10 Best Smoke Shop Names Ideas

Best Smoke Shop Names Ideas: Whether you sell cigars, loose tobacco, hookah pipes, snuff, e-cigarettes, or vaping essentials, your smoke shop’s name must convey the gist of your brand and core business values. Read the GemSleek list below, or use GemSleek free smoke shop name generator. Once you have a name, browse these smoke shop logos.

Best Smoke Shop Names Ideas:

Rank Name Description
1. Smog Smugglers Edgy and reminiscent of the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s, this name is bound to get noticed. “Smog” is a powerfully evocative and loaded term, and “Smugglers” is innocently criminal. The alliteration of the “S” mimics the sizzle of tobacco or weed burning at the cherry.
2. Lit Up The slang term works nicely here as a name and talks more precisely to a hipper market. This name suggests that your products aren’t limited to tobacco and that you’re down with the 420 crew. Punchy and easy to read, the name will grab attention. When low on supplies, people will know where to go.
3. Till I Croak Slightly dark but very humorous, this name represents the delight people get from smoking. It is also a tongue-in-cheek jab at today’s prohibitive measures stopping people from smoking, admitting the dangers of smoking but underlining the enjoyment it. The name rolls off the tongue.
4. Pipes & Plumes This alliterative and unique name tells customers exactly what your business does. The repeated “P” mimics the sound of puffing on a pipe. “Plume” is the shape smoke takes as it billows into the air, which makes it an evocative word to include in a name. It also suggests lots and lots of smoke.
5. Puffle Huff A play on the name of one of Hogwart’s houses in Harry Potter, Huffle Puff, Puffle Huff is sure to get noticed and is easy to remember. While humorous, it also recalls the wolf’s refrain in The Three Little Pigs: “I’ll huff and I’ll puff …” This is a rich and imaginative name.
6. Fire Breathers This assertive and striking name conjures the image of a dragon, smoke billowing around its mouth, a cauldron of fire in its throat. It is a strong name that will speak to a more alternative clientele. “Fire” is incredibly provocative and grabs attention. The plural creates a sense of community.
7. Cloud Number 9 In the 1950s, numbers were used to classify clouds. The big, attractively fluffy clouds were classified as number nine clouds. That is where “on cloud nine,” to be happy and content, comes from. This name suggests the best products and a brand identity leaning towards leisure and comfort.
8. Leaf & Briar “Leaf” represents tobacco and cannabis, and “Briar” refers to the wood used to make some smoking pipes. This name encapsulates your products in a more creative way and sounds earthy and authentic. The use of the ampersand, “&,” creates the illusion that the words are the owners’ last names.
9. Mr. Embers Creating a sense of familiarity and trustworthiness, this name conjures into life the benevolent but wholly fictitious Mr. Embers. “Embers” is a great last name that won’t easily be forgotten and sounds authentic while also referring to the smoldering remains of a fire.
10. Mo’ Smoking In a daring display of satirical humor that most customers will come to appreciate, this name pokes fun at “No Smoking” signs. The “Mo'” is an abbreviation of “more.” Catchy and easy to read, this name also tells customers immediately what your business does and invites them in.

More Smoke Shop Name Ideas:

Classy Smoke Shop Names:

  • Highland Noir Smoke.
  • The Tobacconist.
  • The Cigarsmith.
  • Harrison Ave Tobacco.
  • La Cigaretta.

Unique Smoke Shop Names:

  • The Cigarette Room.
  • The Wooden Indian.
  • The Humidor.
  • Shisha Buzz.
  • The Tobacco Corner.

Funny Smoke Shop Names:

  • Puff Puff Pass.
  • First Drag.
  • Gentlemen’s Pipes.
  • Lil’ Smoke.
  • All Things Smokie.

Girly Smoke Shop Names:

  • Blossom’s Cigar Bar.
  • Diva Cigar Lounge.
  • Coco’s Smoke Shop.
  • Delightful Drags.
  • Sherry’s Slims.

Cool Smoke Shop Names:

  • Flavor Clouds.
  • Smokalicious.
  • Up in Smoke.
  • 420 City.
  • Holy Smoke!

Good Smoke Shop Names:

  • Dragon’s Breath.
  • Puff Parlor.
  • Tasty Smokie.
  • Tobacco Town.
  • Smoke Corner.

How do I create a good business name for my smoke shop?

  1. Think about words and phrases that come to mind when thinking about smoke shops, tobacco, and vaping.
  2. Make a mind map with emotions you’d like to convey with your business name.
  3. Take the most memorable keywords and enter them into a business name generator.
  4. Choose your favorite names and ask family and friends which they like best.
  5. Pick the best name and check its availability.

What makes a smoke shop business name good?

A good business name for a smoke shop should be creative and original. It should also let potential customers know what tobacco products and accessories you offer. Use NameSnack to find the perfect name for your smoke shop business.

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