10 Catchy Alchemy Shop Name Ideas That’ll Inspire You

Alchemy shops sell a variety of alchemical products, from herbal potions to esoteric and mineral books. So the name of your alchemy shop should be intriguing and evocative, yet easy to pronounce and remember. Read the free list of ideas or use the free alchemy shop name generator. Selling on Etsy: Tips for Entrepreneurs

Alchemy Shop Name Ideas:

Rank Last name Description
1. Cupboard Mugwort This name evokes the popular aromatic herb. It has alchemical connotations.
2. Aquavitae Meaning “water of life”, this elegant name is perfect for an alchemical health and wellness store.
3. Jupiter Games “Jupiter” is an important alchemical symbol associated with positivity. Perfect for a crystal factory.
4. Elixir of Life This name is well suited to an alchemy shop that sells oils and lotions.
5. The New Alchemist A refreshing name that suggests a modern touch, good for a new age store.
6. Zosimos A catchy idea that sparks intrigue and takes up the name of one of the first alchemists.
7. Lapis From the Latin word for “stone”. Ideal for a store specializing in minerals and crystals.
8. Earth Elements From the classical alchemical elements, this name is natural and eye-catching and reads as “elemental”.
9. Scents of Saturn A mysterious name. “Saturn” is the alchemical term for “lead”. Ideal for an esoteric library.
10. Luna From the alchemical name for silver, this intriguing name befits an alchemical jewelry store.

What to call my alchemy shop?

  • Mugwort cabinet.
  • Aquavitae.
  • Elixir of Life.
  • The New Alchemist.

What should I call my alchemy shop?

  • Jupiter Games.
  • Zosimos.
  • Lapis.
  • Scents of Saturn.

What should I call my alchemy business?

  • Luna.
  • Elements Earth.
  • Aquavitae.
  • Elixir of Life.

How do I find a name for my alchemy shop?

Think of popular and lesser-known books, movies, and series that feature chemistry and use keywords to create references to them in your name. Also, consider the products and services you will be offering customers and use related keywords to inspire the name of your magical alchemy store. Finally, use an alchemy shop name generator.

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