Here’s when the first Android 14 beta is likely to arrive

Here’s when the first Android 14 beta is likely to arrive. Google has announced the end date for the Android 13 beta. However, the company made its first announcement for the Android 14 beta.

Switching to the new design language with Android 13, Google started working on the next version. The company has given the date for the Android 14 beta.

Many companies, especially Samsung, Xiaomi, and Realme, accelerated their work for the Android 13 update. Android 13, which has a completely different design language compared to the old versions, is also very assertive in performance. Making a statement about the stable version of Android 13, Google shared the first clue about the Android 14 version.

When will the Android 14 beta be released?

Google has announced that Android 13 QPR1 (quarterly platform release) beta updates will begin in September. Google initially said that Android 13 QPR betas would run until June 2023. Now it has been announced that it is planned to “continue until March 2023”. Analysts predict that only 2 QPR versions will be available.

Stating that the QPR beta updates will end in March 2023, the company announced that the Android 14 beta process will then begin. The Android 14 beta update, which is expected to be available for Pixel devices in April, will be available for developers in February 2023.

Google recommends that people using the Android 13 developer version upgrade to the current stable version. People using the developer version will be able to register for the Android Beta Program again after switching to the stable version.

New features that Google offers to its users with Android 13:

  • Android 13 features the user-friendly Material You design language.
  • The media control and the music interface on the lock screen have been renewed.
  • Google Wallet application was introduced.
  • Selecting language options specific to the application has arrived.
  • Users can change the theme and color of the icons.
  • Emergency calls can be sent with the smartwatch.
  • It is possible to switch between watch interfaces on the Lock Screen.
  • New Security and Privacy features have been introduced.
  • An end-to-end encrypted RCS messaging feature (Google Messages) was introduced.
  • Added cross-device media sharing feature.
  • The Photo Selector feature that carries media between applications has arrived.
  • Fast Pair has been included in the operating system.
  • With Bedtime mode, the system will automatically dim the wallpaper.
  • Added text conversion API for languages ​​like Chinese and Japanese.
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence features have been improved.
  • Provided better integration for interface manufacturers.

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