10 Best Short TED Talks Every Marketer Should Watch

Important features of a good marketer are not only creative thinking and analytical skills but also the ability to develop their skills.

We’ve put together a selection of 10 best short TED talks that will give the marketer knowledge, insights, and new ideas. What is Viral Marketing? How is it done?

How Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google control our emotions

Scott Galloway, who teaches brand strategy and digital marketing, explains in detail why you can’t build a multi-billion dollar corporation without identifying consumer instincts to target.

The tribes we lead

Seth Godin is an American computer scientist and entrepreneur. In this talk, he argues that the Internet has done away with mass marketing and revived a form of interaction from the distant past – tribes. Seth talks about how you can use the concept of tribes to find an audience that will follow your brand. What is the importance of technology in education?

Choice, happiness, and spaghetti sauce

Malcolm Gladwell is the author of several bestselling books. You may know him from such amazing and very informative books as ” Illumination ” (Blink, 2005) and ” Tipping Point ” (The Tipping Point, 2000).

Malcolm Gladwell tells the story of how renowned marketer Howard Moskowitz changed the food industry market in the late 20th century by redefining the way brands test products. Analytical CRM Specialist: What Is It? and How to Become One?

In this talk, you’ll learn why focus groups lead marketers to fail and how to avoid it.

Eight Lessons for Building a Company People Enjoy Working for

Patty McChord is an iconic former Chief Talent Officer at Netflix who spent 14 years helping build the culture of the product. Now she shares key ideas that will help you trust your employees more, build good teams, and at the same time talks about why every company needs change and why all startup ideas are stupid.

How physics helps me in marketing

Dan Cobley is a business partner at venture capital fund Blenheim Chalcot and former chief marketing officer of Google.

It seems that physics and marketing have nothing in common, however, the former director of marketing at Google believes otherwise. Dan Cobley talks about how Newton’s second law, thermodynamics, and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle will help you understand the fundamentals of branding. Analytical Method Validation Specialist: What Is It? and How to Become One?

404 page not found history

Renny Gleason leads interactive strategy at Wieden+Kennedy advertising agency, starting his career as a game developer.

An error page is a powerful irritant, but even here, marketers can turn the situation to their advantage if they are creative in how they present such information to users and customers. Interesting content and a couple of design touches will help you reconnect with your audience and even entertain them a little.

Rennie tells us that the possibilities lie in even the smallest, in your opinion, details. Surprise, entertain, joke – all this will help your brand stand out from the crowd.

What are we willing to give up to change the way we work?

Martin Danoesastro, a transformation expert, shares lessons in this video that have helped many companies structure their management system and enable employees to make faster decisions and respond to any changes.

The world is getting faster and more complex, so we need a new way of working that empowers people to make decisions faster.

“Brilliant ideas in big companies go to the trash of PowerPoint presentations” Martin Danoesastro

Life lessons from an advertising man

Rory Sutherland is Vice Chairman of Ogilvy Group UK.

Advertising often goes beyond a simple description of a product and its characteristics, it endows the product with additional values ​​- emotional associations. Usually, marketers achieve this through an image that is based on personal experiences or insights of the target audience. 10 SEO tools recommended by experts

Rory Sutherland will talk about what influences consumer behavior and how advertising affects the perception of a product.

How videos go viral

Kevin Allocca is a trend manager at YouTube. He says that viral videos have 3 things in common: trendsetters, communities, and unpredictability. For example, this double rainbow video went viral after it was tweeted by Jimmy Kimmel, who in this case was the trendsetter.

Rebecca Black’s video became popular because it spawned hundreds of parodies, that is, it caused a wave of creativity in the communities. The success of some videos – for example, “Nyan Nyan Cat” – is simply impossible to explain. So basically, when it comes to viral videos, you need the support of tastemakers and the involvement of the creative community.

Marketers can benefit from this for several reasons. Every brand or company should have its own YouTube channel.

The Greatest TED Talk Ever Sold

Morgan Spurlock, director of the film ” Double Portion ” (nominated for an Oscar in 2004), ” So where are you, Osama bin Laden? and Freakonomics. tells how and why he created a documentary about brands, advertising, and product placement ” The Greatest Movie Ever Sold “.

In the lecture, the director showed how he negotiated with marketing agencies, trying to get funding for the shooting of the film, and what came of it.

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