The Best New Android Games Of This Week

The latest Android games are here! If you want to know what the latest and greatest Android games are this week, you know exactly what to do. Some great new games were released this week. However, there weren’t as many hyped releases as last week, which was an overwhelming week for releases. Let’s go see them anyway! Best Free Games 2022: Play Big And Save Bigger

New game for Android: The Heart of Noah

As a sequel to Dragon Raja, Noah’s Heart is by far the biggest release on this list. Noah’s Heart is a gacha adventure that rivals Genshin Impact. It is by far the most impressive Android game to be released in a long time. An awesome sci-fi RPG with amazing 3D graphics where you can explore a fantastic world full of enemies, quests, loot, and as usual gacha games. There are a wide variety of biomes to explore, such as desert, rainforest, or frozen tundra. You will also be able to move around the world in countless ways. You can travel on foot, on horseback, by boat, or even by jetpack! As we all know, jetpacks are sick. He may not be as lovable as Genshin, but there’s a lot to love in Noah’s heart. If you want to pick this up. 10 delicious name ideas for your Martinican restaurant

PAKO: Road

The latest game in the long-running PAKO series, PAKO: Highway marks a new direction for the mobile franchise. While Highway is still an action-packed arcade-style game, it ditches the series’ isometric view for a standard third-person camera. PAKO: Highway is an endless runner and a simple one at that. Drive your car through multiple biomes and see how far you can go before you crash and burn. Imagine Subway Surfers meets Outrun 2! PAKO: Highway doesn’t have much to offer. However, that’s because it’s in Early Access on mobile and PC. In the future, this could be even better than it already is! You can get the game here! 10 wonderful name ideas for your Guadeloupean restaurant

Compose slash

Blacken Slash is a new roguelike developed by ehmprah and a unique android game. Combining the randomly generated genre with a tactical RPG, this is surely a game like no other. In the game, you face small puzzles in charming and minimalist environments. This title, placed on a retro grid, will have you fight enemies in a simplified way. It’s the 80’s again! This cute roguelike is a challenging adventure for those who want to experience it. However, those who get good can create powerful builds that will decimate your enemies and take you to the top of the online leaderboards. Blacken Slash is a premium experience, but that premium pays for zero ads or microtransactions. (Finally!) You can pick it up right here on Google Play. Find an irresistible name for your Caribbean restaurant

Alice fiction

Alice Fiction, the latest gacha adventure from WonderPlanets, is finally available for mobile devices. After a long period of a promotion, we were finally able to spend some time on this latest gacha. In a metaverse called Alice, you must recover your lost memories by making your way through the virtual world. What’s that? Another gacha game where amnesia is the catch? Yeah, but we don’t play porridge because of their horror stories. While the game had over a million pre-registrations, the initial wave of players wasn’t that strong. Still, it’s one of the best Android games this week! Pick up here! 10 name ideas for your startup incubator

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