What are the best gaming smartphones in 2022?

Are you looking for a gaming phone? or What are the best gaming smartphones in 2022? In our selection, discover the model you need to play demanding titles such as Fortnite Battle Royale.

The best gaming smartphones

Every year, the market share of mobile games grows to such an extent that the sector is becoming a key player in the sector. A significant financial windfall that phone manufacturers do not want to miss under any circumstances. Many gaming-oriented smartphones have appeared with the ambition of appealing to a young and performance-hungry audience. Corsair Introduced A Gaming Laptop With A Touch Bar Like A Macbook

The days of Candy Crush and other puzzle games now seem a long way off. Indeed, titles like Fortnite, Genshin Impact, or Pokemon Go outrageously dominate the market. However, to make this software work properly, it is necessary to have excellent gaming smartphones on hand. Check out our selection of the best phones oriented for mobile gaming.

If you want to play Fortnite, be aware that Epic Games’ mobile game situation is a bit peculiar. The title is not available on traditional app stores and smartphones need a fairly specific configuration. The publisher maintains a non-exhaustive list of compatible mobiles.

Vivo X80 Pro – The best gaming smartphone

  • The best performances of the moment
  • Very fast charging
  • A very good screen

Upon its release, the Vivo X80 Pro came to lead the Vivo smartphone catalog. It is an ultra-premium device with the best of the manufacturer’s technology. Marketed at 1,299 euros, it is exceptional on all points, in particular on its internal power.

At the heart of the smartphone is a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC which is accompanied by 256 GB of storage and 12 GB of RAM. Like all phones equipped with it, this internal chip offers phenomenal power. The Vivo X80 Pro runs Fortnite at 60 fps, but also other demanding titles. Above all, it manages heat well, a strong point of the smartphone compared to its competitors.

Vivo X80 Pro
Vivo X80 Pro

However, we regret the 4700 mAh battery, which is a little weak. Indeed, it struggles to offer a full day of charging. A fallback solution has been provided by Vivo with 80 W fast charging. The phone’s battery goes from 0 to 100% in 40 minutes of charging.

A final word on the touchscreen setup. It is a 6.78-inch AMOLED interface capable of offering WQHD + definition with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz. The colorimetry is good, but we will note a little low brightness with a peak measured at 655 cd/m².

As you will have understood, the Vivo X80 Pro is one of the best gaming smartphones on the market. Our complete phone review written by Titouan is available. Vivo X80, X80 Pro Smartphones Launched in India, Know Price and Features

Realme GT Neo 3

  • Its internal power
  • Its 6.7-inch screen
  • The huge 150W load

Are you a fan of smartphone gaming? The Chinese brand Realme is one of the names that come up repeatedly. Within its catalog are several models particularly optimized in power. The Realme GT Neo 3 has a sleek design that looks like a racing car. The grip is pleasant and flattering to the naked eye.

Realme GT Neo 3
Realme GT Neo 3

Above all, it is at the level of the technical sheet that the phone shines. The GT Neo 3 is built around a MediaTek Dimensity 8100 processor with also 8 GB of RAM. A configuration efficient enough to surpass the Snapdragon 888 and avoid the overheating problem that appeared with the 8 Gen 1. Titles like Genshin Impact, Apex Legends, or Fortnite work without the slightest problem on this phone.

In addition, the gaming component of the GT Neo 3 is also served by a beautiful touch screen. It is a 6.7-inch AMOLED panel capable of displaying Full HD + and with a refresh capable of climbing up to 120 Hz. The peak brightness observed reaches 740 cd / m². The colors displayed are controlled if not really dazzling. The screen remains efficient to offer good services.

For the rest, it is necessary to salute the battery performance of the smartphone. First thanks to a good charging capable of holding up to a day and a half. Above all, it has a 150 W fast charge that explodes the meters. The last word on the photo sensor is capable of delivering pretty shots without them being transcendent.

Asus ROG Phone 5 – Made for gaming

  • The very good screen
  • Top performance
  • Sober for a smartphone gamer

Let’s say it right away, we are not always fans of “gaming” smartphones in general. They generally bring quite a few things while making big compromises on other points. This ROG Phone 5 stands out from the crowd with an unusual balance. Although it is a 240-gram tank & one of the bulkiest smartphones on the market, it is still quite pleasant in the hand. On the design side, there is unsurprisingly a “gaming” leg a little as you saw me, but the whole remains relatively sober.

