10 catchy business name ideas for your corporate real estate agency

A specialist commercial real estate agency sells and rents real estate to businesses. Whether premises, offices, or shopping centers, your name must attract customers. Find a name below or with the free commercial real estate name generator, then check out these real estate logos. 11 creative business card ideas for Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Name Ideas:

Rank Last name Description
1. Industrial icon “Icon” denotes prestige. This name suggests that you are an expert at finding the best industrial properties.
2. On a cloud An original name that evokes the image of a skyscraper with a phenomenal view. It could also refer to an online service.
3. Perfect Placement An alliterative name that suggests you have the best-placed business premises in your area.
4. My Commercial Property Simple but effective, “ma” suggests a personalized service adapted to the needs of the clientele.
5. ImmoCom Agency A memorable name that was born from the assembly of the words “real estate” and “commercial”.
6. Ideal Local An easy-to-remember rhyming name that suggests you’ll help customers find business space.
7. ImmoScout Agency “Scout” in English means “scout”, which describes well the nature of your activity.
8. My Beautiful Office The ideal name for a commercial real estate agency specializing in offices.
9. Found! Simple, dynamic, and modern, this name suggests a reliable and efficient company.
10. MercurImmo A creative and unique name that evokes in an original way the Roman god of commerce Mercury.

How to find a good commercial real estate agency name?

  • Think about the types of commercial property your business specializes in.
  • Write a list of keywords based on your company’s values ​​and characteristics.
  • Use a business name generator to create original business names from your keywords.
  • Choose your top five business names.
  • Check the availability of these names.
  • Ask your friends and family for advice.
  • Choose your preferred business name.
  • Secure the name.
  • Register the domain name.

How do I call my commercial real estate agency?

  • Industrial icon.
  • On a cloud.
  • Perfect Placement.
  • My Commercial Property.

How do I name my corporate real estate agency?

  • ImmoCom agency.
  • Ideal place.
  • ImmoScout Agency.
  • My Beautiful Office.

What is a good commercial real estate business name?

  • Found!
  • My Commercial Property.
  • Perfect Placement.
  • Industrial icon.

What original name should I give to my commercial real estate company?

  • Ideal place.
  • ImmoScout Agency.
  • MercurImmo.
  • On a cloud.

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