The number 13 in Numerology: Is it lucky or unlucky?

As we can have a favorite dish or color, it is possible to have an attraction for a particular number. Focus on the three most popular numbers in the world and their meaning.

7, 11, 13. These would be the most loved numbers in the world, according to an English poll carried out by the lecturer and specialist in mathematics Alex Bellos. This survey, carried out among 30,000 people spread over the four corners of the world, was published in a scientific journal in 1996. Our astrologer Marc Angel agreed to decipher these numbers and their numerological meaning for us. Aries Health Horoscope 2022

Is 7 a magic number?

The 7 is a prime number, in other words, it has no divisor except itself and 1. In many civilizations, it is considered a magic number and even associated with God. “Quoted about 700 times in the Bible (the first great book in the history of numbers), the 7 represents, in tradition, the mastery of mind over matter. In other words, it symbolizes the divine force that governs us in the terrestrial world… hence its remarkable power”, explains Marc Angel.

“We find it with the 7 original planets, the 7 days of the week, the 7 basic colors of the prism (rainbow), the 7 musical notes… without forgetting the 7th day of Genesis during which God rested after creating the world. This 7th day has become our Sunday”. Volkmann syndrome: Definition, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

In numerology, a personal year 7 determines future directions and encourages finding the right positioning in relation to one’s desires. A life path associated with this number evokes a unique journey, an alert intelligence, and the need to analyze each situation.

Numerology, life path: what does the number 11 represent?

The 11 is “a number of creative inspiration, magnetism, revelation and, sometimes, fanaticism”, details our astrologer. In numerology, it is a powerful and spiritual number, which contains the double energy of the number 1 – the first number, which symbolizes the beginning and unity. It gives great strength to pursue your goals with determination and face the obstacles of life. It is therefore hardly surprising that this meaning is also found in the cards…

“In the tarot, 11 is strength: a female character who holds the mouth of a lion in her hands. You can use your strength, but not abuse it”, underlines Marc Angel. Moreover, having a life path in 11 endows you with charisma and great intuition. In astrology, this number also symbolizes your way of acting as a group, your collective projects. Apple Watch Series 8 Launch

The number 13: is it lucky or unlucky?

Lucky charm for some, bad omen for others, the number 13 divides. “ The superstition connected with it originated in the biblical Last Supper, the presence of the twelve apostles and Jesus for their last meal taken together, and the betrayal of Judas. Hence the idea that, during a meal taken at thirteen, one of the guests must die shortly”, reports Marc Angel. By extension, we are wary of the 13 (hotel room, street number…), but we like to play the lotto on Friday the 13th!

In numerology, however, there is no question of luck or bad luck. Equivalent to 4 (since it is reduced by adding 1+3), it announces the end of a situation … but also a transformation, a rebirth. Whether this change is synonymous with failure or success, it will necessarily lead to renewal and new ambitions. How to clean your face? Clean up the dirt on the face

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