Asus ROG Phone 5
Asus ROG Phone 5

The OLED screen offers an adaptive refresh rate of 144 Hz, good brightness, and well-calibrated colors. Asus goes against the trend with a screen not pierced by a photo sensor, the goal being not to risk hiding a piece of the interface.

With a Snapdragon 888 and 16 GB of RAM (18 GB for the “Ultimate” version), the performance is impressive. It’s simple, it shares the crown of the most powerful Android smartphone on the market with the OnePlus 9 Pro according to the benchmarks… Too bad, however, that Fortnite is locked on it at 30 fps for the moment. charging is excellent, the 6000 mAh battery lasting two days without any problem.

Without big surprise, the photo remains the big weak point of the phone. It’s correct, but far from what we are entitled to expect from a high-end smartphone.

Despite this defect, Asus delivers a convincing gaming smartphone here. We go into all its details in our review of the Asus ROG Phone 5.

Xiaomi can’t help but release new phones and this has resulted in the arrival of new offshoots in the Mi 11 range. For gamers, the 11T Pro seems to us the most interesting. Very classic in shape, it is well finished and comfortable in the hand.

But it is its components that make it stand out, starting with its 120 Hz OLED screen. Very responsive, the latter also has the good taste of being bright and rather well calibrated. The refresh is on its adaptive side, which limits consumption. Good point also for the stereo speakers which offer a more than correct rendering.

Internally, it is a Snapdragon 888 coupled with 8 GB of RAM that we find. A combination certainly already seen, but could not be more effective for games. If its charging is in the average of the sector, it is especially its fast charge which detonates. There is indeed a 120 W charger in the box! The latter only needs 15 minutes to refuel. Suffice to say that to be dry it will have to be done on purpose!

We pass quickly on the photo module that we will qualify as adequate. It behaves well in daylight but struggles a bit in low light. Nothing catastrophic, however.

With its good display, top-notch performance, and super-fast charging, the 11T Pro is a great gaming smartphone option for demanding gamers.

Honor Magic 4 Pro

  • The high-performance internal chip
  • Its display quality
  • Easy to use

With this Magic 4 Pro, the Honor brand officially signs its big comeback on the French market. Its high-end technical sheet plays a big part in its qualities, especially in the gaming aspect. It is nonetheless a quality smartphone in all aspects.

This begins with the addition of a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor supported by 8 GB of RAM, but also 256 GB of storage. The whole configuration offers superb gaming performance, but beware, the phone has a tendency to heat up during a session. It is capable of running Fortnite at 90 FPS.

Honor Magic 4 Pro
Honor Magic 4 Pro

The Honor Magic 4 Pro is adorned with a beautiful 6.81-inch OLED screen with Full HD definition but above all an adaptive refresh at 120 Hz. The interface offers multiple colors with a delta E of 4.62 for a normal temperature. As for the maximum brightness, this was measured at 837 cd/m2, a very satisfactory peak.

For the rest, the Magic UI software offers a good daily experience even if a few elements are missing. An update will quickly fix this problem. The charging is one day, but the fast charge of 100 W is to be 100% in 40 minutes. Finally, photo quality is essential to offer you one of the best experiences on the market.

Xiaomi Poco F3

  • A very powerful Snapdragon 870
  • The right 120 Hz screen
  • Solid charging

With the Poco F3, Xiaomi arrives with a simple promise: a rock-bottom price accompanied by a top-notch performance. What makes it a must for players on a budget.

The first sign of its gaming orientation, it has a 120 Hz AMOLED screen. Suffice to say that we have no problem with responsiveness on this point.

Honor Magic 4 Pro
Honor Magic 4 Pro

But the real surprise is to be found on the processor side: the Snapdragon 870 used is a real racing beast that allows it to compete without worries with much more expensive phones. In practice, Fortnite runs solidly at 30fps in epic mode. You’ll also be able to play for a long time thanks to its solid charging of almost 48 hours, also supported by an efficient fast charge. In fact, count about 6% battery for 20 minutes of play.

The only real weakness of this Poco F3: is its halftone photo part. But if it’s the game that seduces you above all, this gaming smartphone is a must. We tell you all the good things about it in our review of the Xiaomi Poco F3.

