Apple iPad Air 2022 – Specifications, Differences, Price

Apple tablets don’t need much introduction. Since their introduction in 2010, these devices have quickly gained well-deserved popularity due to their outstanding range of features and capabilities. Today, the demand for them continues to grow, especially since the line is represented by models in a significant range of prices, designed for a wide consumer audience. Among the confident mid-rangers is the Apple iPad Air 2022, which occupies a place between the already well-known “nine” and the premium Pro 11. Ranking: What is the best iPad of 2022?

The new 2022 has a number of significant updates, including a transfer to a proprietary processor, an increase in the display frequency, support for Face ID identification and a camera with outstanding quality. Therefore, the eternal rivals of the Samsung Galaxy Tab had to retreat a bit into the shadows in order to give way to the gadget of the apple family.

Apple iPad Air 2022 Release Date

For the first time, the Apple iPad Air 2022 model was shown to a wide audience on March 8. The device has been on sale in the United States since March 18, and its pre-order became possible on March 11.

Apple iPad Air 2022 Price

The price of the Apple iPad Air 2022 increases depending on the configuration from a minimum level of $599. This is how much the basic version with 64 GB of internal memory costs. Upgrading the memory to 256 GB will cost $749 for the model. All these are prices for the American market, which may be somewhat lower in Russia. Although it is very difficult to make such forecasts under the conditions of sanctions. New iPad (2022): Everything you need to know

iPad Air 2022 Specifications

Each next model is designed to differ significantly from the gadgets of the previous generation. For the Apple iPad Air, this rule remains unchanged – several changes have been made to the gadget at once, worthy of the closest attention.

iPad Air 2022 Design

It’s better to start reviewing the iPad Air with external parameters. Deciding to leave the body without significant changes, the designers offered several shades to the attention of buyers at once: Space Gray, Pink, Purple, Blue and Starlight. For those who choose accessories according to external parameters, such a variety will be an unexpected and very pleasant surprise. The thickness of the case is still just over 6 mm. The choice in favour of an improved processor made the Apple iPad Air 2022 a little heavier, but three grams of extra weight will not cause any noticeable inconvenience to the user. How to download Microsoft Word for free on iPad or iPhone

Rear Panel

The same cannot be said about the camera – speaking on the surface of the rear panel, it does not allow you to put the tablet on the table and work comfortably on it. The problem is eliminated by the purchase of a cover, which will now have to be matched to the selected shade of the case.

The choice in favour of aluminium for the manufacture of the back surface of the Apple gadget fully justifies itself with the non-staining alloy and its resistance to fingerprints. The gaps between the glass and the case were completely avoided, which will surely please perfectionists. The aluminium alloy exhibits exceptional resistance to bending or twisting, so you can not expect the Apple iPad Air 2022 to show noticeable deformations even with careless handling. But the screen is less resistant to mechanical stress – with point pressure, the image becomes distorted.

An important advantage of the iPad Air 2022 is the use of “secondary” aluminium for the manufacture of metal elements of the case. In addition, the manufacturer prefers to work with waste tin and rare earth metals for soldering parts. The box uses environmentally friendly wood fibre. All of these are attempts to move closer to meeting the commitment to carbon neutrality planned for 2030. How to download Microsoft Office for free on your iPad

Support for Thunderbolt

The expected support for Thunderbolt on the iPad Air 2022 is not yet available. But the USB Type-C port and Smart Connector for the keyboard are provided in the model. Thanks to the transition to the M1 processor, the performance of the USB port has doubled – up to 10 Gbps. There is a convenient platform with a magnet for attaching the stylus to the case. The audio jack and USB adapter are not included in the model, but they can be ordered separately if desired.

Apple iPad Air Display

Expectations regarding revolutionary changes in the display of the tablet did not materialize. It completely repeats the model of the previous generation – a 10.9-inch IPS matrix with a resolution of 2360 x 1640. You should not count on the declared maximum brightness of the tablet – it completely depends on the quality of the ambient light. So, even in bright light, this parameter hardly reaches 444 nits. True, this is quite enough so that the eyes do not get tired from prolonged work. As a small compensation, support for the True Tone option is offered. It takes care of comfort and safety for the eyes, adjusting the brightness and colour temperature of the image on the screen depending on the surrounding conditions. If this option is disabled, high-quality colour reproduction is fully preserved.

Another important advantage of the Apple iPad Air 2022 display is the low black level. Bringing it to the level of 0.37 nits, it was possible to provide excellent screen contrast. Although to be fair, it is worth noting that OLED or Mini LED Pro screens managed to implement this parameter much better. MacBook Air M2 series launched in India with many new features

Apple iPad Air Camera

On the back of the iPad Air, you can still see the 12-megapixel lens with five lenses, the protrusion of which above the surface of the case gives the user so much inconvenience. A similar model is installed on the G8 smartphone, where the number of lenses has been increased to six. But the Apple iPad Air 2022 frontal photosensor was decided to be replaced. Shooting is not satisfactory, especially if you take a photo in daylight. Even documents are quite clear and readable. However, in matters of detail and colour reproduction, the lens loses to devices on branded apple smartphones.

