10 Misconceptions Horror Movies Have Made Us Believe

Vampires on the screen have little in common with folklore prototypes, and the chainsaw is an extremely mediocre weapon.

1. A vampire must turn into a bat and burn in the sun

It is generally accepted that a typical self-respecting vampire is simply obliged to turn into a bat. As an option – in a whole flock of bats. Well, or in extreme cases, he should at least be able to control bats.

But the traditional vampires, ghouls, and ghouls of European folklore were never given the ability to transform into these creatures.

The fact is that blood-sucking bats from Latin America were discovered only in the 16th century, and they could not influence the characters of the folklore of the Old World in any way. American batscalledD. Cohen. The Encyclopedia of Monstersvampires in honor of literary characters, and not vice versa.

The idea to link these creatures and ghouls for the first timecameDJ Skal. The Monster Show: A Cultural History of Horror, apparently, to Bram Stoker, the author of the famous “Dracula”. And only then she was taken away by imitation books, and then horror films.

And yes, just by the way: nowhere in folklore not spoken A. Silver, J. Ursini. The Vampire Film: From Nosferatu to Interview with the Vampire that vampires are afraid of the sun and die from it. In fairy tales, ghouls easily come to victims in broad daylight. 45 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch for Inspiration

2. And also have sharp teeth and a pale face

Other attributes given to vampires by Hollywood films are attractive appearance, pale skin, and two sharp fangs sticking out under the upper lip.

But the harsh bloodsuckers from the folklore of medieval Europe were far away P. Barber. Vampires, Burial, and Death: Folklore and Reality from this image. They were described as dead, “bloated, ruddy and purple” from drinking blood. It also often oozed from their mouth or nose, and hair, teeth, and nails grew back while the ghoul lay in the coffin. The protruding fangs and pallor of the original vampires were absent.

An interesting point: the ghoul often kept his left eye open so that he would not be taken by surprise.

Vampires wore, as a rule, linen shrouds in which they were buried. However, sometimes the deceased, who had been lying in the coffin for too long, could this outfit from hunger and eat P. Barber. Vampires, Burial, and Death: Folklore and Reality.

And to the delight of Twilight fans: folklore vampires are really sexy molested P. Barber. Vampires, Burial, and Death: Folklore and Reality living women in fairy tales as in movies. This was especially the sin of dead husbands returning to their wives. True, given the described appearance of these creatures, there was nothing to rejoice about here. 4 sectors that hire young graduates with little experience

3. Werewolves and vampires become after a bite

Fragment of the film “Van Helsing”

In fact, this spectacular idea was absent from the original folklore stories. The concept of infection through a bite is quite understandable now to people who have heard of a disease called rabies. But medieval Europeans did not know about pathogens in saliva.

Therefore, the lycanthropes and ghouls they invented became such because of mystical powers, and not by transmitting viruses through the oral cavity.

So, the werewolves sometimes volunteer turned. O’Donnell. Werewolvessorcerers, rubbing themselves with magic ointments or putting on the skin of a wolf, and not necessarily on a full moon.

Or other rituals were performed for this: for example, it was necessary to stick a knife into a stump and jump over it somersault. Or sleep outside on a midsummer night on a certain Wednesday or Friday. Or drink water from a special stream or from the skin of an animal.

Turning into a wolf or another monster could also be a punishment that God sent to sinners or an evil joke of the devil. The intrigues of the sorcerer could also call him.

Vampires also became not after a bite – ways were P. Barber. Vampires, Burial, and Death: Folklore and Reality more mystical. For example, if a dog or cat jumps over a dead person, he has a good chance of turning into a ghoul.

Suicides who were excommunicated, buried outside the consecrated ground of a cemetery, or in violation of burial rituals were also potential ghoul candidates. 18 healthy habits for a healthier body and a happier mind

4. Frankenstein – A terrible monster created from parts of human bodies

When they want to describe someone or something ugly, they say: “Well, Frankenstein!”. But this is wrong. Victor Frankenstein in Mary Shelley’s novel was a young Swiss student from a noble family, and his image was not repulsive.

The ugly creature that he made from pieces of human bodies was simply called a creature or a monster in the novel – he had no name.

5. And he appeared thanks to a lightning strike

One more thing about our darned friend from head to toe. The idea that the monster was brought to life by the galvanic energy of lightning came from film adaptations of the story of Frankenstein and his creation. Nothing like it in the original.did not haveM.W. Shelley. frankenstein.

In the book, Mary Shelley describes that some “chemical devices” were used during the resurrection of the creature, and this whole process was disgusting. Nothing was said about the use of lightning, although it was mentioned elsewhere in the novel that Victor Frankenstein studied “the theory of electricity” at the age of 15.

