10 Best Arcade Business & Arcade Gaming Names Ideas

In the era of smartphones and home entertainment, arcades have been relegated to the realm of theme parks and carnivals. Your arcade business and Gaming name should play to these strengths and seek to brand your center as a place for social interaction and competition. See our list below for some name ideas, or use the Shopify arcade business name generator. 10 Best News Website + Trustworthy Business Ideas

Arcade Business Name Ideas:

Rank Business Name Description
1. Pinball Podium This is a suitable name for an arcade center that specializes in pinball machines. “Podium” conjures images of celebration and competition, making this a great name for an arcade that regularly hosts pinball tournaments and is renowned for its competitive edge.
2. The Slot “Slot” refers to the slots on game machines where coins are inserted, but it can also refer to the small and exclusive place where gamers come to play. “The” lends your arcade authority and prestige. It is the place to be if you are a serious gamer.
3. Retro Rampage “Retro” is a nostalgic word that casts the mind back in time to childhood play, making this a suitable name for an 80s-themed arcade, while “Rampage” conveys action and excitement. The double “R” is fun alliteration that makes this business name memorable and catchy.
4. Arcade Parkade A parkade is a multi-story parking center for people to park their cars. When used in this business name, it implies that your arcade is busy and filled to the brim with gamers who have traveled long distances to reach you. The rhyme in the name creates associations of fun.
5. Coin & Clash The repeated “C” sound creates a musical effect that is catchy and fun to say. “Coin” and “Clash” sound like two characters in a game, and it also serves as a mantra for customers who look for action and competition.
6. Sparkade Portmanteau for “Sport” and “Arcade,” is an ideal name for an arcade center that specializes in sport-related games, such as air hockey, indoor basketball, and more. The name also features the word “Spark,” which evokes a sense of verve and action.
7. Beer & Brawl Arcade This name suggests that your arcade offers a healthy balance of recreational gaming and competitive gaming. “Beer,” tells gamers that you have a bar at your arcade, which might attract non-gamers who are simply looking for a fun night out.
8. Hero Arcade This is a great name for an arcade that prides itself on famous video game titles, such as Super Mario, that feature a central character and a goal. “Hero” is an empowering word that grants status to gamers as they inhabit their character’s world and assume their duties.
9. Prize Play The word “Prize” acts as an incentive to gamers and implies that there are major prizes up for grabs at your arcade. Perhaps you host regular competitions that attract the top gamers, or maybe you offer redeemable coupons that can translate to game memorabilia or even cash.
10. The Serious Gamer This business name works because of its playful juxtaposition. Gaming is seen as an escapist tradition where people come to have a good time. Only competitive gamers take it seriously. This name is intended to divide gamers into the casual, recreational types and the serious, competitive ones.

What are some catchy arcade business name ideas?

  • Prize Play.
  • Sparkade.
  • Coin & Clash.
  • Pinball Podium.
  • Bump & Thump Arcade.

What are some unique arcade business name ideas?

  • The Serious Gamer.
  • Hero Arcade.
  • The Slot.
  • Arcade Mecca.
  • Arcade Garden.

What are some fun arcade business name ideas?

  • Beer & Brawl Arcade.
  • Arcade Parkade.
  • Retro Rampage.
  • 80s Arcadia.
  • Classic Coins.

How do I name an arcade business?

  1. List keywords that best describe your arcade’s genre of games or your industry focus.
  2. Try combining your keywords or feeding them into a business name generator to create name ideas.
  3. Jot down your favorite name options and ask friends for feedback.
  4. Choose the most popular name and conduct a trademark search in your state and a name availability search.
  5. Choose the best available name and register it.

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