The Apple iPad Air front camera is completely identical to the nodes installed on the iPad Pro and iPad Mini. A 12MP sensor, f/2.4 aperture, and an ultra-wide 122° field of view are all on the list of clear benefits. Based on the node, Center Stage support is implemented, which leads the frame behind the photographer while he moves in the shooting area. The clarity of such pictures is not satisfactory, however, when shooting video, certain areas are zoomed in, which reduces the quality of the recording.

Apple iPad Air 2022 Processor and performance

The heart of the Apple iPad Air 2022 is the M1 processor with a frequency of 3.2 GHz on eight cores – Icestorm and Firestorm, where the former is responsible for energy efficiency, and the latter for performance. The kit comes with 8GB LPDDR4X unified memory, fully compatible with the processor and graphics card. A 16-core neuro processor is sewn inside the stone, the purpose of which is to recognize text in a photo.

The confident choice of developers in favour of the proprietary Apple M1 processor solved several problems at once:

  • High performance is maintained when performing any tasks, including complex games and simultaneous work in several applications.
  • Processor performance exceeds the capabilities of other Android tablets.
  • Tests confidently prove the absence of even a slight slowdown with a sharp increase in load.

Apple iPad Air 2022 Special tests also proved that the processor is in no way inferior in performance to the Intel Core i7 Surface Pro 8 models. Therefore, there is no doubt about the performance of the iPad Air.

Apple iPad Air 2022 Software

Especially for the next version of the gadget, iPadOS 15.4 was chosen. Apple iPad Air 2022 perfectly complements the capabilities of the processor and RAM. So the gadget will remain relevant for several years and will receive OS updates in a timely manner. For reliable and trouble-free operation. However, it would be incorrect to compare iPadOS 15.4 and the operating system for apple laptops. Since the former is not yet fully adapted for multitasking. Otherwise, the quality of its work is not satisfactory – smooth loading, fast responsiveness and the presence of many applications in the App Store for comfortable operation of the branded gadget.

Wireless, Wi-Fi

The new generation Apple iPad Air 2022 has a built-in 5G modem. Its advantage is support for Sub 6 networks and the mmWave format, which is considered partially obsolete. It also provides support for Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi 6 with a frequency of 2.4 and 5 GHz and a channel width of up to 80 MHz and MIMO. Thanks to this set of technical solutions, the connection speed has become higher, however, some users do not hide the fact that they expected more from Wi-Fi.

Apple iPad Air 2022 Accessories

The new Apple iPad Air 2022 comes with a 20W charger. At the same time, the tablet itself supports power up to 31 W, which causes some bewilderment in users. However, no one has yet managed to cross the 20 W barrier for chargers, and standard charging does not exceed 7.5 W.

Input and control

The Apple iPad Air’s touchscreen is highly responsive and reads touches clearly, instantly responding to incoming commands. To enter text, a regular on-screen keyboard is provided, and in addition to it. The App Store offers several alternative options. The Apple iPad Air 2022 Touch ID fingerprint scanner built into the power key on the side of the case works flawlessly. The Apple Pencil stylus provides high-precision input. So you can safely use it for notes or lists without resorting to the keyboard.

Apple iPad Air 2022 Heating temperature and noise level

Passive cooling without a fan has already become commonplace for the iPad Air line. Therefore, during operation, the Apple iPad Air 2022 does not emit extraneous noise that causes fatigue. As for heating, or rather, its absence, thanks to the processor, a critical increase in temperature was avoided. At the same time, the new stone model can heat up to 35 ° C, which is far from the limiting parameters. But throttling (subsidence in terms of power and speed) could not be avoided. Stress tests have shown a decrease in performance for a short time, after which its parameters levelled off and remained unchanged throughout the session of the gadget.


The standard solution is left here – two speakers hidden behind four bars. Good sound is not satisfactory but still lags behind the parameters of the Apple iPad Pro. You can use the USB Type-C connector for headphones, and Bluetooth for wireless iPods. The headphone jack is not included, so you need to buy it separately. In the Pro version, the quality of the Apple iPad Air 2022 speakers is noticeably higher. And true music lovers will have to pay extra to enjoy impeccable clarity and depth of sound.

Differences between predecessors and competitors

The main difference and advantage of the new Apple iPad Air 2022 is the work on a good processor. Which provides an exceptional level of performance. Even in the most complex applications offered by the helpful App Store, there are no noticeable slowdowns and untimely freezes. And in tandem with Magic Keyboard, Wi-Fi and Apple Pencil 2, the model confidently goes beyond the media player. And boldly claims some of the popular features of a laptop, while offering users lighter weight, convenience and numerous features. At the same time, it is quite possible to put up with increased power consumption. With normal use, the device will work for several days without needing to be recharged.

Feel free to choose Apple iPad Air 2022 in the company store if its price seems to you an adequate reflection of its many features. And the isolation of the system is not a deterrent. Moreover, the best Android tablets do not have what the Apple gadget offers. A well-coordinated ecosystem, excellent quality cameras and original design.

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