4 Ways To Find Out The Real Mileage Of The Car

Are you going to buy a used car, but do not know how to determine whether the odometer is twisted? Here are 4 Ways To Find Out The Real Mileage Of The Car.

There are a lot of ways that indirectly help to find out about the mileage, but none of them gives a 100 percent guarantee.

  • Documents. For example, a car’s service book with notes on performed maintenance and mileage. Mileage data can also be stored on the service station database.
  • Review of the machine. Appearance can indirectly indicate the age of the car. For example, the condition of the paintwork, seat upholstery, steering wheel, and pedal pads.
  • Checking the odometer. Most modern devices are electronic. Even if the odometer is twisted, backup mileage indicators can be found in the bowels of the onboard computer, service electronics module, or transmission control unit.
  • The mileage of a used car is usually related to age. The average annual mileage for Ukraine is about 15 thousand kilometers per year. In large cities, this figure reaches 25 thousand, in the hinterland, the typical average is 10-12 thousand km.

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