm – don’t get hung up on what they think of you, do what you want and be true to your desires instead of meeting the expectations of others.

16:16 – to evolve, you need to listen more and talk less, study tirelessly, and be resilient. These are the guides for your journey of progress.

5:17 pm – Seek prosperity in all aspects of life: health, happiness, good relationships, and money. These are the pillars of a good spirit.

18:18 – put an end to everything that stands in the way of your progress: clothes, things, and people that no longer fit. Free yourself from everything that gets in the way of your happiness.

19:19 – what is your mission here on Earth? Have you ever stopped to think about what you need to evolve to continue your journey and your life cycle here and beyond this world?

20:20 – it’s time to step up, to move, to stop procrastinating. Roll up your sleeves and get into action. Get to work, because your dreams will not come true alone.

21:21 – Speaking of purpose, you need to think about your mission to others, and how to help people progress and enlighten. A candle, when lighting another, never goes out.

10:22 pm – how is your health? You need to take care of your body, for it is your temple. Eat well, exercise, meditate, drink more water and try not to stress. Take care of the emotions and the spirit, because, when poorly cared for, they cause diseases.

23:23 – this is a message to make you trust your cue more. You have potential and talent, you are deserving and you can do more. Believe in yourself!

00:00 – you have everything to reach your maximum power. It’s up to you – whether you succeed or fail. You are a seed that will become a tree capable of bearing other seeds. Go ahead!

There are still other hours, such as 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 – and so on – which, despite not being repeated twice, repeat their single digits and can bring the energies of the hours that have the same digits above. Kindergarten Teacher: What Is It? and How to Become One?

Uniting the two in our favor

As you’ve seen, the law of attraction is basically the mechanism of putting our thoughts into practice to align ourselves with the “ears” of the Universe and expect it to respond at the same frequency. And the equal hours are a way for the Universe to call us in touch.

So it may seem difficult to associate these two issues, but it is easier than we think. And there are several relationships between these two phenomena, some related to the apparent causalities created by the Universe, and others more dependent on our actions.

In the context of apparent causality, we can experience something called synchronicity – a concept created by Jung that explains significant coincidences (for example, thinking about someone and then that person sends you a message). Analysis Specialist: What Is It? and How to Become One?

Therefore, it may be that we are mentalizing a certain event and, through a work of synchronicity, we start to see repeated hours that deal with what we are thinking. It is as if the repeated hour, in this case, was a response from the Universe to what we mentalize. So, take advantage of the message from the Universe to make your decisions and take action.

In a context that depends more on us, the opposite way can occur, and we start to see the hours repeated even before we have formulated a thought. In this context, the great thing is to understand the message of the hours and focus our thoughts on the change we want to operate.

For example, you’ve been constantly seeing the 9:09 time, which is about getting projects off the ground. When you see the clock marking that time again, start thinking positively, mentalizing the realization of this project and its success. Imagine all the steps and everything going really well. Ready! You will have made the law of attraction begin to act. Analytical Method Validation Specialist: What Is It? and How to Become One?

As we showed above, each hour has a heavenly message of its own. Take the opportunity to read more about the same hours with the content that we have prepared here at Eu Sem Fronteiras and sharpen your instincts about everything the Universe has to offer for your personal evolution.

Reinforcing what we have already mentioned in this article: it is not enough to know all this and just keep thinking and wishing. You need to direct your actions in accordance with your thoughts and feelings.

For example: do you want a better life? Positive thinking is the first way to achieve this – a strong, healthy and positive mind helps to live in balance. But you have to fight and put in a lot of effort to walk the path to a successful outcome that meets your desires. Analytical CRM Specialist: What Is It? and How to Become One?

The Universe has many ways to communicate with us, whether through equal hours, the law of attraction, or any other resource it places in our lives. Don’t ignore these calls, and most importantly: be open with your soul and heart, vibrating positively, because everything you vibrate comes back to you and everyone around you. Therefore, a positive connection with the Universe reverts to a better world for all of us!

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