10 Best News Website + Trustworthy Business Ideas

In the information age, your news business needs to be more than trustworthy, reliable, and fast. It also needs to understand readers at an individual level and cater to the unique interests of a fragmented population. A News business name should embody these ideas. See our list below for some name ideas, or use the Shopify News business name generator. 20 Best 4 Letter Business Names Ideas

News Business Name Ideas:

Rank Business Name Description
1. Many Worlds News This business name recognizes that a country or city is no longer a homogenous place, but rather a sprawling hodgepodge of cultures and interests. It needs a news service for the modern era; one that speaks to people as individuals and appreciates different perspectives.
2. Current Reality This name recognizes that the world is a fast-paced, ever-changing beast, and that news producers need to deliver a service that balances speed and reliability with accuracy and quality journalism. “Current” is also a clever nod to “Current Affairs,” making this a great political news app name.
3. Raven News In the Middle Ages, ravens were used to send messages between people. Ravens are known for their speed and intelligence, making this a perfect name for a news platform that prides itself on the swift and reliable exchange of important information.
4. Yes Information “Yes, Information” is a deliberate mispronunciation of “misinformation” and suits a news brand with honesty and integrity at its core. “Yes” is a positive word that energizes the reader and tells them that you play a proactive role in enforcing high ethical standards in journalism.
5. Daily Charts There is a growing demand for journalists who can make sense of large numbers and create meaning from complexity. If you have a business or financial media company and want to start a News division that uses charts and graphs for effective communication, this might be the name for you.
6. The News Sauce This business name is a clever play on “The Source.” “Sauce” is colloquial for gossip, making this a great name for a news platform that specializes in celebrity and entertainment news. “The” grants exclusivity and prestige to the name, branding your news company as the only place for gossip.
7. Ball Size This is a great name for a news service that caters to sports fans. It says that balls can come in many sizes, from small golf balls to larger basketballs, and implies that you cover a range of different sports. “Ball Size” also has humorous undertones that appeal to competitive sports fans.
8. Everywire “Everywire” sounds like “everywhere” and suggests that you have a sprawling network of journalists in every corner of the globe, feeding honest and reliable news directly to consumers. “Wire” is a riff on “newswires,” giving humor and personality to your brand.
9. Who Knews? This is a humorous play on the phrase “Who knew?” and suits a News company that aims to deliver meaningful information to its readers. Because it is phrased as a question, the name creates the impression that it is investigative and asks the right questions.
10. Lens Be Frens This name is a play on the phrase “let’s be friends.” “Lens” refers to a camera lens, making this a great name for a platform that caters to those in the arts and entertainment space. “Frens” implies that your service has a community aspect where like-minded people can talk about the latest events.

What should I name my News company?

  • Yes, Information.
  • Daily Charts.
  • Raven News.
  • Who Knews?
  • Lens Be Frens.

What are common newspaper names?

  • New York Times.
  • Wall Street Journal.
  • Chicago Tribune.
  • Washington Post.
  • Los Angeles Times.

What are some news channel name ideas?

  • Many Worlds News.
  • Current Reality.
  • Everywire.
  • The Sauce.
  • Ball Size.

How do I name a News business?

  1. List keywords that best describe your news business platform or your industry focus.
  2. Try combining your keywords or feeding them into a business name generator to create name ideas.
  3. Jot down your favorite name options and ask friends for feedback.
  4. Choose the most popular name and conduct a trademark search in your state and a name availability search.
  5. Choose the best available name and register it.

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