iPhone: How To Hide Your Photos In A Protected Folder

iPhone: How To Hide Your Photos In A Protected Folder. With iOS 16, you can protect your hidden photos folder with your Face ID. A new option to better protect your hidden photos on your iPhone!

How to hide photos on your iPhone

When you hide photos or videos in your iPhone’s image gallery, they are placed in the Hidden album. This way, they don’t appear in your library, other albums, or the Photos widget on your home screen.

To hide photos on your iPhone:

  • Go to the Photos app,
  • Select the photo or video you want to hide,
  • Tap the Share button (square-shaped icon with an up arrow),
  • In the drop-down menu, click on Hide,
  • Confirm your approach.

To find the album that contains your hidden photos, go to Photos > Albums, and scroll down the screen, and the Hidden album appears in the Others section, below the Media types section.

How to protect your hidden photos on your iPhone

This feature is available with iOS 16, which is why your iPhone must have this update. This option requires that you have previously activated Face ID on your iPhone in your device’s Settings.

To add a password to their Hidden album on iPhone:

  • Open the Settings app,
  • Select Pictures,
  • Enable Use Face ID,
  • Then, go to the Photos application,
  • Click on Albums, then Hidden which appears in the Others section,
  • You will be asked for your Face ID to access this folder.

Good to know: a padlock appears next to the folder to let you know that your folder is well protected. This also works for the “Recently Deleted” folder.

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