Video Spying Camera for schoolchildren

Children, such children! Their desires are very simple – they like to jump, run, play and have fun. They enjoy watching TV, playing computer games and doing dangerous experiments. But they do not like to clean up, study and learn the multiplication table.

Therefore, no matter how responsible the child is, a home Spying camera will help parents control their homework and make them less worried about safety.


For many parents, it is enough to know that the child got home safely and left for training on time.

All Vstarcam Spying cameras are equipped with a built-in motion sensor. When motion is detected, adults will immediately receive a notification on their smartphones.

In addition, some models of Vstarcam cameras recognize screaming and smoke. And to learn about an alarming event, it is not necessary to install additional security sensors.

Remote control

Parents want their children to do their homework, eat healthy food, and do household chores. Adults need to be in control. And watching videos online from anywhere in the world helps parents get rid of obsessive thoughts and feelings.

The PTZ camera Vstarcam C8824 copes best with the control function. It is able to rotate horizontally at 355 degrees, the direction can be controlled remotely through the application.

Two-way audio

Asking your child to take a break from their smartphone/tablet and get back to their lessons is easy. The feedback function allows you to use the Spying camera as an additional communication channel.


Children do not have a sufficient level of self-organization. And now that home video Spying has become as affordable as possible, it seems reckless to give up parental controls. After all, remote online video Spying increases the personal responsibility of schoolchildren and helps to achieve better success at school.

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