Apple offers a whole new generation of ever more powerful processors every year. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is no exception in this regard with the new A15 Bionic chip. It comes with 6 GB of RAM.

However, the raw power of the phone is not the only advantage of it in the gaming part. Indeed, the manufacturer has once again improved the management of charging. After having tested it for several hours, it is able to last almost two days without the slightest problem. Great efforts have also been made on the charge to make it even a little faster.

A final word on the touch interface implemented on this iPhone Pro Max. The 6.7-inch OLED Super Retina screen has some important additions, including adaptive refresh at 120 Hz. The fluidity will allow you to play FPS a little more nervous. Indeed, the Apple Arcade service has in its catalog some nuggets not to be missed under any circumstances.

Don’t expect to launch Fortnite on your Apple smartphone, however. Since August 13, 2020, the Battle Royale title is no longer available on the App Store, and the conflict between the two parties is only getting worse. Poco F5 Price, Specs, Release Date

Nothing phone (1)

  • In-game performance
  • A great design
  • It’s solid charging

Nothing is the creation of the former OnePlus founder. The brand aims to dust off a somewhat sleepy smartphone market. The phone (1) is thus illustrated by fairly clear-cut biases, starting with the design. Its white and black colors offer a pleasant appearance, and its transparent side and its flat edges make it rather attractive.

But it is also at the level of internal power that the Nothing phone (1) stands out. In its basic version, it has a Snapdragon 778G+ processor accompanied by 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. It is above all its ability to run demanding mobile games like Fortnite or Genshin Impact which is to be welcomed. Be careful though, the phone can heat up over time.

Nothing phone (1)
Nothing phone (1)

For the phone (1) to be a convincing gaming smartphone, it needs to have a nice touch screen. It is a 6.55-inch OLED panel with Full HD + definition. The refresh available goes up to 120 Hz to be fluid during your gaming sessions. On the other hand, we regret a lack of brightness that is quite guilty for this sector.

The fact remains that the phone is good in other areas, such as photography, even if it will be necessary to make some concessions, especially in the night mode. Billed at less than 500 euros, the Nothing phone (1) will prove to be a good everyday playmate.

Why do we use Fortnite on the gaming part of our smartphone reviews?

During our testing protocols, the Battle Royale mobile game is the benchmark title we use. Why choose Fortnite when it is not available on the Play Store or the App Store? Several factors justify this choice. Firstly because the software is one of the most resource intensive. It allows you to check the internal power of the phone, and also its charging. Finally, thanks to an option to activate, the game interface displays the number of FPS displayed, which allows our journalists to note any loss of quality during the session. The touch screen is also used. Tactile response and precision are put to review during our reviews. Top Money Making Games

How to choose the right gaming phone?

What are the criteria for choosing a gaming smartphone?

The gaming part of a phone is only a small part of the overall technical data sheet. Here are the specs to focus on:

  • Internal power: Make sure you have a strong enough setup for your smartphone to run any mobile game.
  • charging: good battery management will allow you to make your gaming sessions last over time.
  • The touch screen: several elements such as touch precision, the response of your interface, or even the refreshment are the assurance of good performance in the game.

Of course, everything depends on the use cases, but these elements are the most important to offer you a good gaming experience.

What is the best smartphone for playing Fortnite?

One of the most popular titles in the mobile gaming market has very specific demands. Indeed, the conflict between Epic Games and Apple causes the absence of the application on the App Store. It is therefore necessary to turn to an Android device to take full advantage of it. Within the technical sheet, you will have to check that the smartphone has a high-end processor, but also some additions such as a cooling system as well as a good touch screen. The first model in our selection is the one we recommend for playing Fortnite.

What are the most demanding mobile games?

On the app stores, several popular titles are highlighted. It is necessary to have a fairly solid configuration to be able to take advantage of it. Titles like Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile, or Genshin Impact will review the power of your smartphone.

Should I play with touch or with a controller?

At first glance, one might be tempted to play Fortnite with a controller. After all, the latter is much more precise than the touch controls. Your dreams of rolling over your opponents, however, may fizzle out.

All players using a controller are indeed gathered in the same games, which means that you will play against console or PC players, who have machines much more powerful than the lightest smartphone. How to log out or switch accounts in Fortnite on PC, Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation

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