Razer Viper 8KHz Review: Gaming mouse Good in quality, but high in price

With a high polling rate, the Razer Viper 8KHz Gaming mouse impresses in tests, but it’s cost-benefit ends up leaving something to be desired.

Razer Viper 8KHz Review

The Razer Viper 8KHz is an ambidextrous gaming mouse aimed at esports players. With the hefty price of R$799, the peripheral has a polling rate of up to 8,000 Hz, which promises faster and more accurate gaming. The accessory arrived in Brazil in March 2021 with the promise of being the fastest gaming mouse in the world.

Although the suggested price is higher, the peripheral can already be found online retail for less than R$500. Here at GemSleek, we tested the Viper 8KHz on a daily basis and in different types of gameplay. Next, check out what we think of the new generation of Razer gaming mice.

Faster gameplay on an accurate sensor

Excellent for MOBA and FPS gameplay, the Viper 8KHz’s great differential is its polling rate of up to 8,000 Hz, which provides much more agility in your games. The metric deals with the amount of information sent by the mouse to the computer during the period of one second. The more data sent to the CPU, the more agile the peripheral. 30+ Top Products to Buy Cheap and Sell High

Most gaming mice on the market have a capture rate of 1,000 Hz. Thus, the rate found in the Viper 8KHz is eight times higher than usual. This makes a difference in gameplay because the higher the polling rate, the less you need to move your hand to move the cursor around the screen. Thus, in games that require fast movements, such as League of Legends (LoL) and DotA 2, Viper 8KHz provides much more fluid gameplay.

However, although it is interesting for most players, the refresh rate can be an issue in games that require precision, such as Overwatch and Valiant. That’s because, in titles where you need to aim, as is the case with FPS, any minimal hand movement can get in the way when the mouse has a very high polling rate.

The positive aspect is that the Viper 8KHz capture rate is adjustable, being able to be regulated to a frequency from 125 Hz (the simplest rate on the market, found in mice aimed at casual users). That way, its surprising speed doesn’t have to harm FPS gameplay. While playing Valorant in our tests, the mouse performed excellently, with a snappy response time and no lag. The best insurance in 2022

In addition to the high capture rate, the Viper 8K has a state-of-the-art optical sensor from Razer, the Focus 20k, which reaches up to 20,000 DPI — the number of dots per inch the mouse travels. The higher the DPI number, the more sensitive the peripheral is — and as a result, the less movement you need to make to traverse from one corner of the screen to another. This feature is interesting for various types of games, including MOBA and FPS, and helps to avoid wrist pain, as it requires a smaller amount of movement. Corsair Introduced A Gaming Laptop With A Touch Bar Like A Macbook

Another interesting differential of the mouse is its six programmable buttons, which also help in the agility of the gameplays. In our tests, while playing Valorant, we programmed a button to return to the game menu and another to change weapons. This configuration provided more fluid gameplay, in addition to impacting the performance we had in the game.

It is worth remembering that these auxiliary buttons can be programmed the way the user prefers. That way, in titles like LoL, for example, you can use one of them to access the game’s abilities and another to cast spells.

The good news is that the Viper 8KHz has internal memory that holds up to five custom profiles. That way, any settings you make on the mouse will be kept even if you use it on another computer. To access these functionalities, it is necessary to download the company’s software, Razer Synapse.

Interesting for everyday use too

In addition to offering more comfort and agility to Valorant and League of Legends gameplay, the Viper 8KHz was very useful in everyday life, mainly because of its programmable buttons, which can be used outside of the games in functions such as opening or closing tabs.

During our daily tests, the Razer mouse performed well when switching from one program to another. Moving between games and software like Discord, for example, is simpler using these features. When switching between PC desktops, the peripheral buttons also made the process much easier.

As we mentioned earlier, you can use the buttons however you like, but it’s worth remembering that in general, these functions tend to work better on Windows devices. On macOS, it is possible that there are some recognition issues. Therefore, it is worth keeping an eye on the model and version of your operating system to find out if your mouse is perfectly compatible with it. Top Money Making Games

In addition to bringing more practicality to everyday life, these auxiliary buttons can be interesting for those who work in the field of design or illustration, as they also work as shortcuts for software such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. In this way, it is possible to program a button to, for example, open the pen tool and another to make a smart selection. 11 Occasions You Should Take Your Wedding Ring Off Your Finger

Ergonomics for big hands and high price

It is worth noting that the Viper 8KHz is a large mouse. Because of this, if you have small hands, It may not be the ideal model. The peripheral alone weighs an average of 70 g — that is, it is quite light. This aspect helps to compensate for the size of the mouse in gameplays but does not prevent users with smaller hands from feeling uncomfortable after a few hours of gameplay. So, if you are thinking about purchasing the model, it is worth taking this information into consideration.

The mouse also has subtle RGB lighting with more than 16 million colors, which can please a lot of users who enjoy this type of configuration. Viper 8KHz is not a wireless option, being connected to your computer or notebook via USB cable. This ensures accuracy in gameplay but can be uncomfortable for users who prefer wireless options.

As a gaming mouse, the Viper 8KHz delivers everything it promises, but its high price makes other models more interesting. Costing around BRL 500 at the best online retail prices, it is more suitable for professional players — since, for casual players, it is possible to find other options for more affordable prices.

Razer Strider mousepad

For our tests, the Razer Viper 8KHz came with the Razer Strider mousepad. The use of a mousepad is indicated for this peripheral mainly because of its sensor — which, being optical, requires smooth surfaces to work well.

The Razer Strider is a good mousepad, but right away it offers a snag: its size. Because of this, while maintaining the performance of the Viper 8KHz, it can be quite annoying for those who use larger keyboards. That’s because, despite being described as “large”, the mousepad is actually medium in size and doesn’t cover the entire surface of the mouse and keyboard, making it a little clunky in the setup.

During tests carried out by GemSleek, the keyboard, a Logitech K270, was covered only halfway. Therefore, when typing, the peripheral ended up “staggering” from one side to the other, which made its use uncomfortable. Because it is not exactly big but also not small, the mousepad ends up working only for players who have tables with larger spaces — that is, if your desk is not a good size, it is best to look for another option on the market.

Razer Viper 8KHz is Worth buying?

Although it is an excellent gaming mouse, the Viper 8KHz has a big obstacle to its purchase: its price is around R$ 500. For this reason, it ends up being more suitable for players who play professionally and need a lot of precision and agility in the gameplay. For those who only play as a hobby, it is possible to find other more affordable options, which also guarantee good gaming at affordable prices.

However, if you have a budget and are looking for a wired mouse model that will guarantee comfort and agility in your gameplay, the Razer Viper 8KHz is still a good option. It’s important to take into account, however, your hand size and the type of peripheral grip you prefer — since, like polling rate and DPI, these factors also affect your gameplay.

Razer Viper Good gaming mouse, but low cost-benefit

Although Razer Viper 8KHz has impressive performance, the mouse ends up losing out to more affordable options because of its high price.

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