June – A special month of numerology Forecast!

You may have heard of energetic portals. This information is much used by astrology and perhaps other esoteric methods.

But I want to highlight the energetic portal in the view of Numerology. Numerology is a vibrational study of numbers in our life. Everything in the Universe is made, though, and carried out through numbers, symbols that facilitate the measurement system and also give the “frequency tone”, that is, a qualitative sense of the existence of everything. How to make the Law of Attraction work using Equal Hours?

Once we understand the vibrational meaning of each number, we are able to lecture a lifetime or predict/project future trends, such as portals.

Therefore, if the energetic portal is a place of high frequency open to propel all beings to expand, the numerological portals give the meaning of this expansion. For example, we are in the western calendar year 2022, which brings the vibrational influence of the number 2, for its repetition in the date, and of the number 6, which is the main vibration of the year, for adding all the numbers of the date (2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6). While 2 gives the sense of expanding intuitive power, 6 gives the sense of expanding the power of love – powers that come from the Creator Source of all that exists! Control Room Operator: What Is It? and How to Become One?

And when do these numerology portals happen?

There are esotericists who consider portals every day and month to be the same (1/1; 2/2; 11/11). I do not consider! Every year, these dates are repeated. It’s already something common, can you understand me? To my understanding, these dates are special for those who were born on these days, precisely because they celebrate another year of life: birthdays.

Portals are special moments that influence everyone, so the numerological portal is when the same day/month/year occurs, as occurred on 11/11/11 or 02/22/22.

That said, and understanding that the main number that governs the year 2022 is the vibration of the number 6, I want to tell you that the month of June will be special, as we will have 3 numerological portals. And to help you get into the flow of energetic expansion, see below what is the “numerological tone” that each portal will have:

06/06/2022 = 06/06/06 = It is the number of love, which brings peace, harmony, care, and welcomes, which keeps the emotions balanced to make conscious choices based on love. It will be the day to expand your unconditional love.

06/15/2022 = 06/06/06 = Still based on unconditional love, this portal will enhance the pleasures of loving and enjoying life. On this day, do something pleasurable to expand your vital energy.

06/24/2022 = 06/06/06 = Still based on unconditional love, this portal will enhance the need to share to build solid relationships, because everything in the Universe is part of the Whole, that is, we are all one. On this day, share your love, your kindness, your ideas, and your life projects in order to help and build good relationships. Ambulance Driver: What Is It? and How to Become One?

I’m sure you’ve already felt the grandeur of these portals, haven’t you? Now, just experience them!

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