6. And the hunchback Igor helped the scientist in creating the monster

Again, this is a later invention. The makers of Frankenstein (1931) added an ugly, hunchbacked laboratory assistant named Fritz to the film to help Victor. This characterabsentM.W. Shelley. frankenstein. in Mary Shelley’s novel.

In others, The Son of Frankenstein (1939) and The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942) is on screen. appears J. Colavito. A Hideous Bit of Morbiditynew hero: a blacksmith with a broken neck named Igor. He resurrects the monster to use as a weapon of vengeance. And this character was neither a hunchback nor a laboratory assistant.

Apparently, the images of Igor, played by Bela Lugosi, and Fritz, played by Dwight Fry, mixed up in the public mind, and laboratory assistant Igor appeared. He appeared in many works based on the story of Frankenstein. What is Marketing Myopia? Definition and Examples

7. The main cenobite is called Pinhead

All horror fans know this handsome man in a stylish leather coat with nails hammered right into his skull. He is commonly referred to as Pinhead, “pinhead”. He first appeared on screen in Hellraiser (1987).

That’s just the name Pinhead was given to him by the make-up artists and the film crew, and the fans picked him up. The creator of the character, writer and director Clive Barker, called him the Chief Cenobite, or Priest of Hell. And in one interview he confessed to Q&A: ‘Hellraiser’ Author Clive Barker on Almost Dying, Hustling, and Killing Pinhead / Grantland.com that he does not like the name of his creation. He believes that the name Pinhead does not suit the lord of pain.

8. A person can be cut in half with wire.

In Final Destination, Ghost Ship, Wrong Turn, Piranhas, and many other horror films, people die due to a sudden encounter with a wire or cable. A long thin steel thread cuts a person in half, he stands for some more time, not realizing that he is finished, and then falls apart. Looks creepy, right?

Yes, this is a terrible, but absolutely unrealistic death. A wire moving at high speed can severely cut the body, break bones, and break the neck, but it will not work to separate the head from the torso and even the torso from the pelvis.

Physicist Randal Munro once an entire articlededicatedWhat If? Rejects #5.2: Cutting the Cheese / Science Meets Fictioncalculating how fast a person must run to be cut in half by a wire. And I came to the conclusion that the steel thread will break earlier. True, this will not make the runner feel better and he will die from blood loss or a fracture of the spine, but his head will remain in place.

Despite the fragility of the human body, it is still stronger than cheese or a boiled egg.

Soviet partisans, who used wire traps against enemies on motorcycles, in memos recommended Yu. Weber. Guerrilla Companionfinish them off or take them, prisoner. It would hardly be necessary to do this if people were cut in half by wires on the fly.

Moreover, sometimes the bikers who ran into the wiremanageMotorcyclist Clothes‑Lined by Wire Across Toronto Road were not the First / YouMotorcyclegenerally do without serious damage, although they receive a wound on the neck.

9. A chainsaw is a great weapon

Thanks to the film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), this agricultural tool has become firmly established.associate L. Bouzereau. Ultraviolent Movies: From Sam Peckinpah to Quentin Tarantino with death and self-mutilation.

The chainsaw is brandished by maniacs who cut their victims to pieces, and zombie hunters are armed with it – for example, Ash from the Evil Dead. And even the perfect soldiers of the future like Marcus Fenix ​​from Gears of War and the space marines of the Warhammer 40,000 universe fight with the semblance of this tool.

However, in reality, a psycho with a chainsaw will be dangerous not only for others, but also for himself.

Its use requires caution and safety precautions. If you cut with this tool not a firmly fixed tree at a verified angle, but the human bones of a victim beating in agony, there is a high risk that the saw chainbreaksWhat Happens If a Chainsaw Chain Breaks? (Plus Tips to Prevent It) / My Backyard Life from the rails and maim or kill the wearer. The Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree in 2022

10. Heads can be squashed like pumpkins

Another way that movie maniacs love to kill their victims. Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers, and a lot of psychopaths of a smaller caliber, crushed heads with their feet. Top with a leg – and the skull shatters into pieces. Alternatively, they can step on the chest.

But in fact, even a hundred-kilogram kid can not Star Trek Into Darkness: Could Khan really crush a skull with his bare hands? /plate crush a person’s head with your hands or soles – it is too strong. BycalculationsT. A. Mattei. Performance analysis of the protective effects of bicycle helmets during impact and crush tests in pediatric skull models / Journal of NeurosurgeryIllinois Neurological Institute scientists who design helmets for cyclists need about 520 pounds of force to crush the skull.

That is, you must weigh at least 240 kilograms. But most movie maniacs are people of much more modest dimensions.

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