What makes precious stones special?

While precious stones stand out, especially in the selection of wedding rings and jewelry, they also make a name for themselves in the field of accessories. There are many stunning gemstones and each one is interesting in that it is endowed with its own unique features. From diamonds to diamonds, from emeralds to rubies, if you’re wondering what these precious stones are, you can start to review our content! List of Gemstones Types, Names, Colors, Precious, and Semi-precious

How to Identify a Gemstone?

How to Identify a precious stone, which is one of the most curious about the subject, almost even more than the stones themselves.is happening. In fact, these natural stones have existed in the world for centuries. However, it has gained increasing attention towards the end of the twentieth century, and also in recent years. As such, high demand and low reserve situations began to emerge. The fact that the reserves could not meet the demands, along with the development of technology, led to the introduction of synthetic and fake stones into the market. This raises the question of how many people can understand natural stone. In fact, it cannot be said that there is a simple formula or an easy way. stones; precious stones (jewelry stones), natural stones (semi-precious stones), processed natural stones, synthetic stones, and fake stones. Synthetic stones are created in a laboratory environment.

How to Identify a Gemstone

The event of these stones is the creation of the chemical and physical conditions that enable the stone to form in the natural environment in the laboratory environment. Fake stones, on the other hand, are completely different from synthetic ones. The most obvious situation of fake stones is that there is no stone either chemically or physically. These stones can often be encountered as other painted stones. One of the most well-known examples of fake stones, in which the appearance of precious stones is tried to be given, is the turquoise color of the stone in question. For this reason, when examining gemstones, you need to do thorough research and review customer reviews. Now One of the most well-known examples of fake stones, in which the appearance of precious stones is tried to be given, is the turquoise color of the stone in question. For this reason, when examining gemstones, you need to do thorough research and review customer reviews. Now One of the most well-known examples of fake stones, in which the appearance of precious stones is tried to be given, is the turquoise color of the stone in question. For this reason, when examining gemstones, you need to do thorough research and review customer reviews. NowLet’s move on to gemstone names and properties.


Diamonds are the most precious stone according to the general opinion of the market.is accepted as It will be from this that countless people who love precious stones have a special weakness for diamonds. Diamonds are a stone composed of pure carbon, formed by the crystallization of this carbon. Diamonds, which are considered the most precious stone among precious stones (jewelry stones), are also known as the hardest metal in the world. Diamonds are rated 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, from 1 to 10. This makes it stand out as the hardest metal. The density of diamonds is about 3.5 g/cm3. The stones called diamonds are already emerging as a form of cutting the diamond. The amount of light that diamonds reflect is greater than the amount of light that enters them. This allows the diamonds to achieve an enormous level of brilliance. One of the biggest diamonds you will ever see is the Istanbul Topkapi Palace Museum. Black Diamond: Properties, Carat, Colour, Sizes & Shapes


Let’s come to the diamond, which is of great importance, especially for couples who are going to get married. As we just mentioned, diamonds are essentially a form of stone obtained by cutting the diamond in a certain form. In other words, the diamond is the raw material of the diamond. Since diamonds come from diamonds, they have a special place among precious stone rings. The value of the diamonds, which stand out as the cub of the diamond, is determined according to different criteria.


You can understand the value of a diamond according to the 4C, ie Cut, Carat, Clarity, and Color characteristics. Gemstone prices in terms of diamonds are determined according to this 4C. The color order of the diamonds starts from the initial letter of the word “diamond” and goes all the way to Z. As diamonds go to D grade color, they become more white, and their price increases accordingly. In this respect, class D diamonds are few in number, they are among the whitest and cleanest diamonds. Clarity, carat, and cut are other factors that affect the quality and price of the diamond. In addition to the rings, the one with diamonds in the precious stone necklaces is very famous.



