Apple AirPods Pro 2: Release Date, Price, Features, Specs

The new Apple AirPods Pro 2 improves aspects of active noise cancellation, modes of use by gestures, as well as functionalities of the charging case. This is all the news you should know.

As expected, Apple announced the new AirPods Pro 2 headphones at its big event in September. The brand’s most professional headphones arrive with interesting updates, but with a notable price increase. Sony brings you the best headphones ever

Apple justifies this with new features such as twice the performance in active noise cancellation ANC, as well as having a longer battery life. Also, the case is enhanced with a built-in speaker to issue alerts.

Obviously, Apple presented alongside the AirPods Pro (2nd generation), the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro phones, as well as the Apple Watch SE 2, Apple Watch Series 8, and Apple Watch Ultra smartwatches. How to connect AirPods or AirPods Pro with Windows

When can I buy the new AirPods Pro 2?

The reservation period begins on September 9 at 2:00 p.m. CET, with final availability in stores scheduled for September 23. As has happened in other years, its marketing is delayed by a week compared to the iPhone 14.

Apple offers free engraving on the case, with the ability to add Memojis and Animoji if you wish to mix it up with names and nicknames. Unlike the previous ones, the case can be charged by Lightning cable, as well as with the Apple Watch charger.

How much do AirPods Pro 2 cost

How much does AirPods Pro 2 cost?

The novelties that come from the hand of the AirPods Pro (2nd generation) will cost you something more than what the current generation has been costing until now since you will find them at a price of €299 compared to the original ones that cost €249, which is equivalent to an increase of €50.

Apple has removed the previous AirPods Pro from its catalog, but it may be a good time to get them at a discounted price. At Amazon, we have located them with a discount of 22% with what they stay at €217.99. How AirPods Pro is better than other wireless headphones

What are the specifications of the AirPods Pro 2?

As expected, there are a wide variety of updates for the AirPods Pro 2, but all internally, since unlike what the rumors had us thinking, there has been no redesign of the stems or sensors, with It was speculated that they could measure heart rate and temperature.

Unlike what happened with the new iPhone 14 and the Apple Watch Series 8, which have been conservative and kept the previous generation chip inside, Apple has decided to introduce the new H2 chip in the brand’s new professional headphones.

What you get with the arrival of the new H2 chip is high-bandwidth connectivity, with vastly improved Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), as AirPods Pro 2 can analyze the sound around you in real-time.

In short, the AirPods Pro 2 improves ANC noise cancellation outdoors by 2x compared to the original model. They also last longer with up to 6 hours of playback (33% better than the previous range) and 30 hours if you include the charging case.

Regarding the case, it is new and incorporates a speaker to help you find it when it is lost, as well as to notify you of aspects related to low battery, or fully charged battery. Beats Fit Pro vs Apple AirPods Pro: which should you buy?

If you can’t hear the speaker, the headphones can be used to find the case with a precise location, like with AirTags. Precision Finding requires a U1-enabled iPhone (i.e. iPhone 11 or later).

There’s also an optional lanyard accessory for the case, so you may never need to use an external case to adopt this feature. Another novelty is that now you can also recharge the case using the Apple Watch charger.

For usability and handling purposes, AirPods 2 Pro supports new touch controls so you can vary the volume by sliding your finger up or down on the stem. There is also new XS (extra small) ear tips for small ear canals.

Sound settings are now more customizable. Combined with an iPhone’s TrueDepth camera, it’s possible to scan your ears to create a personal Spatial Audio profile, something that’s not going to be exclusive to the AirPods Pro 2. How to change AirPods Pro ear tips for free

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