List of new emoji arrived before World Emoji Day 2022

A glimpse of new emoji has surfaced for Android and iOS users ahead of World Emoji Day 2022, July 17. Emojipedia has drafted the upcoming new emoji sample design under the Emoji 15.0 version in its blog post.

Instead of writing a lot of words while chatting, an emoji helps to express many of our feelings. Recently, WhatsApp has also included all the emojis available in its message reaction feature. At the same time, now before July 17, World Emoji Day 2022, a glimpse of new emoji has come to the fore for Android and iOS users. Also, Read – How To Make A Heart With Keyboard On iPhone & Android?

Emojipedia has drafted the upcoming new emoji sample design under Emoji 15.0 version in its blog post. Emoji Version 15.0 is the upcoming release, in which new emojis will be included. These new emojis include Shaking Face, Pushing Hands (Hi-Fi), Pink Heart, Blue Heart, Gray Heart, Flute, etc. Not only this but the Sikh symbol has also been included in it. Apart from this, it also has emojis of some birds and some animals. Also, Read – TOP 15 Marketing Tips on WhatsApp

In a note, Emojipedia informed that there have been a total of 31 emoji suggestions for Emoji 15.0, which is down from 112 suggestions last year and 334 suggestions for the year 2020.

It is being said that 31 of these emojis will be rolled out during the years 2022 and 2023. According to Emojipedia, some of these emojis will be rolled out by September. However, for Android and iOS users, these emojis will be rolled out in a phased manner. Also, Read – What is Whatsapp Business Account? What are the Benefits of WB?

The most unique emoji was the pregnant man in Emoji 14.0 update

Let us tell you, last year Emojipedia introduced 112 suggestions as Emoji 14.0 update. In this, the pregnant man came as the most unique emoji, which has now been included in the emoji.

All emojis rolled out in WhatsApp Reactions

Recently, the app has included all emojis in the reaction under the WhatsApp Reactions feature. Earlier, only 6 emojis could be sent in WhatsApp message reaction, which included, love, laugh, surprise, sad, and thanks. Mark Zuckerberg announced this update through an Instagram post, which saw a robot face, french fries, a man surfing, sunglasses smiley, a 100% symbol and punches, etc. Also, Read – Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 storage and color variants leaked

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