Chicken Paprika Recipe

Everyone knows and loves paprika. But this version is different – a lot of fresh pepper is added to the dried pepper, so you won’t need a pinch of flour to thicken it during cooking!

Chicken Paprika Recipe Ingredients For 4 Servings:

4 pieces of meat (chicken thighs, thigh chops, chunks, or drumsticks), spoons of olive oil, 20 g of butter, 400 g of sweet long red peppers, 300 g of red onion, 2 to 3 heaped spoons of ground wild game spice mixture, 2 bay leaves, 4 leaves of fresh sage (can be omitted), 2 heaping spoons of ground sweet peppers, a teaspoon of ground smoked peppers (can be omitted), 2 to 3 tablespoons of sugar, 100 ml of red wine (or about 3 tablespoons of wine vinegar instead), about 500 ml chicken broth, 200 to 300 ml of whipped cream (33% fat), salt, freshly ground pepper.

Chicken Paprika Recipe Method:

1. Clean peppers and onions and cut them into larger pieces.

2. Season the chicken and lightly fry it in olive oil.

3. Take out the meat and add the butter and onion to the pot. When the onion turns golden in places, add sage, bay leaves, and peppers.

4. Season the vegetable base: add ground pepper, sweeten a little with sugar, pour wine or vinegar, return the meat and cover everything with honest chicken broth. Salt and cook until the meat is tender.

5. Catch the bay leaves and mix the vegetable sauce. Check for consistency and dilute with broth if necessary. If you want to freeze the part, remove the sauce at this stage.

6. Bring to a boil, add cream and season, sweeten and acidify to taste. You can serve both steamed dumplings and pasta, rice, couscous, or bulgur.

Enjoy your meal!

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