GeForce RTX 4090: A Monster Graphics Card

A mysterious graphics card showed impressive scores in a benchmark. It could be the GeForce RTX 4090, Nvidia’s new ultra high-end card. It should be formalized in a little over ten days.

Nvidia’s new graphics cards, the RTX 40s, have been talked about them for a while now. Today, a leaked benchmark is making the rounds on the net. If no product is associated with it, chances are we have the first results of the RTX 4090 there.

Shared by VideoCardz, this benchmark was made on 3DMark, more precisely on the Time Spy Extreme tool. If the overall score does not break the ceilings because of the configuration (it is associated with an Intel Core i5-12400F), its GPU score reaches 20,000, unheard of! As the site specifies, this is an increase of 78% compared to the RTX 3090 Ti, and 90% compared to the 3090!

The RTX 4090, A Graphics Card That Risks Leaving The Competition Behind

The leak also shows some other neat little things, like the GPU frame rate. This reaches 3015 Mhz, which is very high for a graphics card, especially for a Founders Edition from Nvidia.

The RTX 4090 Graphics Card
The RTX 4090 Graphics Card

More so, the temperature of the card is also shown. The tester claims to have done his benchmark in a room with an ambient temperature of 30 degrees (hard for the components) and that the card reached 55 degrees, which is very acceptable. All that remains is to determine the noise pollution. We can expect it to make noise in these conditions, the fans running at full speed to keep the temperature acceptable.

Now we just have to wait for official announcements from Nvidia as well as tests to determine if this card is as good as the promises displayed above. As a reminder, the brand will hold a conference on September 20 to announce its RTX 40 series. A new range which – we hope – will have a less difficult life than that of the RTX 30, marked by shortages and staggering prices.

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