How AirPods Pro are better than other wireless headphones

AirPods Pro is absolutely amazing headphones. When designing them, Apple took into account all the shortcomings of the two previous models and, having corrected them, made a truly cool solution for listening to music. Here you have an in-ear type of placement with an innovative landing system, active noise reduction, and even the “Transparency” mode, which allows you to simultaneously listen to music and, for safety reasons, hear what is happening outside. However, there is one more improvement in them compared to the original headphones, which for some reason no one talks about. AirPods Pro has one of the lowest audio latency. How to change AirPods Pro eartips for free

Musician and music app developer Steven Coyle found out that AirPods Pro has lower latency when playing audio. This allows you to transfer the signal via Bluetooth connection from the head unit to the headphones faster and achieve the correct alignment of sounds, which is very important when the track contains sharp changes. To measure the latency, Coyle played back the soundtrack and typed some text on the stock iOS keyboard, which makes rather harsh sounds. He recorded them with a professional microphone, counting the time interval from the start of playback to the actual transmission to the headphones.

Playback delay for different AirPods

Different wireless headphones have different latency indicators. The smaller it is, the better. As a result, the delay shown by the AirPods Pro was the lowest – only 144 ms compared to 178 ms for the AirPods 2 and 274 ms for the first generation Airpods. Interestingly, the AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro are based on the same chip – H1, so it’s hard to say why the newer model is superior to the older one because all the hardware stuffing of the accessories is identical. This means that Apple has found new ways – most likely software – to reduce the delay that occurs when transmitting sound from the head unit to the headphones, making the novelty a more preferable option. Beats Fit Pro vs Apple AirPods Pro: which should you buy?

Perhaps the difference of 130 ms between the original and the latest AirPods models may seem imperceptible to an unprepared person. But according to Coyle, this is not the case. He claims that this is a fairly noticeable delay that will be audible to the average user, at the risk of spoiling the playback experience, not to mention professional musicians who have much better hearing. What is Car Insurance: Check for Cheapest Car Insurance in 2022

Is AirPods Pro suitable for musicians?

Another thing is how unbiased Coyle is judged. After all, if the speed of the actual pairing of AirPods Pro with the iPhone really differs for the better from the original AirPods, then it’s almost impossible to feel a delay in sound transmission even with a direct comparison of the debut and the newest headphone models. In the end, otherwise, as soon as the AirPods Pro came out, everyone would have thrown their old headphones and rushed to buy a new product as soon as possible. But since users of wireless “ears” are accustomed to tangible, by Coyle’s standards, delays, practically not noticing them, it is most likely not worth waiting for fundamental changes in perception. How To Postpone Periods: Home Remedies To Delay Periods

In addition, it is important to understand that professional musicians who are able to distinguish between delays are unlikely to use AirPods, even if it is a Pro model. No wonder they, in order to avoid distortion and interference, take wired headphones that are molded exactly under their auricle, not to mention more mundane manipulations like warming up. So if you weren’t going to trade in your old AirPods for a Pro model, use them and don’t worry, but keep in mind that the new AirPods are better than their predecessors in every way, especially if you like to play games like Guitar Hero where you need to hit the beat. How To Reduce Ping On Ps4?

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