Emerald, which has made a name for itself with its place in mythology and legends, has the title of “queen of stones”. The color of emerald, which is among the most precious stones in the world, is always green and has different shades of green. Emeralds with a darker hue are considered more valuable. Emerald, which has a place in many ancient and ancient cultures, is very delicate and mild-tempered compared to other precious stones. For this reason, designers also try to be careful and sensitive during the processing of emeralds. The emerald, whose color is eye-catching, does not have a high refractive and emissive power and does not shine much compared to other most precious stones. A real emerald contains many lines, traces, and veins. This makes it easier to distinguish real stones from imitation samples. You can see a lot of necklaces in emerald jewelry.



Another of the 4 most precious stones in the jewelry field is ruby. (The others are emeralds, diamonds, and sapphires.) The ruby, which is legendary for its beauty and glamor, is also red in color, befitting its glory. Ruby is also considered the hardest natural stone after diamond. Its hardness is already 9 out of 10, and because it has a very hard structure just like diamonds, rubies are also highly preferred in making jewelry, jewelry, and ornaments. You can see it in various shades of red, ruby, brown, or pink with a wide color scale. What gives Yaku its red color is the element chromium in it. The best quality rubies, which have a dazzling structure, are usually found in areas with volcanic soils. If you are someone who likes splendor, you can be sure that a ruby ​​ring will suit you very well. Discover the top 10 types of Gemstones



Sapphire is the last of the 4 most precious stones in the world. Demonstrating its value as the lord of the blues, sapphire is heat resistant, hard, and irresistibly eye catching. The clear and deep blue ones have the rank of the most precious of sapphires. Although it is known as the lord of the blues, you can also see colorless (white), gray, brown, green, pink, yellow, and orange sapphires. Of course, the most memorable sapphire color is blue. Sapphire is also used a lot in jewelry designs because it is durable. Sapphire jewelry, which puts the last point on evening dresses, is highly preferred. What is Sapphire (Communication Stone)? Health Benefits of Sapphire Stone


What makes precious stones special

Topaz, which has been the symbol of magnificence since ancient times, is the last address of precious stones. Considered a mighty stone, topaz can be transparent (colorless), white, gray, blue, yellow, orange, brown, and red. Colorless ones can also be confused with diamonds. The change in color of topaz also adds fascination. Topaz, which is brown in one place, can turn white in the sunlight. This variability is among the unique properties of topaz. Blue topazes are among the most common topaz varieties. Topaz, whose hardness is 8 out of 10, can be mined in many countries such as Russia, China, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Sri Lanka, the USA, Nigeria, and Pakistan. Topaz Stone: A precious stone with a thousand names and colors

Important Information About Gemstones

Gemstones can vary from the degree of hardness to the places where they are extracted. We have gathered them all under one title so that you can easily compare them with each other:

  • Diamond: Hardness rating is 10 out of 10. In this respect, the hardest stone in the world is a diamond. Diamonds are composed of pure carbon. The places where the formation takes place are the depths close to the earth’s core. It is mostly extracted from South Africa, South America, Indonesia, and India in the world. The value of the diamond is determined by 4 different criteria as cut, color, size, and clarity.
  • Emerald: Its hardness is 7.5 – 8 out of 10. It is mined in Colombia, Zambia, Australia, Brazil, Pakistan, Africa, India, Egypt, Russia, and the USA. It doesn’t shine much compared to other gemstones.
  • Ruby: Hardness rating is 9 out of 10. In this respect, the hardest gemstone after the diamond is ruby. The ruby, which has the colors red and its tones, is extracted from regions such as Burma, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Australia, and Russia.
  • Sapphire: Its hardness is 9 out of 10. There are varieties in colors such as dark blue, light blue, colorless, gray, brown, green, pink, and yellow. The places where it was extracted are India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, and Pakistan.
  • Topaz: Hardness rating is 8 out of 10. There are white, gray, blue, yellow, red, and brown topazes as well as colorless varieties. Russia, China, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Sri Lanka, the USA, Nigeria, and Pakistan are among the places where it was extracted.

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