How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Chromecast

Although it is not common, connecting a Bluetooth wireless headset to Chromecast with Google TV is easy and very useful. This is how you can do it.

Google does not give much importance to this function, however, it is something useful that many people consider to be able to use the headphones with their Smart TV. It is very useful to be able to use headphones with your Google TV taking advantage of the Chromecast and here we show you how to do it. 

Having a headphone jack on the Chromecast remote would be a good solution for wired headphones, but for wireless ones, this doesn’t work. Take a look at Is the Apple Watch 7 waterproof?

In this way, with your Chromecast connected to your Smart TV and your headphones at hand (we used Bose QC headphones), these are the steps to follow:

  1. From the Google TV home screen, navigate to your user profile located in the top corner.  
  2. Now scroll down and choose ‘Settings’ 
  3. Scroll down again and select ‘Remote and Accessories 
  4. Now put your headphones in pairing mode 
  5. Back on the Chromecast, select ‘Pair remote or accessory’ 
  6. Wait for your headphones to appear in the list and select them
  7. Complete the pairing request on the screen and you’re done 
  8. Chromecast with Google TV controls and accessories

Once connected, the volume buttons on the remote will adjust the volume of your headphones with a bar showing on the screen. When you want to get back to TV sound, just unplug your Bluetooth headphones.

If you want to permanently disconnect the headphones, go back to the ‘Remote control’ and accessories section of the ‘settings’ menu, find your headphones and then choose ‘forget’. 

There is no Stadia support on Chromecast with Google TV, but you should know that you can use the same method to connect a gamepad controller to your Chromecast.

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