How to download Microsoft Word for free on iPad or iPhone

These are the options available to install Microsoft Word on your iPhone or iPad. We explain the step by step.

It is true that Microsoft Word is not the program that you will want to use on an iPhone since it is normally used for work and therefore you will prefer a large screen. But sometimes, it may be necessary.

That’s when you wonder if you can install Microsoft Word for free on iPhone or even on an iPad (now with keyboards for iPad you can use the tablet to write in Word more comfortably).

We tell you below everything you need to know to be able to install Microsoft Word for free on your iPhone or iPad. How to download Microsoft Office for free on your iPad

How to download Microsoft Word for free

Microsoft Office apps (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook) are free to download from the App Store on any iPhone or iPad running iOS 10 or later.

When searching for Microsoft apps, make sure you download the versions that list Microsoft Corporation as the developer.

You can edit and view documents and spreadsheets in these apps for free, though keep in mind that you will need a Microsoft ID.

After you download the app, you’ll see a screen asking you to sign in to Microsoft 365. If you don’t have a Microsoft 365 account, you can create a Microsoft ID and use it.

The form is not too complicated, Microsoft will ask you for a date of birth and a phone number. Don’t worry, by completing this process you will not be subscribed to Microsoft 365 and you can opt out of receiving marketing material.

You will need to sign up for an account if you want to be able to edit documents. If all you want to do is read the documents, just tap on ‘Sign in later’ and then ‘Watch for free. Ranking: What is the best iPad of 2022?

Do I have to sign up for Microsoft 365?

The annual subscription to Microsoft  365 starts at €69 per month in Spain (or €7 per month).

If you sign up, you’ll get some extra features in iOS apps, like advanced change tracking, removing limits on the ways you can use paragraph styles, and advanced graphics, table, and image formatting tools.

If you’re planning to use OneDrive for business documents, you’ll be prompted to purchase an Office 365 account. Users can also open existing documents stored on their OneDrive or any other SharePoint location.

Depending on your subscription, you might also get the Office apps for your Mac. It comes with 60 minutes of free Skype calls every month and OneDrive cloud storage for each of up to five users.

Since it’s an annual or monthly subscription, you may end up paying more for years to come than you would if you were using an older version of Office for Mac.

You can check the different Office 365 subscription rates by clicking on this link.

Synchronization options for Microsoft Office

Office for iOS integrates with a user’s OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDrive) account, so you can create a document in Office and then review it on your iPad while traveling or on the go.

The document will keep its formatting even if the mobile version doesn’t have support for that particular feature.

Documents you’ve saved to OneDrive must first be downloaded to your iPad before you can work on them. They dynamically sync with the Microsoft Cloud at intervals.

You can create and save documents on your iPad without having to save them to OneDrive, which is very useful if you don’t have an Internet connection. However, it’s not possible to move documents from OneDrive to your iPad if you want to work offline.

You can collaborate on documents, editing them at the same time as your co-workers (you need to tap a share button at the top left of the toolbar to invite others to access the document).

Note that it doesn’t update in real time, so you may refresh and find that a paragraph you were working on has moved.

Apple has its own office suite, called iWork. iWork is available for free with the purchase of an Apple iPad or iPhone and is also a free upgrade from the previous version of iWork if you have them. How to start selling products and services by subscription?

Free Microsoft Word for iPad and iPhone

With Word for iOS, you will get a very useful tool for creating and editing text documents. As with other iOS Office apps, you’ll be able to edit documents in the app regardless of whether you have a paid Microsoft 365 account. (Previously, without a Microsoft 365 subscription, you had read-only access to documents.)

If all you want is standard text formatting, including selecting and changing a document’s paragraph formatting or adding and making basic changes to tables, the free version of Microsoft Word for Mac will do the trick for you.

Using Word for iOS on iPhone will also depend on screen size limitations, but Microsoft has made some interface tweaks to make it easier to use on iPhone to maximize screen space while editing text.

There is also a button that resizes the text, deletes unnecessary elements from the document, and floats the tools over the text. This allows you to focus on the text you are editing. Best time to trade in an iPhone with the purchase of a new one

However, this free version of Microsoft Word may seem somewhat limited to you. If you decide to subscribe to Microsoft 365 you will end up with many more tools: page orientation changes, adding or reducing columns and page sections, Word Art, custom text colors, adding comments or other image editing options, advanced image editing, charts and graphs, and change tracking.

Note that change tracking is already enabled for a document, any changes you make will be tracked, even if you don’t have all the features of a subscription account – you just can’t accept or reject changes.

Microsoft has added Dropbox integration, which means you can add your Dropbox account to Word and open any Word documents you have stored there. You also have the option to simultaneously edit documents with others, with files stored on OneDrive or your Dropbox that can be opened and edited at the same time. How do you create the main menu in Microsoft Access?

Free Excel for iPad and iPhone

Excel for iOS can be used to create spreadsheets, as long as you sign up for a Microsoft ID. Once you’re signed in to your account, you’ll have almost all of the features that Office 365 subscribers have. Create, modify, save, and print—everything worked fine in the free version.

Features only available to Microsoft 3 65 users include: customizing pivot table styles and layouts (you can’t create pivot tables in Excel for iOS anyway); adding custom colors to shapes; inserting and editing WordArt; adding shadows and reflection styles to images; and the addition or modification of graphic elements.

There is no difference between the iPad app and the iPhone app, but we have to admit that using Excel on the iPad is a more comfortable experience due to the larger screen.

The iPhone’s screen is too small, except for the most basic editing functions. We’d use it in an emergency, but if we were putting together a document or making important edits, we’d rather use the iPad.

In addition to creating and editing spreadsheets, you can also print them. This feature works fine and was introduced before the November update.

There are still some things you can’t do in Excel for iOS, you can view and delete comments but not create or edit them; you can’t name cells or ranges, create conditional formatting rules, or enter array formulas.

You can’t insert pictures from OneDrive (or Dropbox) either, only from the photos on the iOS device. And Excel is a single page-focused app, which means if you’re working with two or more spreadsheets, you’ll have to completely close one to open the other.

Free PowerPoint for iPad and iPhone

Like Word and Excel for iOS, PowerPoint no longer requires a paid subscription to edit presentations.

There are some other improvements over the previous free version: you can add and edit animations; you can crop images; audio and video now play correctly, and you can add video (although not stand-alone audio) from your iOS device.

If you have a Microsoft 365 subscription, you’ll have access to special features such as ‘Presenter View’, adding custom colors to shapes, adding and editing WordArt, applying reflections and shadows to graphics, adding and editing chart elements, and adjusting the shading of table cells, rows, and columns.

It is not compatible with the desktop version of PowerPoint. You have limited control over transitions; and you can’t create new themes, add SmartArt, or view your slides in the ‘Outline’ view.

On an iPad, you can view comments added on a Mac or PC, but you can’t edit them or add new comments; comments are totally absent on the iPhone.

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