How much will the Apple Watch Ultra cost?

Everything you need to know about the Apple Watch Ultra, the ruggedized Apple Watch. A bigger screen, a bigger battery, and designed for adventure.

For those who have not followed the rumors of recent months, the arrival of the first ruggedized Apple Watch designed for the most adventurous will have been a great surprise. For the others, the biggest surprise has been the name.

The rumored Apple Watch Pro has become the Apple Watch Ultra following its announcement at the company’s Far Out event. It arrives with extreme sports fans in mind and is capable of withstanding the most extreme temperatures.

But this is not the only outstanding novelty of the Apple Watch Ultra. Find out everything you need to know below, including its (high) price and release date. 20 Best Exciting + enthralling Business Names Ideas

When will the Apple Watch Ultra launch?

Apple has held its Far Out event this Wednesday, September 7. From this very day, the Apple Watch Ultra can now be reserved from the Apple website, although it will not be sent until it officially goes on sale.

In Spain, that will be on  September 23, 2022, while the company has not yet confirmed availability in Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

How much will the Apple Watch Ultra cost?

It’s well known that the Apple Watch is a premium smartwatch, and considering the Apple Watch Ultra is the biggest and toughest ever, it’s no surprise that it costs even more.

Specifically, its price is €999 / MXN$19,999.

Apple Watch Ultra cost
Apple Watch Ultra cost

What news does the Apple Watch Ultra bring?

As we said, the new Apple Watch, called Ultra, has been designed for more extreme outdoor activities than the standard Apple Watch can withstand.

The casing is made of titanium and rises to surround the completely flat screen, which is made of sapphire glass (like the iPhone’s cameras). This should help protect the Ultra’s screen from damage while doing things like rock climbing.

The screen, which measures 49mm wide (1.93″), is twice as bright as any other Apple wearable, at 2,000 nits. That should help you see which way to go even in the brightest conditions.

Apple wearable
Apple wearable

Also, there is a new orange button: the Action button. This one does (almost) what you want it to do. For example, you can press it to drop a waypoint along your route, so you can find your way back later.

There is a dual-frequency GPS that supports L1 and L5 frequencies. Thanks also to new positioning algorithms, it’s the most accurate GPS ever seen on an Apple Watch. If you still get lost, there is an 86dB siren that can alert rescue teams to your position. Apple introduces the Mac Studio and a new 27-inch 5K monitor

The Digital Crown and the side button have been redesigned: they are more prominent and can be used with gloves. And speaking of gloves, the Ultra has been tested to perform in temperatures from 20°C to 55°C.

It is also certified to military standards for low pressure (altitude), temperature shock, fluid contamination, moisture, sand and dust, freeze/thaw, freezing rain, as well as shock and vibration.

Apple has added a second speaker to make the sound louder, and there are three microphones so callers can hear you better even in windy conditions. How to reset Apple Watch

You’ll be able to call from any Ultra, as they all offer built-in cellular connectivity. However, satellite communications are not yet available, so you’ll need to be close enough to civilization to get a phone signal.

The Ultra has a larger battery than a standard Apple Watch, which can provide up to 36 hours of “normal” use. But if you’re not going to be able to charge it for longer, there’s a power-saving mode that extends that life up to 60 hours, with a lower frequency of GPS updates and heart rate readings.

To take advantage of the bigger screen, we have the Wayfinder sphere. It has a compass integrated into the dial, as well as space for eight complications. It also has a night mode that turns the screen red to make it easier to read the dial in the dark. It is activated simply by turning the Digital Crown. Apple Watch Series 8 Launch

Apple says you can take your Watch Ultra with you when you go “recreational diving,” that is, up to 40m deep. It also features a new gauge to provide current depth, water temperature, duration underwater, and maximum depth reached.

It also has all the usual Apple Watch features, like ECG and blood oxygen monitoring, and the new body temperature sensor found in the Series 8 that’s designed to more accurately track your cycles. women.

The Watch Ultra runs watchOS 9, which includes a redesigned compass app with three views. One is a hybrid that displays an analog and digital compass, but another displays your latitude, longitude, elevation, and tilt. The third is an “orientation view”. What Apple Silicon chip will be in the Mac Pro?

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