How to change AirPods Pro eartips for free

Many AirPods Pro buyers are concerned about the question: what to do when the complete white ear cushions of the headphones become unusable? Or they will simply become a yellow tint from the specifics of the human ear. Apple has found a way out of this situation – in its stores, the company offers to replace the nozzles with new ones for $ 3.95. Moreover, this can be done an unlimited number of times: at least install new ear pads every day, if the budget allows. However, some users have found a way to get new ear pads for free. Beats Fit Pro vs Apple AirPods Pro: which should you buy?

Ear pads can be replaced with AirPods Pro for free
Ear pads can be replaced with AirPods Pro for free

Changing AirPods Pro tips

More precisely, almost free – just along with the purchase of AirPods Pro, you need to purchase an AppleCare + protection plan (which, by the way, is not available in Russia) for $ 29 – about 2,000 rubles. According to MacRumors readers, this entitles you to free AirPods Pro ear pads in case they are lost or damaged (or if you just want new eartips). Headphones and earphones can cause hearing loss

I signed up for an extended warranty plan with my AirPods Pro, and yesterday I applied for an online ear pad replacement without paying anything. AirPods Pro owners with AppleCare+ who want to order new tips can do so by going to Apple’s support site.

When ordering replacement ear pads, Apple sends the user one pair of the specified size only. It is not yet clear if there is a limit to the number of free head replacements that can be ordered. Apple’s support site and the AppleCare+ page for headphones don’t mention the possibility of free ear pad replacements, instead stating that there will be a $3.95 charge for each pair of eartips. What to expect from WWDC 2022?

Interestingly, depending on the structure of the ear of a particular person, AirPods of different sizes may be required. If we conditionally divide the size of the ear into ten sizes, then earlier the average complete nozzles covered the range from the third to the eighth sizes, intersecting with the ranges of the smallest and largest. Now, in the case of AirPods Pro, the tips are more demanding on this, and if one ear is a size 5 and the other is a size 4, they may require different tips. Yes, there is a system for determining the ideal position in the ear, but it does not work miracles. When the test shows that the headphones do not sit well, we ourselves understand this. What will Apple do in this case – will it force you to buy a second pair?

Shape of the AirPods Pro ear
A visual comparison of the shape of the AirPods Pro ear cushions and other headphones.

You can’t buy other ear pads for AirPods Pro yet. Surely soon the Chinese will release analogs of different sizes and shapes, but for now, just keep in mind that you may have to use different sizes of complete ear pads. And in case of loss of tips, for example, you will have to pay for each pair – or apply for AppleCare + in the country where it works and change the ear pads for free. iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro Max: Which one should you buy in 2022?

Of course, it’s hardly worth paying $29 just to get new eartips for free – the entire time you use it, you’ll probably buy yourself another (well, maximum two) pairs. Another thing is that the extended warranty plan gives the right to replace the earphone with a new one at a reduced price ($29 instead of $89).

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